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Review skips some music.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Dear editor,

Every reviewer is entitled to his opinion, but there is a responsibility involved in being a critic. At the very least, the facts should be correct. Thomas Manoff erred in a crucial fact in his review of the composers symposium concerts. Ostin Drais' composition "Kyrie eleison" was on the morning concert, not the afternoon performance as Manoff reported in his much too personal critique.

In addition, several pieces were not included in Manoff's review. As a sometime reviewer for 21st Century Music, I would never leave out music on the program, and I don't remember ever reading another review where works were not at least mentioned.

My sense is that the reviewer was trumpeting his own view that a new music concert should focus on music; too much talking by the composers spoiled the experience for him. That opinion could have been conveyed in a few brief sentences, allowing Manoff plenty of space to do his job as a music critic and to review the music.

John Beeman

La Honda, Calif.

Dear editor,

The rare beauty and success of "Waging Peace Through Singing" was about synthesis, bringing together many expressive elements.

What better way to counteract divisiveness and war than to have the opportunity to incorporate thoughts, voice and music. There is great power in bridging the inner realm of poetry, dreams and convictions to the outside.

Tan Dun used water as a fitting metaphor for moving through the artificial boundaries in our culture. It is unfortunate that the critic lost sight (and listening ears) of the Choral Visions concerts as an experience where, through mutual respect and encouragement, the power of full creative expression was truly shared.

Carla Brooke

La Honda, Calif.
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Date:Aug 4, 2002
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