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Rethinking realism in international relations; between tradition and innovation.


Rethinking realism in international relations; between tradition and innovation.

Ed. by Annette Freyberg-Inan et al.

Johns Hopkins U. Press


305 pages




Freyberg-Inan (political science, U. of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) et al. bring together 10 essays by a group of international relations and political science scholars from the US, Europe, Turkey, and New Zealand who debate the future of realist theory in international relations. They discuss the uses of theory, the relevant factors and actors in realist theorizing, the quality of different theoretical approaches, and the best way forward for contemporary realism. This includes discussion of the concept of the balance of power, the weaknesses of Mearsheimer's realist variant, the role of revisionism in structural realist theory, and trends since the end of the Cold War. Then, they offer analyses of specific instances of foreign policy behavior, the role of geopolitics, the grand strategies of major powers, and the viability of realism from a variety of perspectives. The book is meant for courses in international relations theory, realist thought, and international security or strategic and foreign policy studies. It originated in a workshop, "What Way Forward for Contemporary Realism?" held at the 2006 annual convention of the International Studies Association in San Diego.

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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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