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Restaurants aided by Haake Beck.

Continuing to market its non-alcohol brew as a healthy alternative, Dribeck Importers, Inc., and Haake Beck are offering restaurants help in converting their menus to a more healthy level.

According to a Dribeck spokesperson, the company has created three ways to help establishments "build their image as providers of healthful foods and beverages."

The first point-of-sale item from Haake Beck is the "Healthy Selections board"--a write-on, wipe-off board that can be wall mounted and customized with the name of the establishment.

The second item is the "Healthy Selection" table tent, which has either a general statement about the establishment's selections or can be printed with selections of the day, week or month.

Finally, Haake Beck will offer restaurants menu cards mirroring the graphics of the Healthy Selections Board that highlight the healthy selection on each menu.
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Title Annotation:non-alcohol brew as healthy menu alternative
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 5, 1992
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