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Resin technology for nonwovens applications.

From emulsions that provide waterproofing, soil repellency and weatherability to binders that resist yellowing at high temperatures, Rohm Tech Inc. provides innovative polymer materials technology and product applications to suit a wide range of applications.

APT Center

The company's Acrylic Polymer Technology (APT) Center enables quick response to specific customer needs, as well as the changing requirements of the nonwovens industry. All Rohm Tech products are formulated in consideration of the customer's total manufacturing process, from requirements for control and measurability to material, equipment and process conditions. A comprehensive laboratory facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, which is used in conjunction with Rohm Tech's Statistical Quality Control program to ensure delivery of consistent, highest quality available acrylic polymers that match customer requirements for cost, performance and other specifications.

Thickening Agent

The company also offers a thickening agent that has been proven successful in the nonwovens industry. "Rohagit SD-15" is an aqueous, alkali-soluble thickening agent for producing synthetic resins and adhesives. Compatible with 100% acrylic, vinyl acrylic and SBR resins, water soluble and water reducible resins, SD-15 is competitively priced and provides greater thickening efficiency.

SD-15 is characterized by a short flow with a yield value. Flow occurs in the end product only after a certain shear stress is reached. Thickener added directly in the unneutralized form incorporates easily into formulations and provides a smooth viscosity build upon neutralization with base.

Non-Yellowing Products

Rohm Tech offers a line of self-crosslinking acrylic polymers that produce a non-yellowing film even when exposed to temperatures greater than 350 [degrees] F. These "Rohamere" polymers are mechanically stable and offer excellent wash-fastness and dry cleaning resistance. Tensile strength and elongation are also good.

Rohm Tech's non-yellowing polymers film at low temperatures and range in film hardness from very soft to firm. Suitable applications include finishing, bonding, coating, flocking and laminating.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; Rohm Tech Inc.
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:May 1, 1992
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