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Research and Markets: the European Switches and Switchgear Market.

DUBLIN Dublin, city, Republic of Ireland
Dublin, Irish Baile Átha Cliath, county borough (1991 pop. 915,516), Leinster, capital of the Republic of Ireland, on Dublin Bay at the mouth of the Liffey River.
, Ireland Ireland, Irish Eire (âr`ə) [to it are related the poetic Erin and perhaps the Latin Hibernia], island, 32,598 sq mi (84,429 sq km), second largest of the British Isles.  -- Do the New Developments Signal Disaster for the European European

emanating from or pertaining to Europe.

European bat lyssavirus
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 Switches and Switchgear The term switchgear, used in association with the electric power system, or grid, refers to the combination of electrical disconnects, fuses and/or circuit breakers used to isolate electrical equipment.  Market?

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The European Switches and Switchgear Market to their offering.

This analysis covers the Western Europe Western Europe

The countries of western Europe, especially those that are allied with the United States and Canada in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (established 1949 and usually known as NATO).
 market for Medium and High voltage The term high voltage characterizes electrical circuits, in which the voltage used is the cause of particular safety concerns and insulation requirements. High voltage is used in electrical power distribution, in cathode ray tubes, to generate X-rays and particle beams, to  Switches and Switchgear for use in electricity T&D applications in utility, IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) A protocol for printing and managing print jobs over the Internet using HTTP. Initially conceived by Novell, Xerox and others, the IETF made it a standard in 2000 that includes authentication and encryption. See printing protocol and LPD.  and industrial sectors.

Breakdown is by voltage and equipment type:

- Medium Voltage segment will include Circuit Breakers Circuit breakers

Measures instituted by exchanges to stop trading temporarily when the market has fallen by a certain percentage in a specified period. They are intended to prevent a market free fall by permitting buy and sell orders to rebalance.
, Ring main units, Contactors, and Other switchgear, which covers basic medium-voltage load break and disconnector switches.

- High Voltage: Circuit Breakers, Disconnectors, including straightforward switches for systems operating at the lower end of the high-voltage spectrum, as well as components in large switchgear units.

Report Contents:

The European Market for Switches & Switchgear 5

Product Definition and Segmentation 5

Introduction to the Market 5

Pricing Strategy and Trends 8

Pricing Strategy and Trends 8

Innovation and Product Development 9

Market Summary 10

Market Drivers and Restraints 11

Market Forecasts 13

Geographic Trends 15

Competitive Structure 17

Market Share Analysis 17

New Geographic Opportunities 18

European MV Switches & Switchgear Market 20

Introduction 20

Market Forecasts 21

The European High Voltage Switches & Switchgear Market 24

Introduction 24

Market Forecasts 24

Conclusions 27

Table of Figures

Figure 1 Key Industry Participants (Europe) 2003 7

Figure 2 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Key Market Indicators (Europe), 2003 10

Figure 3 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue and Unit Forecasts (Europe), 2000-2010 13

Figure 4 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Percent of Revenues by Geographic Region (Europe), 2000-2010 15

Figure 5 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Competitive Structure, (Europe), 2003 17

Figure 6 MV Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue and Unit Forecasts (Europe), 2000-2010 21

Figure 7 MV Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue split by Type (%) (Europe), 2000-2010 23

Figure 8 HV Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue and Unit Forecasts (Europe), 2000-2010 24

Figure 9 HV Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue split by Type (%) (Europe), 2000-2010 26

Table of Charts

Chart 1 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenues (Europe), 2000-2010 6

Chart 2 European Switches & Switchgears Pricing Trends (Europe), 2000-2010 8

Chart 3 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Market Forces and impact, (Europe), 2003 11

Chart 4 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue and Unit Forecasts (Europe), 2000-2010 14

Chart 5 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenues (EUR EUR

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Euro.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
 million) by Geographic Region in 2003 and 2010, (Europe) 16

Chart 6 European Switches & Switchgear Market: Market Share Analysis of Major Market Participants The term market participant is used in United States constitutional law to describe a U.S. State which is acting as a producer or supplier of a marketable good or service. When a state is acting in such a role, it may permissibly discriminate against non-residents.  by Revenues, (Europe), 2003 17

Chart 7 MV Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue and Unit Forecasts (Europe), 2000-2010 22

Chart 8 HV Switches & Switchgear Market: Revenue and Unit Forecasts (Europe), 2000-2010 25

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Date:Sep 7, 2004
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