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Research and Markets: The Impact of Social Media Websites on Criminal Defense Lawyers and Their Clients (ExecSense Webinars).

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "The Impact of Social Media Websites on Criminal Defense Lawyers and Their Clients (ExecSense Webinars)" audioconference to their offering.

In The Impact of Social Media Websites on Criminal Defense Lawyers and Their Clients, ExecSense examines how the public's ever-growing use of social media websites is significantly affecting the way crimes are investigated, prosecuted, and defended in the U.S. today. Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle A portable e-book device from that provides wireless connectivity to Amazon for e-book downloads as well as Wikipedia and search engines. Using Sprint's EV-DO cellphone network, dubbed WhisperNet, wireless access is free. It also includes a built-in dictionary.  or printed out) to be in-the-know on this important topic and learn what actions you should be taking with respect to social media strategies to help your clients in their cases.

Upon ordering, ExecSense will email you a link to download To receive a file transmitted over a network. In any communications session, "download" means receive, and "upload" means send. The download/upload often implies a big/little scenario, in which data is being downloaded from the "big" server into the "little" user's computer.  the webinar files for viewing on your computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle or printed out. The downloaded files will include the PowerPoint presentation, audio narration and jpeg images of the slides (for watching on your mobile media device). Take advantage of your next commute TO COMMUTE. To substitute one punishment in the place of another. For example, if a man be sentenced to be hung, the executive may, in some states, commute his punishment to that of imprisonment. , flight, business trip, lunch, or free hour in your schedule to view this webinar.

The webinar is led by an expert on the impact of social media websites on criminal defense cases, Chris Madel (Partner, Robins, Kaplan, Miller, Miller & Cires), and focuses on:

* Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about the impact of social media websites on criminal defense lawyers and their clients

* Perspective on how the ever-growing use of social media websites by the general public is impacting criminal investigations, prosecutions, and defense

* Easy-to-implement tips and best practices for criminal defense lawyers to immediately implement with respect to social media websites to help their clients, including offensive strategies (such as investigating the social media websites of complaining witnesses in cases where they had a relationship with the defendant) and defensive strategies (such as reviewing your clients social media websites for incriminating in·crim·i·nate  
tr.v. in·crim·i·nat·ed, in·crim·i·nat·ing, in·crim·i·nates
1. To accuse of a crime or other wrongful act.

 information or evidence)

* The 10 questions being asked the most by criminal defense lawyers and their clients about how their criminal defense strategy may be impacted by social media websites

* Case studies of criminal defense lawyers who successfully earned an acquittal The legal and formal certification of the innocence of a person who has been charged with a crime.

Acquittals in fact take place when a jury finds a verdict of not guilty.
 for their client through evidence on social media websites, and important lessons learned

Praise for ExecSense Webinars:

"An expeditious ex·pe·di·tious  
Acting or done with speed and efficiency. See Synonyms at fast1.

 way to obtain authoritative current information and ideas on a subject of interest." - David Kera, Partner, Oblon Spivak

"Just in time information to improve knowledge of current topics and trends." - Thomas M. Armstrong, Attorney, Reid and Riege

"Well organized, well articulated, and easy to follow. The ExecSense webinar I attended was the best virtual learning experience I've had in quite some time." - Brian K. Moore, HR Communications, Humana

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Date:Oct 5, 2010
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