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Research and Markets: Hosted IP Centrex: A Fragmented and Growing Market.

DUBLIN Dublin, city, Republic of Ireland
Dublin, Irish Baile Átha Cliath, county borough (1991 pop. 915,516), Leinster, capital of the Republic of Ireland, on Dublin Bay at the mouth of the Liffey River.
, Ireland Ireland, Irish Eire (âr`ə) [to it are related the poetic Erin and perhaps the Latin Hibernia], island, 32,598 sq mi (84,429 sq km), second largest of the British Isles.  -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "Hosted IP Centrex A telephone service in which an IP-based PBX is located in the telephone company's facilities. It connects to the customer via the LAN rather than by telephone wires. IP CENTREX offers voice over IP and other IP-based services as well as connectivity to the regular telephone system (PSTN). : A Fragmented frag¬∑ment ¬†
1. A small part broken off or detached.

2. An incomplete or isolated portion; a bit: overheard fragments of their conversation; extant fragments of an old manuscript.

 and Growing Market" to their offering.

The Hosted IP Centrex market continues to show steady growth in the US and worldwide markets. This report provides forecasts for seats in service and revenues for Hosted IP Centrex in the US and worldwide through 2012. The impact of this growth on the TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) A technology that transmits multiple signals simultaneously over a single transmission path. Each lower-speed signal is time sliced into one high-speed transmission.  Centrex market in the US is also explored and a forecast through 2012 is provided.

Customer expectations and requirements vary widely when considering Hosted IP Centrex solutions, and meeting these needs requires varying levels of expertise on the part of the service providers.

In the US, service providers are staking out their niches from very simple deployments offering customers long distance savings and a variety of feature functions, to very complex deployments managed by service providers as part of comprehensive voice and data integrated offerings. Most are finding that it is difficult to do both effectively and profitably.

This report utilized end user, as well as large sample, primary research to explore the drivers of adoption for hosted IP Centrex solutions and details how service providers are evolving strategies to meet these needs.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Update


IP Centrex/Hosted PBX (Private Branch eXchange) An inhouse telephone switching system that interconnects telephone extensions to each other as well as to the outside telephone network (PSTN).  Defined

Providers Find Their Niche

Service Provider Strategies

Fragmentation (1) Storing data in non-contiguous areas on disk. As files are updated, new data are stored in available free space, which may not be contiguous. Fragmented files cause extra head movement, slowing disk accesses. A defragger program is used to rewrite and reorder all the files.  Leads to More Choices for Business Customers

Government Leads the Way in Hosted IP Centrex Adoption

Drivers of Adoption

Overall VoIP Services Forecast

Steady Growth in Hosted IP Centrex Will Lead to Significant Revenue Opportunities

VoIP Services Forecast Considerations In Light of the Current Economy

Related Reports

List of Tables

Table 1. Penetration The successful unauthorized breach of a security perimeter. See penetration test.  of Hosted IP by Vertical Industry

Table 2. Use of Hosted IP as Exclusive Operator VoIP Service

Table 3. US Hosted IP Centrex Seats in Service, 2007-2012 (in Thousands)

Table 4. US Hosted IP Centrex Revenues, 2007-2012 (US$ in Millions)

Table 5. Worldwide Hosted IP Seats and Revenue, 2007-2012 (Seats in Thousands; Revenue US$ in Millions)

Table 6. US TDM Centrex Seats In Service, 2007-2012 (in Thousands)

Table 7. US TDM Centrex Revenues, 2007-2012 (US$ in Millions)

Table 8. US Total Hosted Centrex Seats in Service, 2007-2012 (in Thousands)

List of Figures

Figure 1. IP Centrex vs. TDM Centrex Seats in Service, 2007-2012 (in Millions)

Figure 2. Considerations in Selecting a VoIP Service Provider or Vendor

Figure 3. The Importance of Sound Quality

Figure 4. The Importance of TCO/ROI Considerations

Figure 5. The Importance of Enhanced Features, Such as Integrated Email and Voicemail See voice mail.  

Figure 6. The Importance of Service Provider Reputation or Familiarity

Figure 7. The Importance of a Defined Migration Plan to IP from the Service Provider

Figure 8. The Importance of Service Level Agreements

Figure 9. The Importance of a Dashboard (1) See Mac Dashboard.

(2) A software-based control panel for one or more applications, network devices or industrial machines. Dashboards display simulated gauges and dials that look somewhat like an automobile dashboard.
 or Portal for Managing VoIP Services and Features

Figure 10. VoIP Penetration Among US Businesses, 2006-2012

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