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Research and Markets: BVR's Guide to Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill.

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "BVR's Guide to Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill" report to their offering.

BVR's Guide to Personal v. Enterprise Goodwill provides valuable and timely articles from leading experts in the field including David Wood David Wood may refer to:
  • David Wood (actor)
  • David Wood (basketball)
  • David Wood (environmental campaigner)
  • David Wood (philosopher)
  • David Wood (lead singer)
  • David Wood - Falklands War veteran
  • David Wood (journalist)
, Jay Fishman, Mark Dietrich, Jim Alerding, Shannon Pratt, Kevin Yeanoplos, and many others. Learn the best ways to treat personal goodwill from the top professionals. This is a must-have resource for your business valuation practice.

The online version of the Guide provides 24/7 access from any Internet connection and the advantage of real time updates such as recently published court opinions that involve IP, new articles by the author and other top professionals, conference presentations, podcasts, news and blog feeds, and much more!

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1: Where Are We? Definitions and Background

* Personal Goodwill vs. Enterprise Goodwill

* Personal Goodwill In Search of a Functional Definition

* Overview of Enterprise and Personal Goodwill

* Marital Property Law in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  

* The Illusionary Reality of Business Valuations in Marital Dissolutions

* An Unwilling Seller Is There Such a Thing? Fair Market Value, Goodwill, and an Unwilling Seller: Is a Covenant-not-to-Compete Required?

* Goodwill Attributes: Assessing Utility

* How to Distinguish Personal Goodwill from Enterprise Goodwill, the Key Person Discount, and Noncompete Agreements

Chapter 2: How Did We Get Here? Case Law

* Goodwill Valuation in the Courts

* Present Positions on Professional Goodwill: More Focus or Simply More Hocus ho·cus  
tr.v. ho·cused or ho·cussed, ho·cus·ing or ho·cus·sing, ho·cus·es or ho·cus·ses
1. To fool or deceive; hoax.

2. To infuse (food or drink) with a drug.

* Personal Goodwill and Business Goodwill Are They Marital Assets?

* Analyzing a Professionals Personal Goodwill under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Code may refer to:
  • Bankruptcy in Canada
  • Bankruptcy in the United States
  • Bankruptcy in China
: Just Whose Asset Is It?

* Goodwill Hunting in Divorce

Chapter 3: What Do We Do About It? Methodology

* Professional Practice Valuation

* Goodwill: Making Measuring a Little Easier in Divorce Cases

* Separating Personal and Business Goodwill of Operating Companies in Divorce Valuations

* An Allocation Model for Distinguishing Enterprise from Personal Goodwill

* Mum's the Word: A Formal Method to Allocate Blue Sky Value in Divorce

* The Goodwill Value of Medical and Dental Practices

* Reasonable Compensation and the Productivity Adjustment: Tips & Techniques for Owner/Employee Compensation Determinations and Adjustments

* A Reasonable Compensation Case Study

* The Interplay in·ter·play  
Reciprocal action and reaction; interaction.

intr.v. in·ter·played, in·ter·play·ing, in·ter·plays
To act or react on each other; interact.
 of Reasonable Compensation, Personal Goodwill and Enterprise Intangibles

* Identifying and Measuring Personal Goodwill in a Professional Practice

* Identifying and Measuring Personal Goodwill in a Professional Practice Part II: Using the Single Period Capitalization capitalization n. 1) the act of counting anticipated earnings and expenses as capital assets (property, equipment, fixtures) for accounting purposes. 2) the amount of anticipated net earnings which hypothetically can be used for conversion into capital assets.  Model

* Separating Personal and Business Goodwill

* Personal Goodwill Should be Considered in all Business Valuations

* Valuation Of Goodwill Within the Family Law Context

* Personal vs. Enterprise Goodwill Four Examples from My Recent Practice

Chapter 4: Celebrity Goodwill

* The Business of Celebrity

* Concepts of Valuation of Celebrity Goodwill as Property

* The New Dynamic for Celebrity Businesses

Chapter 5: Teleconference Transcripts and Conference Presentations

* Disclaimer & Additional Online Resources

* Calculating Goodwill:What is Personal and What is Enterprise?

* Valuing Professional Practices

* Valuing Professional Practices II (excerpt ex·cerpt  
A passage or segment taken from a longer work, such as a literary or musical composition, a document, or a film.

tr.v. ex·cerpt·ed, ex·cerpt·ing, ex·cerpts
) Telephone Conference Transcript April 2, 2009

Chapter 6: Court Case Abstracts

Chapter 6 Index

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