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Research and Markets: AAA Radius Solution Market Forecasts Indicate That Markets at $866.4 Million in 2008 Are Anticipated To Reach $1.7 Billion By 2015.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets( has announced the addition of WinterGreen wintergreen or checkerberry, low evergreen plant (Gaultheria procumbens) of the family Ericaceae (heath family), native to sandy and acid woods (usually of evergreens) of E North America and frequently cultivated.  Research, Inc.'s new report "AAA AAA: see American Automobile Association.

(Triple A) A common single-cell battery used in a myriad of electronic devices of all variety. Like its double A (AA) cousin, it provides 1.5 volts of DC power. When used in series, the voltage is multiplied.
 Radius and Diameter Server Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2009 to 2015" to their offering.

AAA Radius / Diameter is positioned to provide connections in the highly competitive remote access environment. Service providers and corporate enterprises need cost-effective tools that smooth the integration of the powerful new services that are constantly emerging. These tools must increase overall network efficiency and profitability through effective management and tracking of network access and usage.

AAA software provides authentication (1) Verifying the integrity of a transmitted message. See message integrity, e-mail authentication and MAC.

(2) Verifying the identity of a user logging into a network.
, authorization & accounting management. Radius has a significant new generation of AAA server (Authentication Authorization Accounting server) A network server used for access control. Authentication identifies the user. Authorization implements policies that determine which resources and services a valid user may access.  complemented by Diameter that merges all of these needs. It enables GSM operators to allow GSM mobile users to utilize their broadband network at home to initiate, accept and roam between their home and GSM networks seamlessly. The result is merged technologies with no dropped calls.

Next generation AAA Radius and Diameter promise to coexist for a long time. AAA Radius is a well defined management software designed for authentication, authorization & accounting in a extensible format. Many vendors are able to create next generation AAA Radius products without moving to Diameter. Diameter has some advantages that are being adopted by other market segments.

Diameter is a new framework in the Internet engineering task force (c/o Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), Reston, VA, Founded in 1986, the IETF is a non-membership, open, voluntary standards organization dedicated to identifying problems and opportunities in IP data networks and proposing technical solutions to the  (IETF See Internet Engineering Task Force.

IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force
) for the next-generation AAA server. Requirements for DIAMETER are being defined by the Mobile IP ROAMOPS ROAMOPS Roaming Operations Task Force  (Roaming Operations) TR45.6 working group, as well as by other new-world technologies where there is a need to provide authentication or authorization to network resources or to capture accounting for billing of network resource usage such as a voice call.

Radius is an authentication integration middleware A redundant term for "middleware." The concept of middleware is integration. See middleware.  that interconnects business rules to the network servers in the context of providing carrier and enterprise security. Markets will grow in tandem Adv. 1. in tandem - one behind the other; "ride tandem on a bicycle built for two"; "riding horses down the path in tandem"
 as mobile users create more diversity in networks.

AAA Radius systems are used to gain real-time control Real-time control is a popular term for a certain class of digital controllers. For effective digital control, it is critical that sample time be constant. Real-time control achieves nearly constant sample time. See also
  • Control theory
 over active subscriber sessions. Radius session control server provides granular, flexible interface to the business aspects of the network. Middleware is used to impose business rules on the network. Application authorization server benefits relate to the speed of time to market delivery of new applications.

Systems are used to control and manage user access to services at a more granular level. AAA Radius is an authentication integration middleware that provides for network flexibility and customization. Radius is expected to become the primary policy server for NAC/NAP networks, and coordinate policy between the Virus, spyware, and patch level systems because of the ability to serve as middleware between the network servers and the business application servers that implement rules.

Enterprise markets are set to grow as remote users become more diverse and access the enterprise network from a wider variety of access points supported by a wider diversity of client device types.

Key Topics Covered:

* AAA Radius and Diameter Market Driving Forces

* AAA Radius Solution Market Growth Factors

* Diameter Protocol

* Diameter Increased Footprint As Components of 3GPP GPP Government Performance Project
GPP General Purpose Processor
GPP General Physical Preparedness
GPP Gambian People's Party
GPP Good Pharmacy Practice
GPP Gross Primary Productivity
GPP Green Procurement Program
GPP Generic Packetized Protocol

* Diameter Framework

* AAA Radius Market Shares

* AAA Radius and Diameter Market Forecasts






* List of Tables and Figures

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