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ResMed sues Respironics for mask patent infringment.

ResMed, Inc. (San Diego, CA) filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in San Diego against Respironics, Inc. ResMed's suit seeks a judgment that certain Respironics mask products (Contour Deluxe, Comfort Classic, Comfort Select, and Image3 masks) infringe patents held by ResMed. The complaint further charges Respironics with copying ResMed's proprietary mask technology, and alleges violation of the Lanham Act, trademark and trade dress infringement, and common law violations. ResMed seeks an injunction and damages.

Peter C. Farrell, Ph.D., ResMed's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "ResMed has devoted substantial resources to the development of its mask technology. The suit is an effort to protect the intellectual property those resources have produced. We will not tolerate the copying of our products by competitors."

ResMed is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical equipment for the diagnosis, treatment and management of sleep-disordered breathing, selling a comprehensive range of products in over 60 countries.
ResMed Inc.
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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