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State Auditor Sees Weaknesses in Agency Contracting. Jan 27, 2015 446
CIA's harsh techniques kept close to vest. Dilanian, Ken; Sullivan, Eileen Jul 31, 2014 535
Population Health Management Market by Component (Software & Services), Delivery Mode (On-premise, Web, & Cloud), End-User (Provider, Payer, Employer Groups & Government Bodies) - Trends & Global Forecasts to 2018. Jul 10, 2014 2130
Corporate fine waivers. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 133
Message: from the executive. Conradie, Francesca President's page Jun 1, 2014 409
Retirees rely on supplemental retirement plans. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 204
Three per cent miss CET target. Brief article Feb 14, 2014 223
Driven to distraction. White, John Column Feb 14, 2014 341
Review of Institute of Medicine and National Research Council Recommendations for one health initiative. Rubin, Carol; Myers, Tanya; Stokes, William; Dunham, Bernadette; Harris, Stic; Lautner, Beth; Annell Report Dec 1, 2013 3686
Thirty-Nine Percent of Software Developers Say a Government Agency is Tracking Their Data New Evans Data Survey Shows. Sep 26, 2013 418
Thirty-Nine Percent of Software Developers Say a Government Agency Is Tracking Their Data. Sep 25, 2013 544
Syrian mortar shells hit Golan Heights. Brief article Sep 12, 2013 148
EPA: better built environments have potential to improve people's health. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2013 669
As the Americans with Disabilities Act Nears 23rd Anniversary, Federal Agency Assesses the Impact of 2008's ADA Amendments. Jul 23, 2013 537
Feds' budgets out-paced by volume of information to manage. Brief article May 1, 2013 277
The fight is on to 'Save our NHS': Len McCluskey explains why, now more than ever, we must take action against the dismantling of the health service. McCluskey, Len Apr 1, 2013 828
Independent Federal Agency Evaluates Disability Access Abroad. Mar 21, 2013 646
Independent Federal Agency Recommends Ways To Implement Medicaid Managed Care Without Harming Americans with Disabilities. Mar 18, 2013 656
The International Association of Chiefs of Police Unveil Guiding Principles For Law Enforcement's Transition To Cloud Services As New Study Shows That Over Half of U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies Likely to be Using Cloud-Based Solutions in Next Two Years. Jan 31, 2013 586
Nigeria : PETROLEUM products are set down by 15 ships. Brief article Jan 4, 2013 121
Our Future World is the name and focus of a report released earlier this year by the CSIRO on global megatrends that will change the way we live. Richter, Monica Brief article Jan 1, 2013 264
Inquiry Slams US State Department Over Sept. 11 Benghazi Attack. Dec 19, 2012 750
Azerbaijan : 2% Decline in AZERBAIJAN Gas Production. Brief article Dec 18, 2012 208
Central Arkansas trends. Brief article Aug 13, 2012 158
Survey: President's Forthcoming Mandates for Improving Federal Records Management Eagerly Anticipated by Government Agencies. Jul 23, 2012 726
'Potential Violence' In Mexico After Cartel Arrests: US State Department Travel Warning. Jun 14, 2012 718
Government Agencies Adding a Petabyte of New Data in Next Two Years; Making Little Progress Yet in Big Data. May 7, 2012 944
GSA Scandal Underscores Need for Government Contracting Oversight, According to the American Small Business League. Apr 17, 2012 424
Preparing for the Mobile Storm: 65 Percent of Federal Agencies Are Telework IT Ready. Apr 10, 2012 857
Congressional record: seven 2011 senate votes examined. Feb 1, 2012 2458
Next Syria government to include opposition figures. Brief article Jan 12, 2012 254
US strongly condemns Iran's death verdict for alleged 'CIA spy'. Jan 10, 2012 228
GAO report finds vacant properties grew by more than 50 percent from 2000 to 2010. Jan 1, 2012 456
B. Suggested reading. Appendix Jan 1, 2012 1160
Telephone penetration. Brief article Dec 26, 2011 155
110,000 US State Department cables obtained from Manning's computer: Investigator. Dec 21, 2011 256
Wrap: promotions do not add to waste pile. Quinn, Ian Brief article Dec 17, 2011 337
OSHA steps up inspects. Friedman, Mark Nov 21, 2011 769
Data Analytics Play a Crucial Role in Decision-Making at Federal Agencies Amid Budget Constraints. Nov 15, 2011 894
Changes to health agencies. Oct 1, 2011 363
US agencies squarely blame British Petroleum for Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Sep 15, 2011 460
IDC Government Insights Survey Reveals the Need for Government Agencies to Maintain Multiple Information and Service Channels. Sep 12, 2011 753
FOIA celebrates 45 years; backlogs persist. Sep 1, 2011 598
SOUTH AFRICA : Home Affairs has not received application for visa from Dalai Lama. Brief article Aug 30, 2011 139
New Study Shows Only 31 Percent of Americans Give Federal Agencies High Marks for Customer Service. Report Aug 29, 2011 950
Call for a complete rethink on 'fundamentally flawed' NHS reforms. Jul 1, 2011 430
Impact of restatement character sties and subsequent earnings management on post-Sox executive turnover. Wang, Ya-Fang; Chou, Ling-Tai Lynette Jun 22, 2011 14498
United States Department of Defense to Spend $41.7 Billion on Unmanned Aerial Systems Through 2016, According to New Research from G2 Solutions. Jun 14, 2011 422
The CDC Recognizes Newborn Screening in the "Ten Great Public Health Achievements". May 25, 2011 807
Government Agencies Seek Tech Solutions that Promote Efficiency, Reduce Costs, New CompTIA Study Finds. Report May 17, 2011 845
Live updates from IAEA term Fukushima Nuclear Plant situation serious. May 14, 2011 1403
FDA device review questioned. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2011 155
South African activism makes inroads on "corrective rape". Brief article May 1, 2011 293
Department of Interior Sued for Refusing to Release Names of Individuals Involved in Contracting Abuses, According to the American Small Business League. Apr 21, 2011 506
EPA's draft health assessment for formaldehyde needs improvement (FULL TEXT). Apr 12, 2011 863
Department of Defense Sued for Refusing to Release Raytheon Contracting Data, According to the American Small Business League. Apr 7, 2011 481
DOD Education Benefits: Increased Oversight of Tuition Assistance Program Is Needed. Apr 1, 2011 1299
Information Security: Evaluation of GAO's Program and Practices for Fiscal Year 2010. Apr 1, 2011 422
Measuring Disaster Preparedness: FEMA Has Made Limited Progress in Assessing National Capabilities. Apr 1, 2011 818
CAGW Reacts to GAO's Dollar Coin Endorsement. Mar 4, 2011 608
UK government. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 187
Coalition for Educational Success Responds to GAO. Feb 8, 2011 677
AHRQ identifies dozens of new genetic tests. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2011 229
AHRQ identifies dozens of new genetic tests. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2011 255
New reports available. Jan 28, 2011 401
FDA Review Indicates Possible Association Between Breast Implants and a Rare Cancer. Jan 26, 2011 1002
Coalition for Educational Success Rejects Department of Education Request to Limit Documents Produced under FOIA. Jan 20, 2011 731
Supreme Court May Hear Case on SBA Phone Records, According to the American Small Business League. Jan 18, 2011 541
Coalition for Educational Success Files Motion for Summary Judgment in Case Against U.S. Department of Education. Jan 11, 2011 653
DOT issues new pipeline safety guidelines. Berndt, Carolyn Jan 10, 2011 542
FDA Launches Website To Help Regulated Industries Save Time, Resources. Jan 6, 2011 741
CDC Recommends VEREGEN as Therapeutic Option for External Genital Warts in the 2010 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines. Jan 5, 2011 1366
Research and Markets: Company Analysis: CDC Software. Dec 22, 2010 287
ALMOST half of NHS hospitals [...]. Dec 20, 2010 217
CAIR Asks DOJ to Review Use of Muslim-Bashers as Terror Trainers. Dec 20, 2010 927
Telework Exchange Applauds Administration and Congress' Commitment to Federal Telework; Offers Telework Roadmap for Agencies. Dec 14, 2010 539
GSA begins new green Supply Chain Partnership. Dec 8, 2010 232
Environmental Protection Agency: EPA Needs to Complete a Strategy for Its Library Network to Meet Users' Needs. Dec 1, 2010 1232
Telecommunications: Improved Management Can Enhance FCC Decision Making for the Universal Service Fund Low-Income Program. Dec 1, 2010 1110
Military and Veterans Disability System: Preliminary Observations on Evaluation and Planned Expansion of DOD/VA Pilot. Dec 1, 2010 714
A synopsis of 30 years of major accomplishments by the Pennsylvania Department of Health in environmental health (Part 1 of 2): the 1980s. Logue, James N.; Sivarajah, Kandiah Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 3563
Sober rebuke; NTSB says state soft on repeat DUI cases. Editorial Nov 22, 2010 362
Department of Homeland Security Sued Over Boeing Contract, According to the American Small Business League. Nov 1, 2010 405
Telecommunications: FCC Should Assess the Design of the E-rate Program's Internal Control Structure. Nov 1, 2010 1005
Intellectual Property: Agencies Progress in Implementing Recent Legislation, but Enhancements Could Improve Future Plans. Nov 1, 2010 900
Afghanistan and Iraq: DOD Should Improve Adherence to Its Guidance on Open Pit Burning and Solid Waste Management. Nov 1, 2010 1351
Managing For Results: Opportunities to Strengthen Agencies' Customer Service Efforts. Nov 1, 2010 920
FEMA Has Made Limited Progress in Efforts to Develop and Implement a System to Assess National Preparedness Capabilities. Nov 1, 2010 475
FDA Heightens Focus on Retail Food Safety. Oct 22, 2010 1091
Ignored warnings, lax security led to 7 CIA deaths. Oct 20, 2010 865
ISI frustrates CIA with its support to anti- India Haqqani. Oct 4, 2010 279
FDA's 510(k) review process enters new period of debate. Delporte, Christopher Oct 1, 2010 779
Denial and damning NHS crisis is a political drama; See more stunning photographs of North Wales at THE BIG PICTURE ...Hawarden Castle by Stacey Oliver. Sep 22, 2010 492
Feds fails to meet small-biz contracting goal. Sep 22, 2010 539
Department of Homeland Security Sued Over Data on Lockheed Contract, According to the American Small Business League. Sep 16, 2010 467
Small Business Coalition Wants Congress to Stop Federal Agencies from Flunking Their Contracting Goals. Sep 14, 2010 890
Travel Warning U.S. Department Of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. Travel narrative Sep 10, 2010 3507
EU Agency Identifies Incentives & Challenges for Cyber Security Information Sharing in Europe. Sep 9, 2010 473
FDA drafts strategy to improve 510(k) process. Sep 1, 2010 865
FDA names Maisel to lead new Internal Review Board. Sep 1, 2010 374
Report ranks States and cities on bicycling and walking. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 141
Thousands complaining about North NHS services. Aug 26, 2010 299
New CDC Study Shows Continuing Need for Urgent Care Centers. Aug 19, 2010 423
FDA Issues Assessments of the 510(k) Program and Use of Science in Decision-Making. Aug 4, 2010 1287
Border Security: Improvements in the Department of State's Development Process Could Increase the Security of Passport Cards and Border Crossing Cards. Aug 1, 2010 894
Department of Homeland Security: DHS Needs to Comprehensively Assess Its Foreign Language Needs and Capabilities and Identify Shortfalls. Aug 1, 2010 838
Defense Management: DOD Needs Better Information and Guidance to More Effectively Manage and Reduce Operating and Support Costs of Major Weapon Systems. Aug 1, 2010 1612
Drug Control: DOD Needs to Improve Its Performance Measurement System to Better Manage and Oversee Its Counternarcotics Activities. Aug 1, 2010 752
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Task Force Offers Recommendations to Further Combat Domestic Violence. Jul 29, 2010 470
GSA Announces Infrastructure to Ease Third-Party IP Licensing Process for Semiconductor Industry. Jul 12, 2010 408
Florida DOT studies innovative marketing for public transportation. Jul 1, 2010 238
Aviation Safety: Improved Data Quality and Analysis Capabilities Are Needed as FAA Plans a Risk-Based Approach to Safety Oversight. Jul 1, 2010 689
Superfund: EPA's Costs to Remediate Existing and Future Sites Will Likely Exceed Current Funding Levels. Jul 1, 2010 772
CIA Report Says Israel Will Fall In 20 Years. Brief article Jun 21, 2010 319
Research and Markets: U.S. DoD C4ISR Market - Future Counter-Terrorism Operations to Keep DoD Spending On C4ISR Stable. Jun 17, 2010 593
Running the government race: reaching the finish line with technology. Bertolini, Phil Cover story Jun 1, 2010 2896
Medicare Contracting Reform: Agency Has Made Progress with Implementation, but Contractors Have Not Met All Performance Standards. Jun 1, 2010 717
Homeland Defense: DOD Can Enhance Efforts to Identify Capabilities to Support Civil Authorities during Disasters. Jun 1, 2010 1258
Disaster Recovery: FEMA's Long-term Assistance Was Helpful to State and Local Governments but Had Some Limitations. Jun 1, 2010 1293
Warfighter Support: DOD Needs to Improve Its Planning for Using Contractors to Support Future Military Operations. Jun 1, 2010 1410
International Security: DOD and State Need to Improve Sustainment Planning and Monitoring and Evaluation for Section 1206 and 1207 Assistance Programs. Jun 1, 2010 1226
Combating Gangs: Federal Agencies Have Implemented a Central American Gang Strategy, but Could Strengthen Oversight and Measurement of Efforts. Jun 1, 2010 1054
Nuclear Security: DOE Needs to Fully Address Issues Affecting Protective Forces' Personnel Systems. Jun 1, 2010 570
Environmental Health: Opportunities for Greater Focus, Direction, and Top-Level Commitment to Children's Health at EPA. Jun 1, 2010 922
CPSC Results Add to Science Confirming Integrity of National Gypsum Drywall. May 20, 2010 829
Intelligence agencies confirm Hamid Mir's voice in audio clip. May 20, 2010 267
Report confirms drop in development. Brief article May 7, 2010 172
Investing in Sure Start. Brief article May 1, 2010 291
Reality TV still a 'knotty question'. Brief article May 1, 2010 180
USDA audit slams beef residue failures. Apr 19, 2010 296
Research and Markets: U.S. DoD 2011 Budget - An Outline of the United States Department of Defense 2011 Budget Plan. Apr 15, 2010 572
Anger at pay rise inequality in NHS; North boss one of the top earners. Apr 12, 2010 499
Jergens Center for Energy Forecasting Warns That Energy Information Agency Estimates for US Natural Gas Supply Are Likely off by over 1 Tcf in the Last Two Years. Apr 8, 2010 646
Fitch Issues Presale on SBA Tower Trust, Secured Tower Revenue Securities, Series 2010-1 and 2010-2. Apr 7, 2010 334
Patient power can bring savings benefits toWales' health service; Shadow Health Minister Andrew RT Davies expresses concern about accountability in the NHS and calls for a revolution in patient empowerment. Apr 5, 2010 564
Group backs EPA on dry cleaning chemical. Currie, Donya Apr 1, 2010 154
Screened out: Troubled TSA weathers brutal year as questions arise about its technologies. Magnuson, Stew Apr 1, 2010 1578
Federal Agencies' Purpose a Mystery to Most Americans -- But More Information Equals More Favorable Opinion. Mar 31, 2010 1379
New CADTH research shows: most people with type 2 diabetes do not need to test their blood glucose as often. Smith, Stephanie Mar 22, 2010 325
Can we help? DoD Humanitarian Assistance Programs. Phillips, W. Darrel Mar 22, 2010 5424
119 names sans Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan leadership in Federal Investigation Agency red book. Mar 3, 2010 428
UK research council issues fusion strategy. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 208
Human Capital: Continued Opportunities Exist for FDA and OPM to Improve Oversight of Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives. Mar 1, 2010 1042
NASCIO's top 10 priorities for state CIOs. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 152
Hospital failings 'a breach of NHS values'. Feb 25, 2010 222
Research and Markets: The US Energy Information Agency Projections Forecast an Additional 87 Gigawatts of New Coal-Fuelled Generation Will Be Constructed By 2025. Feb 25, 2010 427
Hospital failings 'a breach of NHS values'. Feb 24, 2010 222
THE NHS has developed a [...]. Feb 22, 2010 159
Brokers and bankers were in cahoots, says SEC. Feb 9, 2010 460
Summary of GAO's Performance and Financial Information Fiscal Year 2009. Feb 1, 2010 388
Electronic Health Records: DOD and VA Interoperability Efforts Are Ongoing; Program Office Needs to Implement Recommended Improvements. Feb 1, 2010 626
Financial irregularities in state-run units. Patel, M.Iqbal Feb 1, 2010 799
Staffing agencies upbeat over hiring trends: temporary hiring picks up in the Granite State. Kibbe, Cindy Jan 29, 2010 690
Lower hires: N.H. new hires drop in 2009. Kibbe, Cindy Brief article Jan 15, 2010 142
New GAO Study: Lack of Competition Helping Drive 'Extraordinary' Brand-Name Drug Price Increases. Jan 11, 2010 285
Department of Homeland Security: Actions Taken Toward Management Integration, but a Comprehensive Strategy Is Still Needed. Jan 1, 2010 997
Nursing Homes: Responses from Two Web-based questionnaires to Nursing Home Surveyors and State Agency Directors (GAO-10-74SP), an e-supplement to GAO-10-70. Jan 1, 2010 166
State Department: Challenges Facing the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Jan 1, 2010 435
Department of Homeland Security: A Comprehensive Strategy Is Still Needed to Achieve Management Integration Departmentwide. Jan 1, 2010 537
U.S. Government Accountability Office claims OSHA misses injuries and illnesses. Jan 1, 2010 661
Methodology: Federal Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 150
"You were an actor with your handkerchief": women, windows, and moral agency. Lewis, Cynthia Critical essay Dec 22, 2009 7432
Lithuania hosted secret CIA jails. Dec 22, 2009 512
Small Business Contracting Abuses #1 Problem at SBA for 5th Consecutive Year, According to the American Small Business League. Nov 30, 2009 484
More Fraud in SBA Managed Small Business Programs, According to the American Small Business League. Nov 24, 2009 486
Gartner joins GAO in raising flu network congestion fears. Nov 3, 2009 376
Gartner joins GAO in raising flu network congestion fears. Nov 2, 2009 376
Predicted swine flu workforce absences. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 199
Trailer failure: more FEMA follies. Balko, Radley Brief article Nov 1, 2009 271
Can't get enough policy & practice? Check out our new poocast each Monday. Anderson, Jane Nov 1, 2009 792
Contract Management: Agencies Are Not Maximizing Opportunities for Competition or Savings under Blanket Purchase Agreements despite Significant Increase in Usage. Nov 1, 2009 1116
Homeland Defense: Planning, Resourcing, and Training Issues Challenge DOD's Response to Domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Yield Explosive Incidents. Nov 1, 2009 1676
U.S. Department of Agriculture: Internal Control Would Improve Accountability for Certain Centrally Provided (Greenbook) Programs. Nov 1, 2009 683
Human Capital: Monitoring of Safeguards and Addressing Employee Perceptions Are Key to Implementing a Civilian Performance Management System in DOD. Nov 1, 2009 972
Federal Energy Management: Agencies Are Taking Steps to Meet High-Performance Federal Building Requirements, but Face Challenges. Nov 1, 2009 652
Mobile operators dislike competition: the three operators say that in a market of 2 million people, having a fourth operator is not sustainable. In their view, the market is 100 percent covered and the phone rates are some of Europe's lowest. Nov 1, 2009 496
Saudi money supply decreases in August. Brief article Oct 19, 2009 223
Research and Markets: U.S. Department of Homeland Security Budget - New DHS Budget to Favor Services over Product Procurement. Oct 14, 2009 843
We need to protect Britain's soil: good food needs good soil. More money must be invested in soil science. Lang, Tim Oct 3, 2009 401
Macedonian telecommunication market worth Eur 400 mn: according to the statistics of the Agency for Electronic Communications, the mobile and fixed telephony generate the highest income of 227 mn.euros and 123 mn.euros respectively. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 191
Survey of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (GAO-09-867SP, September 2009), an E-supplement to GAO-09-868. Oct 1, 2009 190
Defense Contracting Integrity: Opportunities Exist to Improve DOD's Oversight of Contractor Ethics Programs. Oct 1, 2009 946
State Department: Wide Range of Emergency Services Provided to American Citizens Overseas, but Improved Monitoring Is Needed. Oct 1, 2009 910
International Food Assistance: USAID Is Taking Actions to Improve Monitoring and Evaluation of Nonemergency Food Aid, but Weaknesses in Planning Could Impede Efforts. Oct 1, 2009 951
International Trade: U.S. Agencies Have Taken Some Steps, but Serious Impediments Remain to Restricting Trade in Burmese Rubies and Jadeite. Oct 1, 2009 717
FDA issues final guidance on AER labeling. Oct 1, 2009 410
Schedule of BEA news releases in 2010. Table Oct 1, 2009 670
AEDC annual report shows 95 industrial agreements signed in 2008. Moritz, Gwen Sep 28, 2009 447
SAMA sees inflation rate declining. Brief article Sep 16, 2009 155
GSA contract vehicles are the most popular source for federal buyers. Sep 11, 2009 113
IRS reminds volunteers, VITA participants of compensation rules. Samaad, Michelle A. Sep 2, 2009 451
Because the state's unemployment rate topped 6.5 percent over April, May and June, the U.S. Department of Labor has told state employment officials to release extended benefits that started Aug. 2, according to the state Employment Security office. Aug 14, 2009 100
IRS releases budget proposal. Aug 1, 2009 260
FDA announces Food Registry. Aug 1, 2009 304
Fitch U.S. Telecom Regulatory Review: Key FCC Changes Completed. Jul 27, 2009 344
How the government is making the NHS budget go that bit further. Jul 17, 2009 606
Breaking the camel's back: if only DoD operated as a business. Krieger, John; Wood, Roy L. Jul 1, 2009 2496
Removing from state administrative agencies. Rector, Emily M. Jul 1, 2009 18211
From the U.S. Department of Education. Jun 25, 2009 894
Evolution of a handbook: contingency contracting: a joint handbook for the 21st Century: the development of a handbook benefits not only the Air Force, but the entire Department of Defense contracting community by synchronizing and accelerating contingency contracting transformation efforts of all four Services. Young, Amy Jun 22, 2009 2016
New Study Confirms That Today's Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines Are 90% Cleaner Than Required by EPA's 2007 Emissions Standards. Jun 18, 2009 472
Cloud Computing and SOA Expert Offers Advice to Enterprises, Government Agencies About Implementing Data Virtualization. Jun 15, 2009 666
HHS Secretary Sebelius, Executive Director of White House Council on Women and Girls Host Roundtable Discussion with Women Small Business Owners. May 13, 2009 520
Bar supports stronger attorney-client privilege for public agencies. Blankenship, Gary Apr 30, 2009 1564
Two-Thirds of Public Companies Have No Plans to Use XBRL - Despite SEC Mandate Requiring XBRL Use as Early as June 2009. Apr 24, 2009 367
Unemployment claims surpass 6 million. Brief article Apr 16, 2009 153
Public plea for NHS review. Clinical report Apr 7, 2009 323
New SBA Head Will Ignore Agency's Biggest Problem, According to the American Small Business League. Apr 6, 2009 403
HHS study finds many food facilities failing to keep records required by FDA. Apr 1, 2009 276
The new administration and the meaning of change: careful listening to the president's talk of change holds the key for public managers and their programs. Marshak, Robert J. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2009 1884
Tug-o-war between US State Department, NCHR. Mar 16, 2009 1021
SEC Settlements Drop in 2008. Feb 11, 2009 498
National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale reliable and valid in plain English. Dancer, Sandy; Brown, Allen J.; Yanase, Lisa Rietz Feb 1, 2009 2563
Research and Development: DOE Could Enhance the Project Selection Process for Government Oil and Natural Gas Research. Feb 1, 2009 836
Military Base Realignments and Closures: DOD Faces Challenges in Implementing Recommendations on Time and Is Not Consistently Updating Savings Estimates. Feb 1, 2009 999
New Government Insights Study Examines Increased Budget Request for IT Security at U.S. Department of Defense. Report Jan 26, 2009 638
Key Challenges and Issues facing the N-Hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) Market in China. Jan 15, 2009 252
SBA Employees See Significant Agency Improvement; OPM Survey Shows Major Gains From 2006. Jan 12, 2009 490
Director's message. Landefeld, J. Steven Brief article Jan 1, 2009 288
Health Canada advisory. Jan 1, 2009 487
FDA device evaluation begins 2009 under fire. Jan 1, 2009 1294
GAO blasts Medicare fee-for-service plans. Dec 22, 2008 364
Tests assessment agency abolished after fiasco. Dec 17, 2008 166
Policy group on genocide urges changes to U.S. agencies. Dec 12, 2008 1171
Policy group on genocide urges changes to U.S. agencies. Dec 11, 2008 1167
Policy group on genocide urges changes to U.S. agencies. Dec 10, 2008 1167
Policy group on genocide urges changes to U.S. agencies. Dec 9, 2008 1167
Nonproliferation: U.S. Agencies Have Taken Some Steps, but More Effort Is Needed to Strengthen and Expand the Proliferation Security Initiative. Dec 1, 2008 892
Department of Labor: Better Cost Assessments and Departmentwide Performance Tracking Are Needed to Effectively Manage Competitive Sourcing Program. Dec 1, 2008 966
Attacked NHS staff need our help with legal action; Wales should set up a special unit to pursue the cases of health workers who are victims of violence, says Jonathan Morgan. Nov 24, 2008 687
Health Information Technology: HHS Has Taken Important Steps to Address Privacy Principles and Challenges, Although More Work Remains. Nov 1, 2008 625
EPA Science: New Assessment Process Further Limits the Credibility and Timeliness of EPA's Assessments of Toxic Chemicals. Nov 1, 2008 674
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality. Nov 1, 2008 647
Small Business Administration: Opportunities Exist to Build on Leadership's Efforts to Improve Agency Performance and Employee Morale. Nov 1, 2008 831
U.S. Asylum System: Agencies Have Taken Actions to Help Ensure Quality in the Asylum Adjudication Process, but Challenges Remain. Nov 1, 2008 1129
DOD Financial Management: Improvements Are Needed in Antideficiency Act Controls and Investigations. Nov 1, 2008 1127
Military Operations: DOD Needs to Address Contract Oversight and Quality Assurance Issues for Contracts Used to Support Contingency Operations. Nov 1, 2008 995
Financial Management: Persistent Financial Management Systems Issues Remain for Many CFO Act Agencies. Nov 1, 2008 378
Highway Safety: Foresight Issues Challenge DOT's Efforts to Assess and Respond to New Technology-Based Trends. Nov 1, 2008 902
SBA Changes Show Improving Agency Performance and Employee Morale, GAO Says. Oct 29, 2008 709
Veros' Collateral Integrity Analysis (CIA) Delivers 360 degree View of Property Intelligence Improving the Way Collateral is Being Examined. Oct 20, 2008 558
Study by ex-US diplomats urges Washington to stop starving State Department. Report Oct 18, 2008 875
NHS budget in Birmingham faces heavy burden of obesity. Oct 8, 2008 526
GAO finds covert airport screening tests lacking. Oct 1, 2008 263
B. Suggested reading. Oct 1, 2008 1257
SBA Ranks 7th in Federal Agency E-Government Effectiveness; Brookings Institute Study Shows Major Agency Improvement. Sep 16, 2008 510
Contract Intel workers more costly than Feds. Sep 12, 2008 183
GAO: NARA not doing its job. Swartz, Nikki Sep 1, 2008 657
Military Personnel: DOD's and the Coast Guard's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs Face Implementation and Oversight Challenges. Sep 1, 2008 646
USDOT performance report named best in Government. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 177
Fhwa issues report on Creating Safe and Walkable communities. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 152
FHWA publication highlights benefits of regional collaboration. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 161
Missouri DOT Posts online video on dedicated truck lanes. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 210
CDC: twice as many men adopt. Schneider, Mary Ellen Sep 1, 2008 186
DOD Financial Management: Adjudication of Butterbaugh Claims for the Restoration of Annual Leave or Pay. Aug 1, 2008 200
African American Children in Foster Care: HHS and Congressional Actions Could Help Reduce Proportion in Care. Aug 1, 2008 481
Utah elevates its performance: performance elevated is a management tool for improving performance and efficiency in state agencies. Boyle, Brenda Aug 1, 2008 1811
Welsh patients 'feel second-class' Cross-border tensions in NHS highlighted by MPs. Jul 10, 2008 577
U.S. agencies' FOIA backlogs remain. Swartz, Nikki Jul 1, 2008 419
WE MADE A MISTAKE; Town NOT a drug centre, admits agency. Jun 21, 2008 426
Defense Contracting: Post-Government Employment of Former DOD Officials Needs Greater Transparency. Jun 1, 2008 520
Local governments face budgetary dilemmas, paper warns. Report Jun 1, 2008 486
WALES: NHS tsar to tackle attacks on wards. May 23, 2008 193
Mortgage fraud rising, analysis by FBI shows. May 19, 2008 294
Employee Security: Implementation of Identification Cards and DOD's Personnel Security Clearance Program Need Improvement. May 1, 2008 621
HOSPITAL STAFF UNDER ATTACK; George Eliot named among most violent NHS trusts in country. Apr 12, 2008 417
Patients in dark over out-of-hours NHS treatment. Apr 10, 2008 206
BrightSale Foresees a Decline in High Street Estate Agency. Apr 2, 2008 295
NIDA InfoFacts. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 101
Forest Service data confirm U.S. forestland gains. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 204
The State Department appraises respect for human rights in Lebanon. Mar 13, 2008 9794
GAO Performance and Accountability Highlights: Fiscal Year 2007. Mar 1, 2008 279
A primer on BEA's government accounts. Baker, Bruce E.; Kelly, Pamela A. Mar 1, 2008 6019
Foreign location choices by U.S. multinational companies. Mataloni, Raymond J., Jr. Mar 1, 2008 2002
Stains still set after SBA scrub: removal of $4.6 billion in incorrectly coded contracts failed to weed out large businesses. Wade, Marcia A. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 252
Information security remains a serious problem for most federal agencies, according to the Government Accountability Office. Feb 22, 2008 93
Alberta agencies face staff crisis, hard to meet government contracts. Feb 20, 2008 357
FDA warns about serious effects of intranasal desmopressin. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Feb 15, 2008 396
Self-regulation rules, but don't shout about it. Brief article Feb 9, 2008 286
Reporting on business in terrorism-linked countries redux. Barlas, Stephen Feb 1, 2008 757
Doing business in Trinidad & Tobago. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 171
The American Lawyer Names Kirkland & Ellis Group as Litigation Department of the Year. Awards list Jan 2, 2008 753
World Trade Center: EPA's Most Recent Test and Clean Program Raises Concerns That Need to Be Addressed to Better Prepare for Indoor Contamination Following Disasters. Jan 1, 2008 508
Defense Trade: Clarification and More Comprehensive Oversight of Export Exemptions Certified by DOD Are Needed. Jan 1, 2008 593
Small Business Contracting: Observations from Reviews of Contracting and Advocacy Activities of Federal Agencies. Jan 1, 2008 659
Environmental Right-To-Know: EPA's Recent Rule Could Reduce Availability of Toxic Chemical Information Used to Assess Environmental Justice. Jan 1, 2008 549
Hazardous Waste: Information on How DOD and Federal and State Regulators Oversee the Off-Site Disposal of Waste from DOD Installations. Jan 1, 2008 661
UK Spy Chiefs Say Iran Duped CIA. Brief article Dec 17, 2007 236
Bogus 'agency' alert; Grants scam targets local businesses. Dec 11, 2007 369
Government Agencies Acknowledge Constituent Engagement Is Critical to Success. Dec 10, 2007 954
'Rethink Budget or NHS and council cash could run dry'. Dec 3, 2007 837
More NHS cash buys less effort. Nov 22, 2007 736
400,000 plus aided by victim services agencies. Nov 19, 2007 359
GAO study finds lifetime immunosuppressive drug coverage saves money, improves patient outcomes. Nov 1, 2007 539
FDA finally releases AER guidance. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 188
Understand the Market Forces Driving and Inhibiting Adoption of Interoperability by Public Safety Agencies. Sep 25, 2007 417
BIO Applauds EPA on Industrial Biotechnology Assessment. Sep 24, 2007 679
State revenue collections in August short of forecast. Henry, John Sep 10, 2007 434
GAO: data breaches frequent; identity theft, not so much. Report Sep 1, 2007 357
LSC publishes positive annual report: the Learning and Skills Council has just published its annual report--an upbeat assessment of its role in achieving the government's World Class Skills goal. Elizabeth Eyre takes a look. Eyre, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2007 891

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