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Lung Transplantation Therapeutic Drugs and Companies Pipeline Review H1 2015. Jul 24, 2015 927
Solid Organ Transplant Immunosuppressant Middle East & Africa Market Analysis Report. Oct 17, 2014 1261
Solid Organ Transplant Immunosuppressant Middle East & Africa Market Analysis Report. Oct 17, 2014 1257
Middle East and Africa Solid Organ Transplant Immunosuppressant Industry Report 2014. Report Oct 14, 2014 545
Middle East and Africa Solid Organ Transplant Immunosuppressant Industry Report 2014. Report Oct 14, 2014 526
Global Vascular Graft Industry Report 2014 with a Unique Focus on the Chinese Industry. May 8, 2014 1238
Global Vascular Graft Industry Report 2014 with a Unique Focus on the Chinese Industry. May 8, 2014 1244
Kidney donation rates vary across UK, new report finds. Dec 17, 2013 111
Study finds high rates of kidney donors INWALES. Dec 16, 2013 646
Plasmablastic lymphoma following transplantation. Van Vrancken, Michael J.; Keglovits, Latoya; Krause, John Apr 1, 2013 2670
Procurement Transplant Coordinators Report Difficulty Learning Fundamentals of Their Jobs and Studying for the CPTC Exam: Feeling Disconnected with the Transplant Field. Mar 8, 2013 335
Nearly half of Americans polled support some kind of of incentive for donation--December 17, 1992. Dec 1, 2012 352
Majority of patients who died waiting for a liver offered a quality organ that was declined-study finds. Nov 1, 2012 549
Black market on trading organs increasing worldwide--WHO report. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 273
Donate Life-PA produces videos aimed at busting myths about organ and tissue donation. Aug 1, 2012 153
Using a "Donor Champion" to seek a live donor twice as effective than waiting for one, study finds. Jun 1, 2012 701
Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll Finds Majority of Americans Support Compensation for Organ Donors. May 16, 2012 690
Study Shows NxStage Daily Home Hemodialysis Patients More Likely to Receive Kidney Transplant. May 11, 2012 934
Disparities in kidney transplant access. Currie, Donya Apr 1, 2012 138
Growing shortage of donor organs may force UK to consider changing to presumed consent system- BMA report. Mar 1, 2012 415
Organ, tissue transplantation market to reach 114 thousand procedures by 2017--Global Industry Analysts. Mar 1, 2012 113
New study suggests race plays a role in black's access to a kidney transplant; evaluation, referral, waiting list processes often slower. Mar 1, 2012 374
Study Shows Abbott's Tacrolimus Assay Demonstrates Consistent Organ Transplant Drug Monitoring. Feb 13, 2012 1303
Online screening increases transplant center ability to attract, process potential donors, study finds. Feb 1, 2012 291
Treating anemia may help transplanted kidney from rejecting, study finds. Feb 1, 2012 228
First U.S. Patient Receives Specially Processed Donor Lungs at the University of Maryland. Clinical report Sep 8, 2011 703
LifeSci Advisors Announces Investment Opinion on Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S. Aug 2, 2011 1012
Belief that blacks do better on dialysis than whites not true, study finds; could impact who gets a transplant. Clinical report Aug 1, 2011 708
HLA-sensitive kidney patients do better when transplanted with incompatible organ, than staying on dialysis, study finds. Aug 1, 2011 492
Canadian Blood Services calls for major changes in country's organ donation system. Aug 1, 2011 293
Canadian Blood Services calls for major changes in country's organ donation system. Jul 1, 2011 134
Higher education, religion, income levels influence Arab American attitudes about organ donation, study finds. Mar 1, 2011 139
Reportlinker Adds Global Organ and Tissue Transplantation Industry. Feb 22, 2011 445
Tales from the Coffeeshop: Airline let down by our caring, people centric leadership. Nov 7, 2010 1899
New Study Data Shows Advantages of GORE[R] PROPATEN[R] Vascular Grafts Compared with Standard ePTFE Grafts at One Year. Clinical report Oct 12, 2010 699
Vitrolife: New study shows improved survival with Perfadex. Aug 30, 2010 600
Report Describes How Alonzo Mourning Uses His NBA Fame to Fight Kidney Disease. Aug 20, 2010 603
AROUND two thirds of people [...]. Jul 12, 2010 257
We 'don't talk enough' about leaving organs; MEDICINE. Jul 5, 2010 162
Families don't talk of organ donation. Jul 5, 2010 183
Organ donation in Canada is up, but still not meeting the demand. Wile, Colleen Jul 1, 2010 569
Weight of donor kidney and recipient to be transplanted may determine if transplant fails, study finds. Jun 1, 2010 181
Number of organs donated, transplanted in US grew slightly in 2009; myths about donation still persist. Apr 1, 2010 1009
Alberta's new organ and tissue donation law: the Human Tissue and Organ Donation Act. Nelson, Erin Mar 22, 2010 6348
Ethical issues in resolving the organ shortage: the views of recent immigrants and healthcare professionals. Beattie, Owen; Austin, Wendy; Kelecevic, Julija; Goble, Erika Mar 22, 2010 3914
People who donate a kidney suffer few ill effects, lifespan unaffected, landmark Hopkins' study finds. Mar 1, 2010 1177
Patients over age 65 wait longer than needed for a kidney because physicians fail to list them for ECD donors--study. Feb 1, 2010 595
Patients needing a liver should ask friends and family, study finds. Feb 1, 2010 208
Top for organ donor saviours; North East leads the way, figures reveal. Oct 17, 2009 503
Race, gender, insurance impacts who gets a liver transplant--study. Sep 1, 2009 387
British government to ban private organ transplants. Sep 1, 2009 291
Advice in transplants row; ORGANS. Aug 12, 2009 128
Independent Report Projects HepaLife as a Leader in $1.5 Billion Liver Assist Market. Report Jun 22, 2009 1054
Medical experts sceptical of China's organ transplantation practices. Apr 23, 2009 414
Australia reports organ donation increased by 50% in 2008. Jan 1, 2009 354
Donor Tissue Transplant Success Rates Are on the Rise. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 250
Pregnancy risks of two transplant drugs noted. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2008 598
Report predicts number of organ and tissue transplants globally will top 115,000 by 2012. Mar 1, 2008 283
Australian government finally moving to address low organ donation rate. Mar 1, 2008 353
Organ donor shake-up offers hope of 1,000 more transplants a year. Jan 17, 2008 511
Call for new look at organ donations. Jan 16, 2008 206
GAO report makes strong case for providing lifetime immunosuppressive drug coverage; finds peds most at risk. Dec 1, 2007 942
GAO study finds lifetime immunosuppressive drug coverage saves money, improves patient outcomes. Nov 1, 2007 539
Inside transplant immunology. Arsenault, Rebekah Oct 1, 2007 960
IOM report calls for professional, public education efforts to gain acceptance for uncontrolled DCDD. Apr 1, 2007 710
Pig-to-Human Transplants on the Horizon. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 309
UNOS Places San Diego Hospital on Probation. Oct 1, 2006 222
Chinese government response to Matas/Kilgour report on "harvesting" Falun Gong members' organs. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 279
New Research Could Enable New Kidneys to be "Printed". Brief article Sep 1, 2006 148
Ontario first province in Canada to perform transplants using organs donated after cardiac death. Brief article Jul 19, 2006 179
Joint Commission releases proposed requirements organ transplant centers must meet for certification. May 30, 2006 1015
Find tune current system to increase donation; no to financial incentives, presumed consent for now - IOM. Warren, Jim May 12, 2006 965
Lung transplant survival rates improving. Mar 31, 2006 105
Organ donation rates in Australia plummet; wait time for a kidney more than 4 years. Jan 13, 2006 191
First kidney transplant performed in Trinidad over the Christmas holiday. Brief Article Jan 13, 2006 114
French first to perform a partial face transplant; critics raise timing, recipient suitability issues. Warren, Jim Dec 15, 2005 1046
Donate Life Rose Parade float to make history by honoring involvement of Hispanics in donation, transplantation. Brief Article Dec 15, 2005 133
Live organ donors sought via Internet. Frieden, Joyce Nov 1, 2005 1575
Hurricane Katrina's devastation includes transplant candidates, dialysis, medical community. Warren, Jim Sep 16, 2005 1404
Coalition on Donation conducting donor education programs during National Hispanic Heritage Month. Brief Article Sep 16, 2005 318
Rodent virus responsible for the deaths of at least 6 organ transplant recipients in past 2 years, CDC says. Jun 10, 2005 622
Growing number of Koreans getting transplants in China, many organs suspected to come from executed prisoners. Oct 30, 2004 376
Baylor Regional Transplant Institute: an update on liver, kidney, and pancreas transplantation. Onaca, Nicholas; Goldstein, Robert M.; Levy, Marlon F.; Klintmalm, Goran B. Jul 1, 2003 4052
2003 International Transplant Directory available. May 14, 2003 132
More evidence that stem cells can make new brain cells. Brief Article Feb 28, 2003 237
Crisis in U.S. organ transplant system intensifies. Fentiman, Linda C. Dec 22, 1998 1120
Living donors cut kidney shortage. Brief Article Feb 1, 1996 478

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