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New Consensus Statement, Co-Sponsored by Eisai, is First to Address Role of Neurologist in Transitioning Pediatric Patients into the Adult Healthcare System. Jul 28, 2016 1532
Bullying 'causing obesity in children'. Jun 27, 2016 307
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital named a Best Children's Hospital by U.S. News & World Report. Report Jun 21, 2016 580
U.S. News & World Report Announces the 2016-2017 Best Children's Hospitals. Jun 21, 2016 1208
Unsafe Lead Levels in Children Found in Numerous Regions of the United States, Finds New Study in Journal of Pediatrics. Jun 15, 2016 1374
2015 youth risk behavior survey analysis of data and reporting of results. May 21, 2016 181
2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Analysis of Data and Reporting of Results. May 20, 2016 193
Supervised Autonomous In Vivo Robotic Surgery on Soft Tissues is Feasible and Outperforms Standard Surgery Techniques According to Study from the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation at Children's National Health System. May 4, 2016 1569
Kaiser Permanente Study Finds Pre-Pregnancy Obesity Increases Odds of Having Overweight Children. Apr 25, 2016 1151
Nursery crimes; REPORT WANTS BRAIN BOOST FOR YOUNG KIDS; Early learning failures put children at risk of getting left behind for decades. Mar 30, 2016 955
Obese children's health rapidly improves with sugar reduction: study indicates all calories are not created equal. Report Mar 1, 2016 730
Global equity report: poor children still face substantial disadvantage. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2016 375
Analyst for Providing Professional Analysis of the Youth Tobacco Risk Survey. Jan 9, 2016 478
Message can't be sugar-coated; SUGAR intake is top of the agenda once again this week following the publication of a new report. Keiran Southern finds out how a little less of the sweet stuff is making a big difference to our children's health and fitness. Oct 29, 2015 1087
Growing a new study: Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes: a new program known as Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes will take advantage of existing birth cohorts, and possibly new cohorts as well, to study key areas of concern to children's development and health. Schmidt, Charles Report Oct 1, 2015 2177
North-South divide in child health is revealed. Sep 7, 2015 568
Study Finds Primary School Children Have 3X NEA Recommended Homework Load. Aug 12, 2015 571
Children put at risk by council; Children's services deemed 'inadequate' in damning report. Jul 21, 2015 736
Report: 10 Years after Hurricane Katrina, U.S. Children Still at Risk. Report Jul 14, 2015 1296
Obesity, hypertension and metabolic syndrome in children in West Virginia. Co, Jeannie; Jeffrey, Jamie; Emmett, Mary; Modak, Asmita; Sondike, Stephen B. Survey Jul 1, 2015 3132
Mums-to-be eating for 2 risk having obese kids; Study shows danger of piling it on and not taking enough exercise during pregnancy. May 8, 2015 317
Download free report on link between maternal depression and poor diet in young children. McCarthy, Kathleen Brief article Apr 1, 2015 108
New study on mothers: Kids' health and happiness more important than morals and values. Nov 4, 2014 716
The children at greater risk of abuse. Oct 20, 2014 559
Report links child deprivation and risk of early death. Sep 10, 2014 667
Children from Wales's most deprived areas twice as likely to die; Demand for action to bridge gap between rich and poor. Jul 15, 2014 653
Growing rich/poor divide to blame for UK's high child mortality rates. Jul 1, 2014 572
United States : UCSF Study Finds Codeine Often Prescribed to Children, Despite Available Alternatives. Apr 22, 2014 445
New Study Shows Flu Vaccine Reduced Children's Risk of Intensive Care Unit Flu Admission by Three-Fourths. Mar 27, 2014 721
Wales' obese children 'must wait' for services. Mar 26, 2014 970
Protection register 'may help cut risk of child suicides'. Mar 20, 2014 458
Cancer diagnosis doesn't increase a child's risk of post-traumatic stress disorder. Jan 21, 2014 819
New Study Finds Targeted Treatment Can Significantly Reduce Relapse Risk In High-Risk Children With Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Dec 9, 2013 763
UPMC Health Plan Launches Special Report on Allegheny County Maternal and Child Health Care Collaborative. Nov 6, 2013 981
New PPC Report Finds Slow Progress in Covering Uninsured PA Children. Oct 28, 2013 709
Wirral to act on child health; Shocking revelations on poverty in new report. Oct 10, 2013 280
Report calls for better care for chronically-ill children. Sep 30, 2013 329
We need new approach to obesity, say doctors; GPs SHOULD WEIGHT OUR CHILDREN, SAYS REPORT. Sep 23, 2013 746
South Nassau Communities Hospital Provides Tips to Reduce Pediatric Injuries Related to Falling TVs. Sep 15, 2013 589
New Study Dispels Belief of Cancer in Children Linked to Nuclear Sites Proximity. Sep 13, 2013 318
Children referred for chest pain rarely have cardiac disease. Sep 9, 2013 1218
More Parents Report Healthy Tooth Brushing Habits After First Year of Ad Council Children's Oral Health Campaign. Aug 29, 2013 1443
Breastfeeding lowers obesity risk in kids. Aug 13, 2013 196
BMI may not be the best measure for obese child's health. Aug 13, 2013 222
The Injury Report: Youth-Sports Claims. Aug 1, 2013 1541
ALARMING LEVELS OF OBESITY IN CHILDREN; Report finds more than third of pupils have weight problem. Jul 4, 2013 697
Prolonged bottle-feeding tied to kids' obesity. Jun 10, 2013 606
Prolonged bottle-feeding tied to kids' obesity. Jun 9, 2013 609
CDC: one in five children has a mental disorder. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2013 624
New Published Clinical Study Shows Masimo PVI Helps Clinicians Assess Fluid Responsiveness in Pediatric Patients. Clinical report May 15, 2013 1805
Raising the bar for children's health: with the health of a generation in question, gelling young people back on track will require commitment from all fronts. King, Joseph May 1, 2013 2220
AAPD Evaluates Oral Health Services Offered Under Medicaid. Mar 4, 2013 876
Schools & Universities Report Health & Productivity Benefits from Green School Efforts, According to New McGraw-Hill Construction SmartMarket Report. Report Feb 27, 2013 887
Obesity Among Young Low-Income Children Linked To Food Insecurity & Obesity of Mothers, Study Finds. Jan 31, 2013 610
Too much salt spells health trouble for kids too. Dec 27, 2012 327
Bedroom TV viewing ups obesity risk in kids. Dec 12, 2012 476
Child obesity may be falling in Philadelphia. Currie, Donya Nov 1, 2012 200
Brain injuries could turn kids into criminals later in life. Oct 20, 2012 356
ADHD diagnoses rising among poor. Wendling, Patrice Oct 1, 2012 753
Obesity prevention among Latino youth: school counselors' role in promoting healthy lifestyles. Cook, Amy L. Report Oct 1, 2012 7359
Tobacco use down among U.S. youth, but still a major concern. Currie, Donya Oct 1, 2012 525
Surge in Child Poverty in National Capital Region Leads to Billions in Lost Taxes and Revenues, Study Finds. Report Sep 27, 2012 1042
Kids as young as 5 suffering heart damage caused by obesity. Sep 26, 2012 388
Kids without siblings more likely to be overweight. Sep 18, 2012 395
Children's health at risk from second-hand beds; RETRO REPORT. Sep 11, 2012 285
life'sDHA(TM) and Partner to Build Beautiful Minds Among Grade-Schoolers. Sep 11, 2012 1406
Slashing TV time helps children remain fit. Sep 2, 2012 352
Coalition of More Than 35 Leading Dental Organizations Joins Ad Council to Launch First Campaign on Children's Oral Health. Aug 14, 2012 1838
Allergic diseases pass from mum to daughter and dad to son. Aug 10, 2012 351
Gradual drop in youth tobacco use continues, but significant problem areas remain. Aug 9, 2012 865
New Report from Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Shows Importance of Starting Early in Fight Against Childhood Obesity. Report Jul 16, 2012 1188
Fears figures may not show true extent of child obesity. Jun 16, 2012 228
Child obesity warning. Jun 16, 2012 150
Israel's Blockade Of Gaza Puts Palestinian Children's Health At Risk: Report. Report Jun 14, 2012 961
Regular CT scans on children 'increases the risk of cancer' STUDY SHOWS HIGHER RISK OF LEUKAEMIA AND BRAIN CANCER. Jun 7, 2012 668
Hunger Study: One in Four Texas Children at Risk. Jun 4, 2012 532
Obese teens 'may already have lasting heart damage' WALES' RATE OF OVERWEIGHT CHILDREN FOURTH IN WORLD. May 21, 2012 620
Pay-to-play sports keeping lower-income kids out of the game. May 14, 2012 1029
Child obesity in Wales among worst in world. May 9, 2012 214
BREAST STILL BEST; Benefits 'will help to fight child obesity'. May 2, 2012 496
Occupy our occupations: why "we are the 99%" resonates with working people and what we can do to fix the American workplace. Leberstein, Sarah; Christman, Anastasia May 1, 2012 14270
Child obesity 'not prevented by parent's knowledge of diet choice'. Apr 21, 2012 643
Snack bars, junk food common in schools. Apr 21, 2012 452
New study probes how teens with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders approach learning to drive. Feb 1, 2012 461
Information needs of rural women: a study of three villages of Bangladesh. Hossain, Arman; Islam, Shariful Report Feb 1, 2012 5158
30pc of Bahrain's children 'in diabetes risk'. Jan 23, 2012 567
Accelerated infant growth ups asthma risk in kids. Jan 21, 2012 384
Obese dads likelier to have overweight kids. Jan 19, 2012 328
ALMOST a quarter of children [...]; HEALTH IN BRIEF... Jan 9, 2012 111
ICANN, the ".xxx" debate, and antitrust: the adult Internet industry's next challenge. Cambria, Paul J., Jr. Jan 1, 2012 7800
Kids who hate their mums likely to become obese. Dec 26, 2011 683
Low Vitamin D may up diabetes risk in kids. Dec 6, 2011 341
Children With Special Health Care Needs More Likely to Have Health Care Access Problems. Dec 5, 2011 608
Deployment raises kids' risk of hospitalization. Otto, M. Alexander Dec 1, 2011 454
Today's teens likely to die younger of heart disease. Nov 17, 2011 255
Our Nation's Youngest Children at Risk: Easter Seals Releases State-by-State Report on Early Intervention. Nov 8, 2011 1391
Social services department criticised in 2002 report. Nov 5, 2011 283
Report Reveals Epidemic of Obesity Among Children With Special Needs, Outlines Solutions. Nov 2, 2011 891
Better-for-you foods is good business. Nov 1, 2011 358
New Report Finds Children in Rural Areas Face Different Health Challenges. Oct 24, 2011 509
Post-conflict reconstruction, stabilization, and nation-building in an African state: the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone. Dumbuya, Peter Report Sep 22, 2011 6349
Families that exercise together grow healthy in mind and body together too. Sep 21, 2011 240
Report: more sleep, less screen time could help curb childhood obesity. Currie, Donya Report Sep 1, 2011 497
Smoking during pregnancy ups kids' asthma risk. Aug 23, 2011 385
Waist Circumference not a Better Predictor of Diabetes Risk Than Body Mass Index in U.S. Adolescents. Aug 19, 2011 761
Prenatal pet exposure, birth canal delivery lowers babies' allergy risk. Aug 9, 2011 249
Merseyside pupils as young as 10 confess to getting drunk. Aug 4, 2011 438
The skinny on obesity in Lane County. Aug 1, 2011 777
Eating location, food source fuelling obesity in kids. Jul 27, 2011 389
Eating location, food source fuelling obesity in kids. Jul 25, 2011 389
Kids 'at lower risk of injuries when grandparents are behind the wheel'. Jul 19, 2011 297
Statement by Children's Health Fund Co-Founder and President Irwin Redlener, M.D., on New Study Demonstrating Medicaid Benefits. Jul 12, 2011 603
Healthy eating, exercise, right sleep patterns vital to curb child obesity. Jun 25, 2011 281
Obesity in looked after children: findings of a local audit and strategies for intervention. Croft, Gita Report Jun 22, 2011 2813
Soda Consumption Down Among High School Students. Jun 19, 2011 464
Lenient fathers more likely to have impact on their children's obesity. Jun 10, 2011 418
Christianity and environmental justice (1). Wright, Nancy G. Jun 1, 2011 10668
Prolonged bottle-feeding tied to children's obesity. Bateman, Chris Jun 1, 2011 399
MRI imaging of vein of Galen malformations at Steve Biko Academic Hospital: a mini case series. Davel, Liesel; Smal, Janet; Lockhat, Z.I. Report Jun 1, 2011 1654
UMass Medical School Helps State Get an "A" in Children's Dental Services in New Report. May 26, 2011 604
One in Four Parents Concerned About Health and Vision Risks Associated With Children Watching 3D Content. May 25, 2011 787
Nemours Ranks in 9 of 10 Specialties in U.S. News & World Report's Survey. May 23, 2011 630
Extremely Obese Children Have Higher Prevalence of Psoriasis, Higher Heart Disease Risk. Clinical report May 18, 2011 1141
Anthem Blue Cross and Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo Collaborate to Help Kids Get Active through "Exergaming". May 16, 2011 1076
Invest in Youth, Women, Reproductive Health to Reduce Poverty, Enhance Productive Capacity, Says New UN Report. Report May 10, 2011 565
Large Study Finds CT Scans are Frequently Unnecessary After Head Injury in Children. May 9, 2011 1025
Kids' eyesight 'at risk' says new Which? report. May 6, 2011 344
Impact of information computer technology on primary health care services to rural communities in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Anie, Sylvester O. Report May 1, 2011 2901
Study finds 1 in 15 late preterm births could be avoidable. Worcester, Sharon May 1, 2011 800
Health and development of world's teens sometimes overlooked. Currie, Donya May 1, 2011 372
Study shows diet of pregnant mothers is linked to child obesity. Apr 21, 2011 542
YMCA Survey Finds U.S. Parents Not Making Kids' Health Top Priority. Apr 13, 2011 885
U.S. Parents Struggling to Put Kids' Health at Top of List. Clinical report Apr 13, 2011 829
Mums abused in childhood more likely to have low-birth weight babies. Mar 30, 2011 403
New Study Reports That Large Portion-Sized Snacks Increases the Amount Consumed by Preschool-Aged Children. Mar 28, 2011 822
Pre-service teachers: dispositional traits, emotional states, and quality of teacher-student interactions. Ripski, Michael B.; LoCasale-Crouch, Jennifer; Decker, Lauren Mar 22, 2011 7640
Medical Homes Ensure Better Health Care for Children. Mar 18, 2011 527
Report ranks N.H. high in child health. Callahan, Kathleen Mar 11, 2011 464
New Report from Children's Hospitals and Clinics Shows Vaccination Rates Declining among Minnesota Children. Mar 8, 2011 1192
Municipal health policy development, planning and implementation: addressing youth risk factors through participatory governance. Tataw, David Besong; Rosa-Lugo, Bernardo, Jr. Mar 2, 2011 10669
Study Shows Young Patients May Benefit from Microfracture Knee Procedures. Feb 19, 2011 466
Panel calls for focus on untreated mental illness. Miller, Naseem S. Feb 1, 2011 454
Preschoolers seem to know their junk food. Jan 26, 2011 610
Opportunities to Improve Nutritional Health of Youth Outlined in New Report By American Dietetic Association and Foundation. Report Jan 19, 2011 736
Developing new hazard category language for the agency for toxic substances and disease registry's public health assessment products. Ulirsch, Gregory; Orloff, Ken; Alexanian, Dan; Allen-Lewis, Sylvia; Fagliano, Jerald; Langmann, Dani Dec 24, 2010 2438
GREATER RISK FOR POOR KIDS; Worst off will be 'left behind'. Dec 22, 2010 391
Obese children more likely to have sleep-disordered breathing: study. Dec 16, 2010 278
Second-hand smoke ups invasive meningococcal disease risk in kids. Dec 8, 2010 346
America's Health Rankings[R] Indicates Overall Healthiness Slightly Improved, but Obesity, Children in Poverty, and Diabetes Worrisome for States' Health. Dec 7, 2010 2429
Poorest children at highest risk of road accidents, says report. Nov 24, 2010 293
Statement by Irwin Redlener, MD, Co-founder and President, Children's Health Fund on First Focus, Foundation for Child Development Report, 'The Effect of the Recession on Child Well-Being':. Nov 17, 2010 453
Latest Recession Will Have a Lasting Impact on Children, According to New Report By PolicyLab at Children's Hospital. Nov 15, 2010 1081
School-Based Health Centers: Available Information on Federal Funding. Nov 1, 2010 944
Taking a social determinants perspective on children's health and development/La sante et le developpement de l'enfant dans la perspective de leurs determinants sociaux. Denny, Keith; Brownell, Marni Editorial Nov 1, 2010 8143
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Responds to Kellogg Study of Alaska Dental Health Aide Therapist Program. Oct 27, 2010 652
Severe burn injuries in children 'cause depletion of Vitamin E'. Oct 21, 2010 349
New Report on Children's Health in Minnesota Shows Disparities in Care and Emerging Signs of Trouble. Report Oct 4, 2010 889
Three tiers of fetal heart rates: not enough? Boschert, Sherry Oct 1, 2010 894
School Readiness Report Shows Struggles for Kids. Sep 29, 2010 500
Reduction of stigma in schools: an evaluation of the first three years. Payne, Elizabethe; Smith, Melissa Report Sep 22, 2010 10276
Increasing teachers' metacognition develops students' higher learning during content area literacy instruction: findings from the Read-Write Cycle Project. Curwen, Margaret Sauceda; Miller, Roxanne Greitz; White-Smith, Kimberly A.; Calfee, Robert C. Report Sep 22, 2010 9091
Short nighttime sleep duration among infants, young kids 'ups obesity risk'. Sep 7, 2010 250
Compounds in non-stick cookware linked to elevated cholesterol in kids, teens. Sep 7, 2010 383
Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan Announce National Coalition to Enroll Uninsured Kids in Health Care. Sep 3, 2010 1034
Pediatricians May Apply Bias in Abuse Assessment, Study Finds. Aug 17, 2010 783
Teen smoking leveled off. Ault, Alicia Aug 1, 2010 152
Kids with brain injuries have difficulty developing story-telling skills. Jul 29, 2010 297
Physical inactivity 'no contributor' to childhood obesity epidemic. Jul 8, 2010 359
CDC Report on Lack of Dental Coverage for Adults Raises New Concerns About Children's Oral Health. Jun 22, 2010 365
Intimate partner violence against mums linked to kids' obesity. Jun 10, 2010 435
Intimate partner violence against mums linked to kids' obesity. Jun 8, 2010 435
Burger diet ups kids' asthma risk. Jun 4, 2010 322
Environmental Health: Opportunities for Greater Focus, Direction, and Top-Level Commitment to Children's Health at EPA. Jun 1, 2010 922
Study: 4 million kids of undocumented migrants at risk of entering child welfare. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 293
New Study by Children's Health Fund & Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Finds 'Best Practice' Asthma Program Saves the U.S. Health Care System More Than $4500 a Year Per Child. May 19, 2010 1081
Risks of Brain Tumors Among Cell Phone Users Underestimated in Interphone Study, Says International EMF Collaborative. Report May 18, 2010 376
Parent involvement vital in elementary years. May 15, 2010 233
Rising obesity hits here, too, but Oregon youth not as fat. May 4, 2010 499
Obesity and Overweight Prevalence Higher in South and Increasing Faster Among Girls, Study Finds. Clinical report May 3, 2010 749
The effectiveness of integrated care pathways for adults and children in health care settings. May 1, 2010 1747
Lack of household routines tied to obesity prevalence in kids. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report Apr 1, 2010 552
Accidental injuries prime death cause of children in the United Arab Emirates. Mar 26, 2010 558
Accidental injuries prime death cause of children in the United Arab Emirates. Mar 25, 2010 558
New Clinical Study Shows Masimo Rainbow SET(R) Pulse CO-Oximetry(TM) Provides Accurate Noninvasive Measurements of Hemoglobin in Pediatric Patients. Clinical report Mar 24, 2010 1194
Assessing the consequences for children and families when a parent has a problem with substance use and abuse: considerations for social workers and other helping professionals. Kimberley, Dennis Report Mar 22, 2010 9873
Why parents need a school report on their unfit kids; HEALTH: Dear Miriam. Mar 17, 2010 539
Overprotective parents put kids at risk of psychiatric disorders. Mar 13, 2010 227
Children 'at greater risk' after Baby P changes. Mar 11, 2010 228
Children 'at greater risk' after Baby P changes. Mar 10, 2010 228
Bystander CPR Can Improve Survival of Children Who Have Cardiac Arrests Outside of a Hospital, Children's Hospital Researchers Say. Mar 3, 2010 987
Osiris says new study demonstrates effectiveness of Prochymal as a rescue therapy for pediatric patients with GvHD. Mar 1, 2010 188
Prevention of childhood injuries. Van As, A.B. (Sebastian) Report Mar 1, 2010 1093
Reducing 13 Million Preterm Births, 3.2 Million Stillbirths Critical to Meeting Global Maternal and Child Health Goals. Feb 23, 2010 1399
A strengths-based parenting intervention with low-income African American families. Sheely-Moore, Angela I.; Bratton, Sue C. Report Feb 1, 2010 6409
Dietary recommendations and guidelines during growth and development of the pediatric patient and eating patterns affecting oral health. Nappo-Dattoma, Luisa Feb 1, 2010 2775
New Study Shows Effectiveness of the MEND Program (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!) in Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Obesity. Feb 1, 2010 853
The need for a national civil justice survey of incidence and claiming behavior. Eisenberg, Theodore Feb 1, 2010 6801
Post-tsunami parent stress predicts child PTSD risk. McNamara, Damian Jan 1, 2010 533
Genetic studies reveal new causes of severe childhood obesity. Dec 7, 2009 197
Successful weight control strategies for teens identified. Dec 2, 2009 277
40,000 kids at risk of violence; SOCIAL SERVICES: Report reveals shocking levels of abuse. Nov 27, 2009 421
Metals and diesel emissions linked to respiratory symptoms in kids. Clinical report Nov 24, 2009 451
HOW MANY MORE CASES LIKE KHYRA? Report says social workers are STILL failing to protect families. Nov 8, 2009 555
Gene therapy helps two kids suffering from fatal brain disease. Nov 6, 2009 194
Study Finds Privacy of Nation's School Children at Risk. Oct 28, 2009 944
Single shot of gene therapy could make kids with congenital blindness see. Oct 26, 2009 352
Fighting the fat. Oct 14, 2009 430
UNFIT FOR PURPOSE; Form-filling and bosses' failures put kids at risk, says social work inquiry. Oct 6, 2009 456
UNFIT FOR PURPOSE; Form-filling and bosses' failures put kids at risk, says social work inquiry. Oct 6, 2009 463
UNFIT FOR PURPOSE; Social work probe says form-filling and bosses' failures put kids at risk. Oct 6, 2009 476
Stomach surgery benefits children; study finds obesity creates unhealthy fetal environment. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Sep 26, 2009 261
WHO predicts obesity epidemic by 2015. Sep 3, 2009 485
Having a sibling with obstructive sleep apnea increases kids' risk of getting the disease. Aug 2, 2009 360
Bath time injuries rising among kids. Jul 13, 2009 305
Baby P council still failing children at risk of abuse. Jul 4, 2009 304
Cases of baby mortality drop significantly; World news. Jun 24, 2009 166
Joan Ganz Cooney Center Report Identifies Video Games as a Potential Ally in Children's Health. Report Jun 23, 2009 876
Reforming family court: getting it right between rhetoric and reality. Spinak, Jane M. Jun 22, 2009 11631
Strong bonds among mums could assure kids' good health. Clinical report Jun 10, 2009 274
Frequent household moves raise suicide risk in kids. Jun 2, 2009 474
Food-insecure youth at risk of overweight. Jun 1, 2009 204
Call to halt detention of children who fail to get asylum. Apr 27, 2009 369
Junk food makes kids fatter, but happier. Apr 15, 2009 397
A sizeable score. Apr 12, 2009 887
Infant weight gain can predict later obesity. Mar 30, 2009 309
NHS trusts 'not informed' about child health and protection issues. Mar 13, 2009 146
Good Neighbours no Substitute for Health Visitors in Child Neglect Cases. Feb 25, 2009 361
Filling Oregon's lifeboats. Editorial Feb 17, 2009 582
Children's plan: one year on. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 113
Theatre staff made to watch operations; Back-to-basics retraining at Children's Hospital. Jan 22, 2009 571
Violence, war, revolution: Marinetti's concept of a futurist cleanser for the world. Berghaus, Gunter Essay Jan 1, 2009 9857
Assisted reproduction without assisting over-collection: fair information practices and the assisted human reproduction agency of Canada. Gruben, Vanessa Jan 1, 2009 15298
Obesity not being properly diagnosed in kids. Dec 30, 2008 503
Body matters. Dec 24, 2008 525
Body matters. Dec 19, 2008 525
Body matters. Dec 18, 2008 525
Kids at risk care alert; REPORT: Inadequate help for vulnerable youngsters. Dec 17, 2008 292
WOMEN'S WAY Regional Report Uncovers Stagnant Socioeconomic Status & Declining Conditions for Women. Dec 12, 2008 664
Children at risk of disease outbreak; WARNING: Health chiefs report low levels of vaccination for MMR. Dec 11, 2008 346
Study links media exposure to negative health issues. Dec 6, 2008 432
Cockroaches, mice increase kids' asthma, allergies risk. Dec 3, 2008 350
Epilepsy drug taken during pregnancy may raise autism risk in kids. Dec 3, 2008 370
Dozens at risk of child sex abuse; WALES. Nov 26, 2008 143
Cockroaches, mice increase kids' asthma, allergies risk. Nov 25, 2008 350
Environmental Health: EPA Efforts to Address Children's Health Issues Need Greater Focus, Direction, and Top-Level Commitment. Nov 1, 2008 829
Increased C3-carnitine in a healthy premature infant. Chapman, Kimberly A.; Bennett, Michael J.; Sondheimer, Neal Nov 1, 2008 3286
Quality of life for U.S. children stalled since 2002, foundation for child development reports. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 293
Taking the Fright out of Halloween Treats: ARAMARK Dietitians Offer a Tasty Twist to Seasonal Sweets. Oct 23, 2008 688
Women's Sports Foundation Report "Go Out and Play" Finds: Families Benefit When Kids Play Sports, Many Schools Failing. Oct 9, 2008 363
Report claims 'exaggerated' fish warnings put children at risk. Oct 1, 2008 411
Back to school. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 197
Study Shows Correlation Between Number of Alcohol Retailers and Youth Injuries. Sep 12, 2008 478
LIVESTRONG.COM Reveals Youth Health Secret: Mom and Dad Matter More. Sep 3, 2008 858
Therapy sessions; School Report. Sep 3, 2008 113
Lifestyle claim is slammed; HEALTH: Youth drink/drugs row. Aug 28, 2008 279
FTC increases regulation of food and drink ads; threatens government intervention if private sector does not comply. Aug 4, 2008 291
Iowa tops nation in child health care performance, report finds. Kohlway, Elizabeth Aug 1, 2008 431
'Leisure meals' fatty. Jul 3, 2008 158
Risk kids 'neglected' by state; REPORT. Jul 2, 2008 111
Youth risk behaviors down over past 16 years. Schneider, Mary Ellen Report Jul 1, 2008 950
Early teens lack exercise as never before. Jul 1, 2008 418
Mums' health 'key to saving children'. Jun 11, 2008 560
Report says childhood obesity levels in U.S. have hit a plateau. Jun 2, 2008 193
Asthma outreach program poised to expand; New York city-based initiative estimates cost per underserved pediatric patient is down by $4,490. McNamara, Damian Jun 1, 2008 720
Study finds no reduction in the number of stillbirths. May 8, 2008 107
Reducing salt could lower kids' obesity. Currie, Donya May 1, 2008 188
New Report Finds the State's Poorest Children Vulnerable to Being Dropped from Medi-Cal and Healthy Families Even Though They Remain Eligible. Clinical report Apr 17, 2008 659
Champions of our children; Twenty years ago, a Government report revealed children in the North East suffered more health problems than youngsters anywhere else in the UK. The startling statistics spurred a team of people to come together to form a charity. NICOLA JUNCAR reports on their success so far. Apr 11, 2008 578
THE FATS OF LIFE; Children face serious health problems as obesity soars. Apr 1, 2008 336
Irish kids in obesity backlash. Mar 30, 2008 152
HealthOpin II: Parents Weigh in on Child Health Issues. Mar 27, 2008 486
Getting in the Game Boosts Health of Overweight Children, Stanford/Packard Study Shows. Mar 3, 2008 984
New Report Takes a Deeper Look Into Obesity, Dieting, Exercise and the Future of Food and Drink. Feb 7, 2008 372
Children can manage risk on their own, study shows; EDUCATION MATTERS. Jan 7, 2008 556
New WHO report tackles children's environmental health. Nov 1, 2007 588
Honey, we're killing the kids. Nov 1, 2007 693
The NPM is 'little better than a crude calorie count': a leading expert in nutrition has pilloried the FSA's Nutrient Profiling Model in a new report. And that's just the start, he tells Stefan Chomka. Chomka, Stefan Sep 22, 2007 878
The new me! Healthy diet in lunch boxes. Sep 6, 2007 459
Children's Advocacy Group Releases Telemedicine Report: E-Health is Transforming Health Care for Children. Sep 6, 2007 744
New war on child obesity. Sep 4, 2007 139
National child health report finds success, looming gaps. Bindman, Alyssa Sep 1, 2007 599
Growing youngsters need fat 'as part of healthy diet'. Aug 16, 2007 235
Experts warn diet-conscious parents are depriving their children of fat vital for growth. Aug 16, 2007 646
Food for thought: with schools combating childhood obesity, how are food-oriented fund-raising companies dealing with that issue and changing/refocusing their product lines/strategy to maintain a piece of the multi-billion dollar business? Conversely, how is this helping non-food companies? Newell, Kevin Aug 1, 2007 1977
Child obesity linked to working mums. Jul 24, 2007 164
Children are heading for heart attacks, report warns. May 31, 2007 158
Reduced-fat foods could put children at risk from obesity. Williams, Calie Brief article May 12, 2007 336
1 in 4 pupils are too fat. Apr 17, 2007 281
POOR EFFORT; Government slammed as report reveals our schools are bottom of the class for pupil exercising. Mar 6, 2007 387
'Ban young children from watching TV; BRITAIN/INTERNATIONAL. Feb 19, 2007 210
UK languishes at bottom of a Unicef table of rich nations for child wellbeing. Feb 14, 2007 769
Study says Brum kids face obesity and violence. Feb 6, 2007 240
Local Orthodontist Urges Parents and Schools to Teach Good Habits During National Children's Dental Health Month. Feb 6, 2007 370

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