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Online Service Can Help Reduce Customer Dissatisfaction and a 35% Return Rate

For Products Purchased Online

DULLES, Va., Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ --, the online spin-off of N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, Inc. (NEW) is launching a partnership campaign to become the online customer service desk of e-commerce sites. According to the University of Nevada Center for Logistics Management, most online retailers focus on sales rather than customer service. As a result, up to 35% of products purchased online are returned, eroding more than a third of hard-won sales.

" will help online retailers prevent erosion of their sales and profits by providing superior customer service -- just as NEW has with top offline retailers," said Fred Schaufeld, Chairman of both NEW and "We have developed intervention techniques to calm an angry customer -- online or on the phone -- and help them fix a problem before they return the product."

In addition to targeting online retailers, RepairNow and NEW are targeting manufacturers whose products are sold online. "Consumers assume that if they bought the product online, they can also get service and questions answered online by the manufacturers -- even if the manufacturer doesn't have the online infrastructure to handle inquiries," said Schaufeld. "RepairNow can offer that online infrastructure through customized interactive web interfaces with NEW's call centers as a back up solution."

NEW is the leading independent provider of buyer protection programs for consumer products offered through retailers such as Best Buy, Kmart, Service Merchandise and Sam's Club. is the Internet's first and only infomediary for home, electronics and appliance repair and services. This fun and interactive site has 'fix-it-yourself' information as well as online scheduling for service repair visits using a comprehensive list of service providers. Headquartered in Dulles, Va.,'s robust content of product information and national service network has been compiled by NEW Customer Service Companies, Inc., the nation's leading administrator of consumer product protection programs and extended service plans. combines their 16-year repair and service experience with the latest in web-based technology -- to bring its customers the highest level of technical support online.

NEW Customer Service Companies, Inc. is the parent company of National Electronics Warranty Corporation and administers extended service contracts and other buyer protection programs on behalf of retailers, financial services firms and manufacturers for 85 million consumers. The company is based in Sterling, Va., and operates call centers in Dulles, Va., and at its AIA-award winning facility in Great Falls, Mt. NEW employs more than 750 people and screens and maintains a national network of more than 12,000 service centers to serve its customers.
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Date:Dec 30, 1999
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