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Renewable energy in Pakistan.

Energy has always been a vital and indispensable input in any economy. It functions as blood stream in production, a fuel for transportation and power source in electricity generation. he population of Pakistan is growing at an alarming rate and the demand on the existing nergy supplies are also increasing; therefore it is necessary to identify alternate/Renewable iiergy sources.

Since, Renewable resources of energy has been considered non depleteable therefore ittention of the policy makers and researchers has been focused on efficient exploration of ilternative energy resources for catering a portion of total energy requirements in the future.


Therefore one of the main tasks before the Government has been to formulate ways and means WAYS AND MEANS. In legislative assemblies there is usually appointed a committee whose duties are to inquire into, and propose to the house, the ways and means to be adopted to raise funds for the use of the government. This body is called the committee of ways and means.  to achieve energy self reliance through the application of Renewable Energy Technologies with this very objective in hand the Government of Pakistan Government of Pakistan (Urdu: حکومتِ پاکستان), The Constitution of Pakistan provides for a Federal Parliamentary System of government, with a President as the Head of State and an indirectly-elected Prime  Established Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET PCRET Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies ) under Ministry of Science & Technology with aim to search, develop and promote Renewable Energies.

Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) has been acquiring and updating know how imperative for the promotion and mass propagation of Renewable Energy Technologies in the field of Solar, Microhydel, Wind etc. Various technological knowhow have already been adapted and indigenized by the Council, so far, in the field of Renewable Energy Technologies. The technologies being promoted developed and dissemination by the Council are not only technical time tested but are economical as well. In fact all the projects undertaken by the Council intend to promote and supplement Government efforts in solacing the vital energy deficit.

PCRET has been making its best to develop, promote and disseminate Renewable Energy Technologies in different fields. Despite a number of difficulties in the development and promotion of renewable energy technologies the Council has come up with tremendous achievements in the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies during the year in reference.

Research and Development Activities PCRET is basically a research organization with aim behind to evolve renewable energy technologies beneficial to the masses. The detail is as under.

Standard test procedures for testing of flat plate solar absorber and PV panel has been drafted and submitted to PSQCAfor registration On completion of project the testing services for solar products will be provided to parties/private sector for quality production of PV and solar thermal products.

Achievements of PCRET during 2008-09

* 624 solar cells of 624 KW capacities have been fabricated

* 105 solar Modules of over 105 W capacity have been fabricated.

* 53 PV Panel Systems of 15.6 KW capacity have been developed and disseminated.

* 40 Micro Hydro Power Plants of 425 kW generation capacities have been installed and commissioned energizing 4000 houses.

819 Biogas bi·o·gas  
A mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced by bacterial degradation of organic matter and used as a fuel.


gaseous fuel produced by the fermentation of organic waste
 Plants with generation capacity of 4095 CMS (1) See content management system and color management system.

(2) (Conversational Monitor System) Software that provides interactive communications for IBM's VM operating system.
 have been installed. 100 Energy Efficient cook stoves have been developed and disseminated.

* 04 Wind Machines of 04 KW capacities have been installed. 03 solar water desalination units of a total 15 Lit/day capacity have been fabricated and handed over to the beneficiaries 08 solar cooker (box type) have been fabricated and disseminated 05 solar dryers of a total of 50 kg/day capacity for dehydration of fruits and vegetables have been fabricated and disseminated

* 04 solar water Heater of 400 Lit/day capacity have been developed and disseminated Promotional/R&D Activities of PCRET PCRET has been disseminating various Renewable Energy Technologies since long in collaboration with different GOs/NGOs/Communities. Nevertheless PCRET has acquired sufficient experience and expertise over period, in the development, dissemination and promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies.

PCRET is not only pioneer in renewable energy technologies but in particular, is the first leading organization in the country which introduced the development, promotion and dissemination of: Decentralized mini/micro hydel power plants on the perennial water falls in remote isolated and inaccessible hilly terrains of NWFP NWFP North-West Frontier Province (northwest Pakistan)
NWFP Northwest Forest Plan
NWFP Non-Wood Forest Product
, FATA, northern areas and AJK AJK Azad Jammu and Kashmir
AJK Azerbaijan Journalists Confederation
 where the extension of National grid is not feasible even in far future., installation of prototype.

* Kaplan turbines on the Cannel can·nel  
A bituminous coal that burns brightly with much smoke.

[Perhaps short for cannel coal, dialectal variant of candle coal (from its bright flame).]
 network abundantly available in Punjab and Sindh for power generation.

* Fabrication of solar cells/modules and solar thermal gadgets/appliances. Recycling of animal dung for production of methane gas and bio fertilizer. Dehydration of dates/fruits and vegetables PCRET has however shown outstanding progress in the development and dissemination of renewable energy technologies in the country during the period in review. A brief description of the technologies disseminated is given in the following table:

One of the basic objectives of the Council is promotion of renewable energy technologies. In order to create awareness in the public for the use of the renewable energy technologies developed by the Council, a number of training programs were arranged, which were attended by various trainees (both in group or individually) from different walks of life. About 13400 trainees were imparted training on economic cook stoves, income generating techniques, solar water heater, solar cooker, solar dehydrator de·hy·dra·tor  
1. A substance, such as sulfuric acid, that removes water.

2. An appliance or an engineered system designed to remove water from substances such as absorbents or food.
, solar geyser .micro hydro power generation, solar system etc. through 140 training programs.
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