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Remembrance of things to come.

REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS TO COME What am I doing, daughter mine? A-haying while the sun doth shine; Gathering rosebuds while I may, Reveling in the brief sensation Of basking in your admiration. Oh, now, when you are almost five, I am the lordliest man alive; Your gaze is blind to any flaw, And Brimming with respect and awe. Though adults my oft my charm disparage, Three times you've sought my hand in marriage. You think me handsome, strong and brave, You came at morn to watch me shave. The neighbors' insults lose their sting When you encourage me to sing, And like a fashion plate I pose While you compliment my clothes. Who wishes his self-esteem to thrive Should belong to a girl of almost five, But almost five can't last forever. And wide-eyed girls grow tall and clever. Few creatures others less admire Than a lass of seventeen her sire. What humiliation must you weather When we are seen in public together! Perchance I'll munch a stick of gum, Or in the theater brazenly hum; My hat, belike, will flout the law Laid down for hats at Old Nassau; My anecdotes you'll strive to stanch, And at my table manners blanch; My every word and every deed Will agony and embarrassment breed; Your goal of goals, the end of your ends, To hide me forever from your friends. Therefore, I now chant roundelays, And rollick in your pride and prase; Too soon the nymph that you will be Will shudder when she looks at me.
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Author:Nash, Ogden
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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