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Reliable Independent Living Services Announces First Franchisee.

Markham, Canada, January 30, 2011 --( Toronto-based barrier-free home modification Home Modification

Alterations made to a home to meet the needs of people with physical limitations so they can live independently (to some degree) and safely. Examples of home modifications include removing throw rugs to prevent slips and falls, installing grab bars in the bathroom
 franchise company Reliable Independent Living Services (RILS RILS Russian Integrated Logistics Solutions
RILS Rapid Integrated Logistics Support System
) has announced today the granting of its first franchise, with the assistance of CanFranGlobal Consultants.

RILS provides consultation, assessment, modification and installation services to both residential and commercial customers and helps people with disabilities and seniors with mobility challenges to remain in their homes and live a barrier-free life. Their mission is to assist people to increase their independence, ensure their safety and enhance their personal living spaces. RILS also provide their services to commercial clients including hotels, restaurants, local municipal and government premises, public locations and any buildings that require accessibility, mobility and barrier-free facilities.

CanFranGlobal President and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  Gareth Parry said, "We are extremely proud to see Reliable Living grant their first franchise, which is for the Halton Region of Ontario. The company has diligently dil·i·gent  
Marked by persevering, painstaking effort. See Synonyms at busy.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin d
 developed their own business over the past ten years and Brain Carlo, their first franchisee, is an excellent and experienced operator, who will extend the brand value of RILS and deliver unrivalled services to new customers across his territory. RILS has overcome a number of challenges in its path to franchising, but has the expert platform of knowledge and structure to continue to develop its franchise system across the whole of Ontario and then across Canada Across Canada was an afternoon program that formerly aired on The Weather Network. The segment ran from early 1999 until mid 2002. The show ran from 3:00PM ET until 7:00 PM ET. ."

Ronny Wiskin, President of RILS, said "Following the growth and success of our own corporate business, we felt that franchising was the most obvious path for us to take, as we have received requests for our work from every corner of the province (and beyond) and felt that we needed to service new clients through local franchise operators who understand and are part of their local communities. Brian Carlo has been a part of our business from before he became our first franchisee and is truly the best person to be our first franchisee. We would like to thank CanFranGlobal Consultants for their dogged determination to help us achieve this critical milestone and in assisting in structuring our franchise offering and we look forward to developing a long-term relationship with them."

RILS has developed key relationships and partnerships across Canada, including with leading companies such as Bayshore Home Health and March of Dimes
For the Canadian charitable organization, see Ontario March of Dimes and March of Dimes Canada.
March of Dimes is the name of a United States health charity, whose mission is to improve the health of babies.
. Mr. Wiskin himself is a pioneer in the seniors and physically-challenged barrier-free living sector and speaks regularly on local radio in Toronto and hosts seminars on the same. With new provincial and federal legislation being developed all the time, RILS is at the forefront of this revolution for change, to promote inclusion and accessibility for all.

New franchisee, Brian Carlo, said "Having been a previous business owner and construction project manager for many years, it was my desire to begin to build with a purpose. While investigating the barrier-free/accessibility sector of the Building Industry along with the modifications required for the "Ageing at Home" programs now becoming prominent, there was one name that kept coming up as an expert in the field, Reliable Independent Living Services and Ronny Wiskin. Upon meeting Ronny he was forthcoming and brimming brim  
1. The rim or uppermost edge of a hollow container or natural basin.

2. A projecting rim or edge: the brim of a hat.

3. A border or an edge. See Synonyms at border.
 with information. He also shared his vision that some day he would like to grow his company through franchising, knowing the need for competent, barrier-free modification personnel was on the rise. An agreement was made that while the ground work for the franchising network was being laid, I would gain knowledge in the procedures required for construction and modification relating to relating to relate prepconcernant

relating to relate prepbezüglich +gen, mit Bezug auf +acc 
 health care by working as a project manager for RILS. Ronny was very patient as I gained more experience and the steps towards establishing a franchise system quickly came together." Mr. Carlo continued, "I am indeed glad to be RILS's first franchisee and look forward to growing with a team of other qualified professionals supporting unsurpassed credibility and integrity in our mission to assist people to increase their independence, ensuring their safety and enhancing their personal living spaces."

Parry added, "Mr. Wiskin is a genuine and caring person and is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people about his industry I have ever met, which sets him apart and will make him an excellent franchisor. We see a great future for RILS and their franchise system, in a market that is growing and developing at a great pace every year. Their company is providing a much-needed and under-delivered service here in Canada."

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, CanFranGlobal offers a full portfolio of franchise, licensing and distribution consultancy and advisory services advisory services

advisory services provided to the public, in their capacity as owners and managers of animals, are an important part of veterinary science. They may be provided by government bureaux, by commercial companies who deal in pharmaceuticals or animals or animal
 and has an expert team of industry professionals, all leaders in their respective fields. The company specialises in development programs, forensic and audit services, global expansion assistance and strategic development and additionally offers franchise marketing and sales programs, designed to source, qualify and help secure master franchisees, area and regional developers and strong partners for franchisors seeking to expand into Canada, the USA and internationally into more than 30 markets.


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Gareth Parry

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