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Reflections is a cultural arts program of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers (PTA PTA or parent-teacher association: see parent education. ). Now celebrating its 21st year, the program encourages students in grades K-12 to explore their thoughts and feelings and express them through the arts. Each year students around the country are asked to create artwork based on a theme, in one of four categories: literature, music, photography and the visual arts visual arts nplartes fpl plásticas

visual arts nplarts mpl plastiques

visual arts npl
. Approximately 500,000 students participated in the Reflections program last year.

The 1988-89 theme was "Proud Experiences," chosen from suggestions submitted by students. Students entered artwork which depicted de·pict  
tr.v. de·pict·ed, de·pict·ing, de·picts
1. To represent in a picture or sculpture.

2. To represent in words; describe. See Synonyms at represent.
 feelings of accomplishment and national and family pride. The artwork also testified to the diversity of cultures and heritages in this nation.

Any student attending a school with a PTA sponsoring the program may participate. Students can create their entries at home or at school as part of an art class. The entries are divided into four grade divisions--Primary (K-3), Intermediate (4-6), Junior High (7-9) and Senior High (10-12). The top state entries in each division are sent to the National PTA for judging. Entries are judged oil creative ability and interpretation of the theme. Awards vary front year to year. All participants receive a certificate of participation and a book donated m their name to their school library. Top winners at the national level receive such prizes as trips to the National PTA Convention, cash, encyclopedias This article contains a list of encyclopedias, including projects to create new works. Because the number of works that can be considered encyclopedias is very large, this list does not attempt to be comprehensive.  and art supplies. They also receive recognition in the press.

The Reflections program is sponsored by Ronald McDonald Children's Charities, QSP QSP Relay (amateur radio Q code)
QSP Quality Software Products
QSP Quality Samples Program
QSP Quiet Supersonic Platform
QSP Quick Start Package
QSP Quality System Procedure
QSP Quality Selection Process
QSP Quality Seafood Programme
, Inc. (fundraising
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 subsidiary of Reader's Digest Reader's Digest

U.S.-based monthly magazine. Founded by DeWitt and Lila Wallace, it was first published in 1922 as a digest of articles of topical interest and entertainment value condensed from other periodicals.
), Binney and Smith (makers of Crayola Crayons), World Book, Inc. and the Reader's Digest Association. For further information about the Reflections program, contact your state PTA office or Program Department of the National PTA, Attn: Reflections, 700 N. Rush Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611-2571, (312) 787-0977.

Jamilah R. Jor'dan is the Individual and Organizational Development Specialist for the National Congress of Parents and Teachers.
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Author:Jor'dan, Vamilah R.
Publication:School Arts
Date:May 1, 1990
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