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Reflections on literature and culture.


Reflections on literature and culture.

Arendt, Hannah Arendt, Hannah (hän`ä är`ənt), 1906–75, German-American political theorist, b. Hanover, Germany, B.A. Königsberg, 1924, Ph.D. Heidelberg, 1928. She emigrated (1941) to the United States and was naturalized in 1950. . Ed. by Susannah Young-ah Gottlieb.

Stanford U. Press


360 pages



Meridian crossing aesthetics


Gottlieb (English and comparative literary studies, Northwestern U.) gathers together into one volume most of the writings on literature and culture produced by celebrated political theorist and philosopher Hannah Arendt Noun 1. Hannah Arendt - United States historian and political philosopher (born in Germany) (1906-1975)
 (1906-1975), all of which, Gottlieb contends, converge in varied ways around the problem of "finding the words that would praise the world without imagining that this praise will somehow glorify the poet as well." Most of the essays are either reviews of individual works or retrospective appreciations of other writers, examples including Rainier Maria Rilke, Franz Kafka Noun 1. Franz Kafka - Czech novelist who wrote in German about a nightmarish world of isolated and troubled individuals (1883-1924)
, Stefan Zweig Noun 1. Stefan Zweig - Austrian writer (1881-1942)
, Hans Hagen, Herman Broch
For other types of towers see round tower
The Broch is an Iron Age dry stone hollow-walled structure of a type which is only found in Scotland. The brochs of Scotland include some of the most sophisticated examples of dry stone architecture ever created.
, Rudyard Kipling, Randall Jarrell, Bertolt Brecht, W.H. Auden, and Isak Dinesen.

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