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Red Stripe beer gets role in summer movie.

Labatt Importers has reported that Red Stripe beer receives prominent placement in "The Firm," one of the summer's more popular movies.

In the film, a character played by Gene Hackman tells Tom Cruise to help himself to a Red Stripe. Cruise opens a refrigerator and sees Red Stripe lining the shelves.

According to the importer, the high visibility of the brand could lead to increased sales. "Red Stripe is enjoying incredible success riding the wave of reggae's renewed popularity, and is benefiting from recent consumer interest in Caribbean food and drinks," said Marco Moretti, brand manager for Labatt's Specialty Import Division. "Going Hollywood will certainly capitalize on that trend, giving the brand exposure that will raise visibility and increase trial."

Moretti reports that depletions for the brand are up over 35 percent this year.
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Title Annotation:The Firm
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 19, 1993
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