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Recycled resin prices firm. (Your Business Recycle Pricing).

* Recycled plastics prices are firm but fairly steady, supported by the upward trend of virgin prices. The unsettled state of the economy apparently hasn't upset demand for recycled resins. Recyclers generally have little inventory on hand. Recycled polystyrene polystyrene (pŏl'ēstī`rēn), widely used plastic; it is a polymer of styrene. Polystyrene is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic that softens slightly above 100°C; (212°F;) and becomes a viscous liquid at around 185°C;  markets appear to be particularly strong, while those for PET and HDPE HDPE
high-density polyethylene
 seem to have leveled out.

R-HDPE supplies 'skimpy'

Recycled HDPE prices are up 1Cents to 2Cents/lb for natural post-consumer pellets and mixed colors. While supply should beat its peak in the summer, when water and laundry-detergent bottles are at their highest consumption levels, some processors say supplies are a bit "skimpy skimp·y  
adj. skimp·i·er, skimp·i·est
1. Inadequate, as in size or fullness, especially through economizing or stinting: a skimpy meal.

2. Unduly thrifty; niggardly.
" and recyclers say they are selling all they can process. However, there are signs that the peak may have been reached in July, and some sources say demand flattened flat·ten  
v. flat·tened, flat·ten·ing, flat·tens
1. To make flat or flatter.

2. To knock down; lay low: The boxer was flattened with one punch.
 out in August and will probably stay level in the short term.

R-PS demand strong

Recycled polystyrene prices climbed 3Cents to 4Cents/lb this quarter. Spring is generally strong for R-PS when the horticultural hor·ti·cul·ture  
1. The science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants.

2. The cultivation of a garden.
 market is at its peak. Even though that market slows down by summer, demand appears to be holding up. One recycler says pre-Christmas items like CD holders are going strong and driving demand and prices up.

R-PET holding even

Recycled PET prices saw no major change in the last quarter. Clear post-consumer pellets have gone up and down a penny, while clear and green flake flake

an epidermal scale.

flake Cocaine, see there
 saw increases of as much as 4Cents/lb. But bale bale

1. a package of wool in a wool pack weighing 150-250 lb depending largely on whether it is greasy or scoured.

2. a compressed bundle of hay, either about 100 lb tied with wire or twine, or large, round, untied bales, as big as a small hay stack and referred to as 'big bales'.
 prices seem to be flat in the 7- 9[Cents]/lb range (California tabs are on the high end).

One reprocessor expects prices to remain firm: "Our suppliers assume virgin resin is going up, and they expect to get more for their materials, too."

"New opportunities in bottle-to-bottle recycling applications are exciting," says another industry source. "So there is the potential for a tighter market, though we haven't seen it yet."

R-PP & PVC PVC: see polyvinyl chloride.
 in full polyvinyl chloride

Synthetic resin, an organic polymer made by treating vinyl chloride monomers with a peroxide.

Recycled polypropylene polypropylene (pŏl'ēprō`pəlēn), plastic noted for its light weight, being less dense than water; it is a polymer of propylene. It resists moisture, oils, and solvents.  and PVC prices have remained relatively stable during the past quarter, although rigid PVC pellets went up 4Cents/1b. Recyclers say demand is strong for both materials, and they expect business to continue to pick up as virgin prices keep rising.

                       Pellets   Flake
                       Cents/lb  Cents/lb

PET Bottles (Clean)
Clear Post-Consumer    46-52     34-38
Green Post-Consumer    39-43     25-32

HDPE (Clean)
Natural Post-Consumer  30-35     22-23
Mixed Colors           24-28     17-19

 High Impact
   Black               30-33     24-26
   Natural             36-38     --
 General Purpose
   Black               24-26     8-10
   Natural             30-32     20-22

Post-Industrial        19-21     15-17
Post-Consumer          21-23     --

Polyethylene Film
 Stretch               28        --
 Printed/Mixed         13        --
 Printed               20        --
 Not Printed           24        --

 Flexible              32-40     --
 Rigid                 50-66     --
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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