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Asia Health Guide Trade Magazine/Journal Jan 18, 2010
Bowhunter General Magazine/Journal Mar 1, 2014
  • Trophy takers: do trophy hunters deserve respect or loathing? It all depends on the context.
  • Tribe Archery[R] Fuels Youth's Archery Fire.
  • Archer Xtreme[TM] Creates Tough, Lightweight Rest.
  • Summit[R] Improves Climbing System.
  • Montana Decoy[R] fools wary toms.
  • 2014 youth hunter essay contest.
  • 18.9 million archers: if you don't believe shooting a bow is fun and addictive, just take a look at the numbers.
  • Prairie turkeys for the traditional hunter: there's a lot of room around those prairie turkeys but the traditional bowhunter can get it done.
  • A vournal of traditional stickbow: It had been years since I last hunted Coues deer in Arizona, but I still had vivid memories of a doe walking...
  • A bonehead's best friend: whether you've got a pup or a seasoned bird-hunting veteran, the option to train for shed antlers exists.
  • Giant for Pe Pe.
  • Blue ice bulls: Few places on this planet could be considered a opportunity for bowhunters. Greenland is one.
  • Deer reflections: A lot has changed in the world of deer management in the past 25 years.
  • Thank you, Mike: This industry stalwart knew his way around both bowstrings and guitar strings...
  • Building Arrows The Easy Way: If you're tired of taking your arrows to a shop to get them fletched, consider these easy at-home and in-the-field...
  • Decoys for close shots--Part 1: There's no more exciting strategy for bringing game to within pointblank range than decoying.
  • To seal the deal: it's not enough to be a good hunter. you have to be a good archer to ensure a good ending.
  • Ishi country blacktail: four decades later, bowhunting blacktails where the "last wild Indian" grew up is just as exciting.
  • Reader debates fairness of baiting.
  • Recent story a real eye opener.
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