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Record-breaking electricity consumption.

Record-breaking daily consumption of 26,412 megawatt-hours of electrical energy has been registered on 17 January 2012. This number is close to last year's level when a consumption of around 26,500 megawatt-hours was registered on 27 January 2011. As EVN Macedonia informs, the absolute record-breaking consumption was registered on 31 December 2008 when it reached 27,797 megawatt-hours and on 6 January 2009 it got close to the record and reached 26,800 megawatt-hours.

"On 17 January, when the increased consumption of electrical energy was registered, the average daily temperature was negative and the maximum reached -- 9.8 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperatures were measured in the Bitola region where panels and fuses caught fire because of overburden," EVN Macedonia explains.

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Title Annotation:ENERGY
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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