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APPETIZERS: Brie and Pepper Jelly Tartlets, p. 71; Confetti Sandwiches, p. 72; Spicy Cheese Butterfly Crackers, p. 71; Sweet Pea and Ricotta Bruschetta bruschetta

an Italian open sandwich of toasted bread topped with olive oil and tomatoes, olives, etc [Italian]
, p. 62;

ENTREES: Stuffed Cabbage, p. 129; Sweet Pea and Artichoke Lasagna, p. 66; Sweet Pea and Spring Vegetable Pasta, p. 64;

SOUPS/SALADS: Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls, p. 128; Spring Greens with Girard's Champagne Dressing, p. 72; Sweet Pea and Spring Lettuce Salad, p.63; Sweet Pea Soup with Broiled Salted Cream, p. 63; Tropical Chicken Salad, p. 72;

SIDES: Carrot Tzimmes tzim·mes  
Variant of tsimmes.
, p. 128; Frosted Grapes, p. 72; Honey Biscuits, p. 73; Noodle Kugel ku·gel  
A baked pudding of noodles or potatoes, eggs, and seasonings, traditionally eaten by Jews on the Sabbath.

[Yiddish kugel, ball (from its puffed-up shape), from Middle High German.
, p. 128; Sweet Peas with Roasted Wild Mushrooms and Tomatoes, p. 65;

DESSERTS: Lime Freeze with Fruit Butterflies, p. 73

BEVERAGES: Pink Lemonade Spritzer, p. 71

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