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Rebels and Rivals: The Contestive Spirit in the 'Canterbury Tales.'

Rebels and Rivals: the Contestive Spirit in the |Canterbury Tales', ed. by Susanna Greer

Fein, David Raybin and Peter C. Braeger, Studies in Medieval Culture, 29

(Kalamazoo, Michigan: Medieval Institute Publications, 1991). xxiv + 269 pp.

ISBN 0-918720-41-9; 0-918720-42-7. $32-95 (hard covers); $14-95 (p/b). These

papers originated in a six-week Institute on Chaucer held in 1987 at the University

of Connecticut under the direction of C. David Benson, who contributes an

account of its activities. His co-directors also contribute to the volume, Linda

Georgianna on |Lords, churls and friars: the return to social order in The

Summoner's Tale', and Charles A. Owen on |The falcon's complaint in The

Squire's Tale'. There are further essays by Frederick B. Jonassen, |The inn, the

cathedral, and the pilgrimage of The Canterbury Tales'; William F. Woods, |Up and

down, to and fro: spatial relationships in The Knight's Tale'; Bruce Kent Cowgill,

"Clerkly rivalry in The Reeve's Tale'; Susanna Greer Fein, |"Lat the children

pleve": the game betwixt the ages in The Reeve's Tale'; Susan K. Hagen, |The

Wife of Bath: Chaucer's inchoate experiment in feminist hermencutics'; Jay Ruud,

|"My spirit hath his fostryng in the Bible": The Summoner's Tale and the Holy

Spirit'; David Ravbin, "|And pave it al of silver and of gold": the humane artistrv

of The Canon's Yeoman's Tale'; and, as an appendix, an abstract of |The

portrayals of Fortune in the tales of The Monk's Tale' by Peter C. Braeger, left

uncompleted at his death. In the Foreword to the collection, Derek Pearsall notes:

|It is not ... that this collection of essays persuades one of the interpretative validity

of the opinions expressed. Rather, what it gives is a sense of the relish and vigor

with which reading is carried on, of the sharpness of response that Chaucer

challenges in his readers.'
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Date:Sep 22, 1992
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