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Articles from Reason (December 1, 2006)

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35 years ago in reason. 174
A healthy dose of anarchy: after Katrina, nontraditional, decentralized relief steps in where big government and big charity failed. Ilel, Neille 4470
Apocalypse's eternal return: hipster guru predicts: capitalism will destroy the world! Doherty, Brian 1820
Art Deco at Ground Zero: five years after 9/11, how about a design actual human beings might like? Seavey, Todd 1599
Big easy choice: schools in New Orleans. Snell, Lisa 258
Casual sex, Sunni style: "visit" marriages. Cavanaugh, Tim 371
Cory Maye, the subject of Radley Balko's investigative report "The Case of Cory Maye" (October), is no longer condemned to die. 88
Depressed markets? Happiness and free trade. Wilkinson, Will 241
Fried messages: your brain on anti-drug ads. Sullum, Jacob 209
Happy 40th birthday, Star Trek. Coppock, Sam Letter to the editor 260
Hidden wages. Mangu-Ward, Katherine 203
Hollow army. Walker, Jesse 194
How 'big nutrition' destroys your will to fatness: awash in healthy choices, starving brains seek sugary relief. Beato, Greg 653
Immigration now, immigration tomorrow, immigration forever. Porter, Tom Letter to the editor 966
Insurgent Republicans: the Club for Growth wants to create a free market GOP, whether the party likes it or not. Weigel, David 1269
John Dean's weak conscience: an apostate Republican fails to explain today's GOP. Gillespie, Nick 733
March of the moles: surveilling Americans. Cavanaugh, Tim 238
Narc of the matinee. Hawley, Kerry Interview 471
Organic panic: border closing chokes farms. Mangu-Ward, Katherine 178
Parent trap: are false abuse charges a common tactic in child custody battles? Young, Cathy 1340
Quotes. 206
Registration required: you too can be a sex offender. Howley, Kerry 315
South Park libertarians: Trey Parker and Matt Stone on liberals, conservatives, censorship, and religion. Walker, Jesse Interview 4440
The budget-cutters who couldn't stop spending: the Republican Study Committee, one of the biggest groups in Congress, was created to rein in big spenders. So why can't it deliver? Pfeiffer, Eric 4619
The Grand Old Party's over. Gillespie, Nick 467
Throwing the bums out: how a small-town businessman sparked an anti-incumbency movement in Pennsylvania--and what it means for national politics. Toeplitz, Shira 3118
Tom's last cigarette: toons go cold turkey. Sullum, Jacob 191
Tracking wild pork: Stevens spending snafu. Mangu-Ward, Katherine 276
When piracy becomes promotion; how unauthorized copying made Japanese animation profitable in the United States. Jenkins, Henry 983
Who deserves the libertarian vote? reason asks Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians why supporters of "Free Minds and Free Markets" should vote for their candidates. Weigel, David Interview 4047
Wonder-working power: the roots and the reach of the religious right. McCarthy, Daniel 2830
Zero sense: Draconian school policies. Doherty, Brian 202

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