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RealOps Carries 2006 Momentum into 2007 with Launch of New AutoPilot Product Line.

AutoPilot Products Provide Rapid Deployment of Automation to Functional Areas of Operations, Including Problem, Change and Service Management

HERNDON Herndon, town (1990 pop. 16,139), Fairfax co., N Va., inc. 1874, rechartered 1938. A suburb of Washington, D.C., Herndon has a mix of light and high-tech industries. , Va. -- RealOps, Inc., the pioneer and leader in Run Book and IT Process Automation, today announced the launch of AutoPilot[TM], a new product line that helps customers solve operational pain points more quickly and easily. AutoPilot, which runs on top of the core product platform AMP[TM], provides out-of-the-box best practice process designs, embedded Inserted into. See embedded system.  measurement key performance indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are financial and non-financial metrics used to quantify objectives to reflect strategic performance of an organization. KPIs are used in Business Intelligence to assess the present state of the business and to prescribe a course of action.  (KPIs) and pre-canned reports focused on specific areas within IT Service Management, including problem, change and service management.

"The AutoPilot product line extends the power of RealOps AMP, providing ready to use automation targeted at common pain points we've helped customers address repeatedly over the past several years," said John Scott There are many people who have been called John Scott: Politicians
  • John Scott (Australian politician), Member of the Australian House of Representatives
  • John Scott (Canadian politician) (1822–1857), First mayor of Bytown, later Ottawa
, vice president, marketing and product development. "The AutoPilot product line is built based on the IT Infrastructure Library, so that customers can feel confident that as they address areas of current need, they are establishing a roadmap for best-practices adoption within their environment. Customers have the flexibility to modify the base process designs within AutoPilot to support unique policy, procedures and service level parameters, while maintaining the overall integrity of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library, One of the more comprehensive as well as non-proprietary and publicly available sets of guidelines for "best practice" IT services management, owned by the British Office of Government Commerce (OGC).  process adoption."

The new product line marks the next step in an evolutionary transition toward "ready to use" automation solutions by RealOps. "We recognize that customers are using our products to address specific areas of challenge and need within Operations. The new AutoPilot solutions are designed to offer simpler and more rapid deployment of automation in areas where manual, error prone functions can cripple crip·ple
One that is partially disabled or unable to use a limb or limbs.

To cause to lose the use of a limb or limbs.
 their business," noted Scott.

The product release comes on the heels of a record year for the company in 2006. RealOps surpassed a number of key milestones set for 2006, including customer, revenue and employee growth. In 2006, corporate revenue grew by more than 300%, anchored by a number of Fortune 500 customers. This growth was fueled in part from the success RealOps has had in its partner ecosystem, which culminated with participation of more than 25 member companies and several strategic partnerships that opened additional channels to market. The release of RealOps AMP version 2.5 and the company's first AutoPilot application - AutoPilot for Network Problem Management - demonstrated continued commitment toward meeting the needs of a growing enterprise customer base and leading the market in IT Process and Run Book Automation.

"2006 was a banner year for RealOps in which we solidified so·lid·i·fy  
v. so·lid·i·fied, so·lid·i·fy·ing, so·lid·i·fies
1. To make solid, compact, or hard.

2. To make strong or united.

 our position as the clear leader in Run Book Automation and IT Process Orchestration orchestration

Art of choosing which instruments to use for a given piece of music. The sections of the orchestra historically were separate ensembles: the stringed instruments for indoors, the woodwind instruments for outdoors, the horns for hunting, and trumpets and drums
 within the enterprise management software market. We expect to continue rapid acceleration of growth in all areas of our business throughout 2007," said Sean McDermott, president and chief executive officer of RealOps. "Our momentum has outpaced expectations and we are excited about our plans in 2007, starting with the release of the AutoPilot product line and our plans to launch additional AutoPilot applications throughout the year. We will carry the momentum from 2006 into 2007 as we expand our market leadership, grow our customer base and continue to pave PAVE Cardiology A clinical trial–Post AV Node Ablation Evaluation  the way for the IT Process Automation market with innovative solutions."

About RealOps, Inc.

RealOps, Inc., the pioneer and leading provider of Automation solutions for IT Operations, enables enterprises to automate To turn a set of manual steps into an operation that goes by itself. See automation.  the orchestration of critical and labor-intensive operations activities, allowing IT organizations to minimize service interruptions, accelerate execution of critical IT service functions and drive reductions in OpEx spending. RealOps AMP is unique in its ability to easily deploy across diverse technologies and platforms to provide seamless service delivery.

RealOps customers include leading service providers, government institutions and commercial enterprises with large, distributed and highly complex environments that are seeking to deliver world-class service. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia Herndon is a town in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. The population was 21,655 at the 2000 census, which makes it the largest of three towns in the county.[1] History , RealOps, Inc. can be found at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 15, 2007
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