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Real space for virtual companies.

The Spector Group

The distribution of information is the new foundation of interior architecture. The dot-corns, telecommunications,. new media and e-commerce companies that collectively are shaping much of the new economy, live in. virtual space on the internet. But they also inhabit the real of office space.

Architectural coordination and space planning are integral to the success of these projects. And when it comes to project delivery, fast-track can't be fast enough.

Spector Group's. award-winning designs for high technology facilities underscores our experience. From earlier years working with clientele that includes Sony and Olympus to today's telco hotels, silicon alley An area in New York that has become known for its companies devoted to multimedia and the Internet. It is located in Manhattan's "Soho" district, which does not stand for Small Office Home Office, rather it is SOuth of HOuston Street.  start-ups, mega media agencies- and fully wired technology centers, Spector Group's architecture and interior architecture has fully penetrated each level of the technology revolution. Virtually each new project is designed to be information-ready, yet easy on the eyes, with miles of high-speed wires and cable either hidden in the walls or incorporated into the exposed infrastructure, thematic to the facility.

Spector Group is designing interactive office units as well as co-location spaces - where companies share common areas like presentation spaces designed to accommodate high-speed Internet See broadband.  access, telephone, audio, video, teleconference capabilities with markedly increased information-carrier capability.

When carriers unite under the single roof of a telco hotel, strict coordination of wiring and services becomes paramount. Meeting budgets and schedules, the potential integration of office space allowing for the presence of workers, safety and security of the environment are critical. At Spector Group the project team is keenly aware of the importance of good communication between client, architect and consultants. No stone is left unturned in the planning, design and implementation of high technology environments.

Reuters Information Technology

Reuters, along with AP and UPI UPI
United Press International
, services the media with information passed through on the wires, to be picked up by radio, television and newspaper outlets looking for Looking for

In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with.
 the latest information and breaking news items. This Hauppague office is a Long Island facility dedicated to servicing the region. A reception area welcomes the visitor who is greeted by a giant real time video monitor showcasing the news, as well as the company. The warm wood reception area is contrasted by a black granite floor, reflective of the interior space. Beyond the translucent glass door is a conference room and work space conducive to communication and dissemination of the news.

Williams Communications Solutions

As a leader in telecommunications and state of the art fiber optics fiber optics, transmission of digitized messages or information by light pulses along hair-thin glass fibers. Each fiber is surrounded by a cladding having a high index of refractance so that the light is internally reflected and travels the length of the fiber  systems, Williams required an environment to demonstrate and sell their product, as well as train users immediately following acquisition. On three floors on Park Avenue, the Spector Group created a space where technology was visible, both through the client product as well as the infrastructure.

Upon entering the space, dropped wire mesh wire mesh, wire netting ntela metálica  ceilings helped create a high tech cocoon-like environment where one is lead through reception, then training, then product display area. Lights and a network of cabling are visible through the transparent mesh, setting the ambiance am·bi·ance also am·bi·ence  
The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment: "The noir ambience is dominated by low-key lighting . . .
 for today's communications. Equipment is exposed through displays, glass walls and behind shading that is lifted following a training session.

Sales and training rooms branch off the main reception area, where a client may be led from one space immediately to the other. Separated by glass walls, activity and product is visible throughout the space. An interactive spirit pervades the environment, while warm toned wood and overhead cabled lighting surrounds the active spaces. The adjacent product display room features a neatly aligned selection of telecommunications equipment inviting questions and interaction from potential clientele.

Tech TV

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

For other people named Paul Allen, see Paul Allen (disambiguation).

Paul Gardner Allen (born January 21, 1953 in Seattle, Washington) is an American entrepreneur.

With Bill Gates, he formed Microsoft.
 formed Tech TV as a progressive media entertainment company. Their space conveys a sense of fun and business within a technological environment.

An open space accented with furnishings finished in purple and green fabric, a natural wood floor and high exposed ceilings create a "what's happening" feeling in the context of this business setting. Patterned glass that separates reception from the open space allows a glittering light to penetrate the work area. Likewise, glass separating the private offices allows the entry of natural light while ensuring confidentiality for conversations.

A break room used to brainstorm and watch TV (of course) is also fully equipped with a digital screen and mobile computer desk to accommodate frequent visiting execs from points across the country.

Atlantic Telecom Center

In Brooklyn, a flourishing Manhattan alternative for Telco Hotels, the Atlantic Telecom Center, is growing. A master-planned 750,000 SF, $70 million, 100% dedicated n+1 carrier neutral facility, ATC ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Average Total Cost
ATC Certified Athletic Trainer
ATC At the Center (Hartford, Maine retreat center)
ATC Applied Technology Council
ATC All Things Considered
 is located in Fort Greene. In designing Telco Hotels, Spector Group's role has shifted to creating Architecture Under the Skin, a massive design and coordination projects primarily for wires.

Architecture Under the Skin involves converting abandoned factories like this one owned by the Carlyle Group The of this article or section may be compromised by "weasel words".
You can help Wikipedia by removing weasel words.

The Carlyle Group is a Washington, D.C.
 to sophisticated shells of technology to house the Points of Presence for massive telecommunication wiring. Buildings bought for $5/sf are being rented for significantly higher dollars with telecommunications being one of the most profitable sectors in the real estate market.

Architecture gets under the skin when:

* Vertical risers replace vertical atriums.

* "Meet Me" rooms replace coffee bars as a place to converge -- for wiring.

* Adjacent green space is out, and neighboring neigh·bor  
1. One who lives near or next to another.

2. A person, place, or thing adjacent to or located near another.

3. A fellow human.

4. Used as a form of familiar address.

 railway lines are in.

* Mechanical condominiums replace residential condominiums as each tenant demands their own generators and dry coolers.

* Roof space is utilized for the placement of 128 130-ton coolers.

* All tenants are provided with up to 100 watts per SF of power at 480 volts; 3-phase, 4 wire with no landlord surcharges.

* For the initial 12 years of a lease, tenants receive a 30% reduction of electric rates as compared to the directly metered rate.

* A dedicated generator farm is master planned to accommodate 32 generators, plus a 120,000 gallon fuel tank farm to provide all tenants with a sufficient fuel storage capacity to operate all generators on a continuous basis for 24 hours Adv. 1. for 24 hours - without stopping; "she worked around the clock"
around the clock, round the clock
 without refueling.

* Fiber optic services with diverse fiber shafts at multiple locations.

The Prudential

Prudential Life Insurance is the number one life insurer in the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area.  and number four worldwide. Their newly renovated corporate headquarters in Newark, just down the street from the highly acclaimed Newark Performing Arts Center A performing arts center, often abbreviated PAC, is a multi-use performance space that can be adapted for use by various types of the performing arts, including dance, music and theatre. , sends a clear message that this city's real estate is on the upswing Upswing

An upward turn in a security's price after a period of falling prices.

The 400,000 SF, six-phased project included a redesign of the main lobby and executive floors above. To accommodate large presentations, Dryden Hall was designed as a 300-foot long flexible space capable of seating 600 or more people for lectures or converting to a banquet area. Fully equipped with audio-visual facilities and acoustic fabric panels, the flexible walled space opens to a pre-function lobby used to relate a history of Prudential and its founders. Sculpture podiums and glass showcases house a collection of art and documents for staff and visitors to peruse pe·ruse  
tr.v. pe·rused, pe·rus·ing, pe·rus·es
To read or examine, typically with great care.

[Middle English perusen, to use up : Latin per-, per-
. This executive area is finished in polished wood and brass giving a sense of old world authority. A series of seven executive dining rooms are finely attuned at·tune  
tr.v. at·tuned, at·tun·ing, at·tunes
1. To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship: an industry that is not attuned to market demands.

 to the high level visitors they will host.

A 25,000 SF cafeteria has a seating capacity Noun 1. seating capacity - the number of people that can be seated in a vehicle or auditorium or stadium etc.
commodiousness, spaciousness, capaciousness, roominess - spatial largeness and extensiveness (especially inside a building); "the capaciousness of Santa's
 of more than 300. The servery A room used for the preparation and serving of food other than a kitchen. This is the room where servers complete the final touches of food preparation remote from a kitchen.  is designed to offer a variety of foods while allowing for a continuous flow of people.


Using cutting edge design as a marketing tool, Vornado's PowerSPACE provides temporary office space and full services for executives forming their own start-up firms.

PowerSPACE supplies a fully equipped high technology, high end office environment with spaces for team interaction a well as privacy. Circular reception zone, Digital Sandbox A restricted environment in which certain functions are prohibited. For example, deleting files and modifying system information such as Registry settings and other control panel functions may be prohibited.  presentation space, cyber (1) From "cybernetics," it is a prefix attached to everyday words to add a computer, electronic or online connotation. The term is similar to "virtual," but the latter is used more frequently. See virtual.  coffee bar and Think Rooms with plush seating and ergonomically sound furniture promote natural interaction and spark creativity.

Services abound enhanced by state of the art technology. Each office is equipped with the requisite computer cabling as well as cable TV. Color copiers, flat screen monitors, digital white boards and high end networked telecommunications systems are appropriately located through out the space. The flexible office plan allows the tenant to reserve a single private office or a suite within a private wing. Plans for expansion call for each new floor to be uniquely designed to meet the needs of a diversified clientele.

Computer Associates International

The Virtual Enterprise area, where new products are tested and demonstrated, is just one segment of the 400,000 square foot expansion of Computer Associates World International Headquarters on Long Island. Additional growth encompasses the new office tower expansion and research-and-development facilities, a state-of-the-art technical training center, an international food court and an enlarged indoor/ outdoor fitness center for this software giant. CA also expanded its award-winning Montessori-based child development center, making it one of the largest childcare centers in the Northeast. The 1.5. million square foot award winning facility will be home to more that 8000 employees in the coming years. Noted among the "100 Best Places to Work in the United States" Computer Associates has won repeated awards for its workplace environment. CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  Charles Wang
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang (王).

Charles B. Wang (Chinese: 王嘉廉; Pinyin: Wáng Jiālián 
 believes, "Creating a superlative work environment is good business. We have fantastic people in our employ, and they achieve phenomenal things. It simply ma kes sense to provide them with facilities that reflect excellence and attract talent."
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