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Real Estate Opportunities Remain in Central and Western China as the Industry Enjoyed a 36.3% 32.1% Rise Respectively Since 2005.

DUBLIN Dublin, city, Republic of Ireland
Dublin, Irish Baile Átha Cliath, county borough (1991 pop. 915,516), Leinster, capital of the Republic of Ireland, on Dublin Bay at the mouth of the Liffey River.
, Ireland Ireland, Irish Eire (âr`ə) [to it are related the poetic Erin and perhaps the Latin Hibernia], island, 32,598 sq mi (84,429 sq km), second largest of the British Isles.  -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "China Real Estate Market Investment Analysis Report, 2006" to their offering.

Priceless price·less  
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2. Highly amusing, absurd, or odd: a priceless remark.
, unique market intelligence on China's real estate market straight from an insider...Read on to discover how you can be part of China's real estate boom.

China's booming and familiar urbanization process is forecasted to last for another 20 years. City dwellers represent less than 3% of the current total population, far less than the 70-80% averages in the developed word.

Even if China's population stabilizes -- and it has never ceased to grow -- over a half-billion farmers are expected to swell the cities during the next two decades. No other country presents such a tremendous and sustainable market demand in all aspects of real estate -- land, commercial, industrial and residential. And China is one of the few countries with absolutely no restriction or policy barriers on investment by foreigners Foreigners


the condition of being an alien.


Law. the seizure of foreign subjects to enforce a claim for justice or other right against their nation.

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The author is proud to have translated for the first time into English 1. English - (Obsolete) The source code for a program, which may be in any language, as opposed to the linkable or executable binary produced from it by a compiler. The idea behind the term is that to a real hacker, a program written in his favourite programming language is  this in-depth in-depth
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detailed or thorough: an in-depth analysis

, comprehensive real estate report -- with 300 pages and 114 charts -- presenting all relevant aspects of the China real estate market. Originally published in Chinese by Beijing Zhongjing ZongHeng, China's foremost research company, the report data draws from an exclusive relationship between the publisher and China's National Bureau of Statistics -- making this the most reliable and comprehensive source of Chinese real estate facts and figures.

What part of this huge market are you overlooking o·ver·look  
tr.v. o·ver·looked, o·ver·look·ing, o·ver·looks
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The real estate market of China tops the world in terms of market demand. In 1998, the scale of real estate development totaled 0.5 billion m2 (square meters Noun 1. square meter - a centare is 1/100th of an are
centare, square metre

area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
), driving up [China's national] economic growth rate at least by 1%. Since then, this rate has continued to expand, reaching 0.7 billion to 0.8 billion m2 each year.

Even with the intense development in the Eastern cities where real estate growth has risen 19.5% since 2005, the real opportunities are in Central China which enjoyed a 36.3% rise and in Western China which witnessed a 32.1% rise.

Starting with an analysis of land prices and policies in cities nationwide, the report presents in-depth looks at the climate for residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use properties in 13 cities: Beijing, Shanghai Shanghai (shăng`hī`, shäng`hī`), city (1994 est. pop. 12,980,000), in, but independent of, Jiangsu prov., E China, on the Huangpu (Whangpoo) River where it flows into the Chang (Yangtze) estuary. , Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Dalian, Xian, Shenyang, Qingdao and Hangzhou.

Unique, inside scoop on Chinese RE competitors!

The report then continues to examine the industry competition structure; what companies must now do to succeed; the top 100 Chinese real estate companies; and ranks the top 10 of the top 100 by strengths, assets, profitability, growth and other distinguishing factors.

The next chapter presents the strategies that real estate companies are using to market themselves -- showing what has worked and what has not -- and shows how buyers learn about real estate opportunities, plus the ten strategies Chinese real estate companies are using to grow, their business models and competitive edges.

How can you reduce your risk?

- The final chapter presents a SWOT analysis SWOT Analysis

A tool that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an organization.
 of the industry, six factors constraining con·strain  
tr.v. con·strained, con·strain·ing, con·strains
1. To compel by physical, moral, or circumstantial force; oblige: felt constrained to object. See Synonyms at force.

 growth, six industry forecasts of real estate market development, and six investment risks.

- An in-depth Appendix concludes with 14 short articles on government policies, mortgages, bank credit, land control, taxes, supply and regulations.

- If your company wants to catch this booming wave of Chinese real estate investment or development, you must know the facts as China itself presents them.

Content Outline:

I. Overview of the China Real Estate Market

II: Real Estate Market Analysis for Major Cities

III. Competitive Structure of the Real Estate Industry and an Analysis of the Top 100 Real Estate Companies

IV. Analysis of Chinese Real Estate Marketing Strategies

V. Investment Analysis and Development Forecast for the China Real Estate Market

Appendix: Summary of 2006 China Real Estate Policies

Memorandum on the Regulation of Real Estate Mortgage Rate Management and its Relation to Bank Credit

Guide and Commentary on Real Estate Mortgage Rates

Memorandum on Personal Home Mortgage Loans that are Converted into Securities Bonds and Issues Concerning Mortgage Rights, Changes Thereto there·to  
1. To that, this, or it.

2. Archaic In addition to that; furthermore.



1. to that or it

 and Registration There of Six Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the China Real Estate Industry

Memorandum on the Regulation of the Housing Supply Structure and Opinions on Stabilizing stabilizing,
v to hold a limb motionless in order to ground its energy; a standard isometric resistance technique, it releases tension and lengthens muscle fibers.
 Housing Prices

Opinions on Strengthening the Regulation of Fixed Asset Investments and Controlling New Real Estate Projects

Several Opinions on Implementing Proportional proportional

values expressed as a proportion of the total number of values in a series.

proportional dwarf
the patient is a miniature without disproportionate reductions or enlargements of body parts.
 Requirements for New Housing Structures

Opinions on Standardizing Foreign Investor Access to the China Real Estate Market and The Management Thereof

Memorandum Concerning the Collection of Personal Income Taxes During Housing Sales

Memorandum on Further Strengthening the Management of Real Estate Credit

Memorandum on Strengthening Land Regulations

Memorandum on Regulating the Management of Foreign Exchange in the Real Estate Market

List of Figures

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