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Ready, set, grease? (Incorrect pneumatic grease guns).

Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP NAVICP Naval Inventory Control Point
NAVICP NAVSEA Inventory Control Point
) 021340Z NOV judgment notwithstanding the verdict (N.O.V.) n. reversal of a jury's verdict by the trial judge when the judge believes there was no factual basis for the verdict or it was contrary to law. The judge will then enter a different verdict as "a matter of law.  01 (NOTAL) advises of an incorrect style of pneumatic grease gun inlet regulator (NSN 9C-4820-01-250-8597) in the supply system. I've seen several boats in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets that have the incorrect regulators installed. These particular regulators come equipped from the supply system with flow meter style gages and an oil separator. Although the NSN for the correct and incorrect regulators are the same, the incorrect regulators are not in accordance with the submarine greasing manual (NAVSEA T6350-AA-HBK-010) and should be removed as soon as possible. The incorrect regulator can cause the operator to over-pressurize the inlet of the pneumatic grease gun and subsequently over-pressurize the discharge side, possibly damaging the grease distribution lines. The pneumatic grease gun is used in the steering and diving system, torpedo tube systems and general ships lubrication lubrication, introduction of a substance between the contact surfaces of moving parts to reduce friction and to dissipate heat. A lubricant may be oil, grease, graphite, or any substance—gas, liquid, semisolid, or solid—that permits free action of .

Any command having or receiving the incorrect regulators should submit a quality deficiency report (QDR) through their supply system and order a new regulator.

To obtain a copy of the NAVICP message or if you have any questions regarding this issue (Incorrect Regulator) contact: Brenda Brown (DSCC -MEAB) at (614) 692-1216 (DSN 850) or e-mail Other POCs: MMC(SS) Francazio (SUBLANT SUBLANT Submarine Forces, Atlantic  auxiliaryman) (757) 836-1258 (DSN 564); MMC(SS) Dela Pena (SUBPAC auxiliaryman) (808) 473-5577 Ext. 101 (DSN 315
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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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