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Reader's poem.

The Candle

The light still shining

These many years on

An everlasting flame

Though the candle may have gone.

Harsh winds they have blown

Storms have swept the land

Yet the light that is Diana

In our hearts will forever stand.

Nothing will dowse it

This flame that burns so bright

For in the hearts of millions

Shines Diana's guiding light.

The light she brought among us

To show the world that she did care

Reaching out to the people

Around the world everywhere.

A helping hand to guide them

In their darkness and despair

To offer them comfort

To let them know she cared.

Each day a new challenge

To bring help to those in need

Her heart ever open

To every class and every creed.

Her compassion overflowed

Reaching out across the sea

Touching those in need

Giving love and dignity.

An angel of mercy

Who showed us the way

To help those in the darkness

Once more to see the light of day.

Dedication to a princess

A CLIFFORD, Grange Villa, Chester-le-Street.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2004
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