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Rapid screening of pathogens in water. (reprint, 2006).


Rapid screening of pathogens in water. (reprint, 2006)

Ed. by Helene Baribeau et al.

IWA Publishing


97 pages




Despite best efforts by water treatment professionals, surface ground waters in the US continue to develop microbial contamination caused by population growth, land development, farming practices, and increased demand for recreational use of lakes and rivers. The result has been outbreaks of waterborne disease, with the Hepatitis A virus, the Norwalk virus and rotaviruses appearing frequently. The protocols most frequently used for testing involve more time than practitioners really have to fend off what could be disasters, so this practical guide gives step-by-step instructions on techniques that will provide preliminary results that can be used in decision making. This includes descriptions of materials and methods, meanings of results, and recommendations for procedures. IWA in the UK now publishes reports formerly published by AWWA Research Foundation (Denver). US distribution is by BookMasters.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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