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Rapid CIA briefing starts crash course in presidency

Barack Obama received his first classified intelligence briefing from the CIA CIA: see Central Intelligence Agency.

(1) (Confidentiality Integrity Authentication) The three important concerns with regards to information security. Encryption is used to provide confidentiality (privacy, secrecy).
 yesterday, lesson one in a 75-day crash course in how to be a US president.

Such sessions, which typically last 45 minutes to an hour, are among the most visible parts of the transition from victorious candidate to president, along with an increased secret service detail.

Other aspects of the autumn ritual of presidential transitions, such as the requisite meeting between the president-elect and the outgoing leader, are also under way. George Bush has invited Obama to the White House next Monday. Protocol dictates that Laura Bush and Michelle Obama will retire to the living quarters for a White House tour.

But the biggest challenge in the transition will be deciding how he wants to run his administration, and what items to put at the top of his agenda from his long list of campaign promises.

This is decision time for Obama: does he, like Bill Clinton, want a freewheeling free·wheel·ing  
a. Free of restraints or rules in organization, methods, or procedure.

b. Heedless of consequences; carefree.

2. Relating to or equipped with a free wheel.
 White House with young aides ordering pizza at all hours of the day and night? Or does he want to live life in 15-minute increments like the rigidly scheduled White House of George Bush?

"Presidential decision-making decision-making,
n the process of coming to a conclusion or making a judgment.

decision-making, evidence-based,
n a type of informal decision-making that combines clinical expertise, patient concerns, and evidence gathered from
 is not a bunch of guys A Bunch of Guys (BOGs), or Group of Guys (GOGs) are terms used by counter-terrorism officials to refer to small, self-organizing terrorist cells.[1] BOGs typically have little to no contact with global terrorist groups like al Qaeda, so they independently plan and  sitting around a table. It's much more complex than that," said John P Burke The name Burke (from Irish Gaelic de Burca, of Norman origin). In English the meaning of the name Burke is "fortified hill." See also Berkley. Places
  • Shire of Burke, Queensland, a Local Government Area
, a politics professor at the University of Vermont Vermont (vərmŏnt`) [Fr.,=green mountain], New England state of the NE United States. It is bordered by New Hampshire, across the Connecticut R. , who specialises in presidential transitions. "There has to be an awareness of the importance of an effective decision-making process that precedes the policy choices that the president himself will have to make."

Early indications are that Obama wants a more disciplined and buttoned down White House than Clinton. The last Democratic president, overly focused on his cabinet appointments, did not get around to choosing a White House chief of staff until December.

"They are probably going to be off to a faster start than just about any transition team in memory," said Roy Neel Roy M. Neel is a United States Democratic Party operative and lobbyist who served as a top assistant to Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton.

Raised in Smyrna, Tennessee, Neel joined the U.S. Navy and served a tour of duty in Vietnam as a photojournalist.
, who was involved in the Clinton transition and headed Al Gore's transition team. "They have done an awful lot of pre-election work."

Such decisions are more than a matter of style. Unlike cabinet appointments, White House staff do not need to undergo Senate confirmation hearings. Confirmation proceedings for cabinet posts will get under way in January. The business of confirming about 500 sub-cabinet posts is far more laborious la·bo·ri·ous  
1. Marked by or requiring long, hard work: spent many laborious hours on the project.

2. Hard-working; industrious.

It is probable that Obama will not get all of his people in place until September Until September is a 1984 romantic drama set in France. It stars Karen Allen as an American tourist in Paris who falls in love with a married Frenchman (Thierry Lhermitte). External links  2009, and the process is likely to take even longer for political jobs further down the list such as ambassadorships and board appointments.

Meanwhile, there is a huge personnel exercise to get to work on: staffing the 500 or so political posts in the White House and executive office. About 1,000 other people, employed full time at the White House, are professional staff and will stay on after Bush.

The next big task awaiting Obama is to decide which among his many campaign promises will be top of the agenda in his administration. Part of that decision will be made in the next round of meetings he faces.

On the ceremonial side, there will be phone calls and visits with foreign leaders.

Obama will also hold separate meetings with the Democratic and Republican leaderships in the Senate. "Those are not necessarily courtesies. The meetings with congressional leader will be nuts and bolts nuts and bolts
pl.n. Slang
The basic working components or practical aspects: "[proposing]
 - working sessions as well as ceremonial," said Neel.

"They will talk about how they will work, what president-elect Obama wants to do and what the Democratic leadership in Congress wants to do to establish a productive working relationship so that they can get all these things done very quickly."

All presidents are under pressure to use the coming 74 days to hit the ground running. For Obama, though, who came to power promising hope and change, establishing his priorities and putting together an effective team are even more critical.

"The bottom line is that presidents need to prioritise Verb 1. prioritise - assign a priority to; "we have too many things to do and must prioritize"

grade, rate, rank, place, range, order - assign a rank or rating to; "how would you rank these students?"; "The restaurant is rated highly in the food
, but this president is really going to have to prioritise," said Burke.
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Date:Nov 7, 2008
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