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Varian deployed field specialists to help US customers develop application-specific GC solutions...Sartotius AG, which owned 76% of Vivascience, acquired the remaining 24% on September 1st, 2000...Waters expanded its online marketplace into the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico, and plans to extend it into more European countries this month...Keygene N.V. has licensed LI-COR Biotechnology to develop and market AFLP, a DNA DNA: see nucleic acid.
 or deoxyribonucleic acid

One of two types of nucleic acid (the other is RNA); a complex organic compound found in all living cells and many viruses. It is the chemical substance of genes.
 marker technology used in genome analysis...Following Eurofins Scientific acquisition of Woodson-Tenent Laboratories, Eurofins recently acquired 51% of Netherland-based Analytico Food BV...The proposed acquisition of PSS See EPSS.  World Medical by Fisher Scientific International was mutually terminated...German optical goods manufacturer Carl Zeiss has restructured its microscopes division to be in line with the developing biotechnology sector...Affymetrix granted Takara Shuzo rights to manufacture, use, and sell its low and medium density DNA arrays worldwide...Beckman Coulter has not renewed its distribution contract with Bio-Rad Laboratories for the Access imunoassay system in 90 markets throughout Africa, Europe, and the Pacific Rim...


Cytomation introduced the MoFlo HTS, a new high-speed, single-cell analyzer.Applied Biosystems' oMALDI ion source, produced through its joint venture with MDS MDS,
n See temporomandibular pain-dysfunction syndrome.

MDS 1 Maternal deprivation syndrome, see there 2 Myelodysplastic syndrome, see there
 SCIEX, for the API QSTAR QSTAR Quantitative Structure-Time-Activity Relationships  Pulsar Hybrid LC/MS/MS System enables users to perform MALDI MALDI Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization  and MS analysis on the same platform.Operon Technologies, a subsidiary of Qiagen, will release a set of arrayable oligonucleotides for the entire malaria genome.LI-COR introduced SAGA(GT) software for gene discovery for use on its DNA analysis instruments.Dionex's introduced new modules for its Summit HPLC HPLC high-performance liquid chromatography.


high performance liquid chromatography.

HPLC High-performance liquid chromatography Lab instrumentation A highly sensitive analytic method in which analytes are placed
 systems.The RDA RDA
recommended daily allowance

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) are quantities of nutrients in the diet that are required to maintain good health in people.
 III, Rheometric Dynamic Analyzer from Rheometric Scientific is a controlled strain rheometer for high viscosity fluids and solids testing priced at $55,000.Zygo's Simetra FTP is the world's first 3D optical interferometer for in-process verification of geometric dimensions and tolerances of precision-engineered parts...EMAX EMAX Email Address Exchange Service  Solutions, a company, previewed EMAX Substance Manager 5.0 for drug discovery...


Barringer Technologies received a FAA contract worth up to $15 million over 3 years for its IONSCAN trace detectors...Agilent and Rosetta Inpharmatics have licensed the Rosetta Resolver Expression Data Analysis System to the Center for Genomics Research at Harvard University...Under a 3-year contract potentially worth $27 million, InVision Technologies will supply the CTX 9000 DSi to France's Service Technique des Bases Aeriennes...Sequenom has signed a license and purchase agreement with Germany's GSF, National Research Center for Environment and Health for the use of MassARRAY systems at 16 sites...Under two separate agreements worth a total of $13 million, Comdisco will provide Sequenom and Chemunex with "equipment migration solutions," including equipment management, financing, upgrading and disposition services...Less than 14 months since its introduction, Genomic Solutions has sold its 100th GeneTAC Hybridization hybridization /hy·brid·iza·tion/ (hi?brid-i-za´shun)
1. crossbreeding; the act or process of producing hybrids.

2. molecular hybridization

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Date:Oct 15, 2000
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