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Raised from the Dead: A True Account.

Raised from the Dead: A True Account

Richard L. Madison

Deeper Revelation Books

P. O. Box 4260, Cleveland, TN 37320-4260

9780942507430 $13.95

Dramatic Stories of Miracles "Of Miracles" is the title of Section X of David Hume's An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding (1748). The text
In the 19th-century edition of Hume's Enquiry
, Healing, and Restoration

Richard L. Madison shares an amazing story in his book "Raised from the Dead." The book is a personal testimony of a series of miracles in his life. He was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA (jargon) DOA - Dead on arrival. A piece of hardware that has never worked. ) at Vanderbilt University Medical Center The Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is a collection of several hospitals and clinics associated with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. It comprises the following units:[2]
  • Vanderbilt University Hospital
  • Monroe Carell, Jr.
 in 1986.

Well know Christian leaders as well as Madison's own medical doctors bear witness to the complexities of Richard's injuries, his multiple surgeries, and his incredible healing which they can only explain as "miraculous."

Today Madison travels the world as a full time evangelist. He powerfully proclaims the gospel of Christ, demonstrates the realities of present day miracles by his own life, and preaches the message of receiving healing by faith.

Madison has written "Raised from the Dead" as a testimony to honor God and give God the credit for his miracle power to heal. It is his desire to help the reader to find God's will Noun 1. God's Will - the omnipotence of a divine being
omnipotence - the state of being omnipotent; having unlimited power
 and to discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He encourages the reader to claim physical healing, and in turn to minister to others.

The book is full of testimonies and poignant stories of people whose lives have been changed because of miracles and faith healing faith healing, relief or cure of bodily ills through some religious attitude on the part of the sufferer. In the Jewish and Christian traditions prayers for cures and miracles are usual; thus the apostles developed a ritual of healing (James 5. . They are eager to affirm the ministry of Evangelist Madison and to share their faith in the ongoing miraculous work of healing taking place in the world today.

Madison's writing is sincere, simple, and straightforward. "Raised from the Dead" is a captivating cap·ti·vate  
tr.v. cap·ti·vat·ed, cap·ti·vat·ing, cap·ti·vates
1. To attract and hold by charm, beauty, or excellence. See Synonyms at charm.

2. Archaic To capture.
 story, moving, and charismatic.

Richard R. Blake

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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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