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Raised ceiling and skylights, surprising volume and light.

Raised ceiling and skylights, surprising volume and light By raising the ceiling, you can make a room seem bigger without moving walls. More economical than adding square feet to the ground plan, adding cubic feet overhead can give light and surrpising new drama to a room that may have started with only an 8-foot ceiling.

During the remodel of this master bedroom and bath, the ceilings of both rooms were raised 2 1/2 feet, and skylights were punched through the roof to brighten both spaces. To add architectural interest and to share light between the two rooms, three 22-inch-square glazed windows and a same-size cutout perforate their common wall.

In the bedroom, a 2- by 4-foot epenable skyling fits between the rafters in the pitched section of the ceiling. In the bath, smaller square skylints cap light wells that rise over the shower stall and sink.

To make the 11- by 14-foot bedroom seem as big as possible, architect Kwan-Lam Wong of Albany, California, kept the closet's shed-roofed top well below the slope of the bedroom's new ceiling.
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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