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Rainier Draft just unveiled in Ohio.

Rainier Draft just unveiled in Ohio

The G. Heileman Brewing Co. announced the introduction of a new cold-filtered beer brand in Ohio - Rainier Draft and Rainier Draft Light.

Although Rainier's primary market is the Pacific Northwest, a Heileman spokesperson noted that this introduction marks a commitment to delivering unique and relevant products to the Ohio market.

"Our consumer research indicated that young adult beer drinkers are looking for a new beer with a special cachet that provides a reason for them to claim it as their own - a beer that's consistent with their active lifestyles."

The brand's introduction will be supported with television advertising that utilizes Rainier's Northwest heritage as well as its draft beer attributes.

According to Jerry Della Femina, chairman, Della Femina McNamee Advertising, the brand's agent, "If cold imagery is the entry to the draft category, what better material to work with than a brand with a Northwest heritage, which by itself evokes a cold fresh image.

"Just as important though," Della Femina continued, "our Rainier commercials provide the humorous edge that will get the product noticed and stimulate trial."

The campaign, with the tagline, "Seriously Cold. Totally Cool." will be launched on key young adult television programming.

Rainier Draft and Draft Light will be available in six- and 12-packs, as well as new 20-can packages.

PHOTO : RAINIER DRAFT will be introduced into Ohio this month. The brand will be advertised under the tag: "Seriously Cold. Totally Cool."
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Title Annotation:G. Heileman Brewing Company Inc. introduces Rainier Draft and Rainier Draft Light beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Oct 21, 1991
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