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Radium sound field system: Phonic Ear. (Hardware)., $1,350 (educational discounts available)

An FM sound field system, Radium radium (rā`dēəm) [Lat. radius=ray], radioactive metallic chemical element; symbol Ra; at. no. 88; at. wt. 226.0254; m.p. 700°C;; b.p. 1,140°C;; sp. gr. about 6.0; valence +2. Radium is a lustrous white radioactive metal.  was designed to improve classroom acoustics acoustics (ək`stĭks) [Gr.,=the facts about hearing], the science of sound, including its production, propagation, and effects.  and overcome the effects that background noise, reverberation and distance can have on speech intelligibility Noun 1. speech intelligibility - the intelligibility of speech (usually measured in the presence of noise or distortion)
intelligibility - the quality of language that is comprehensible
. The portable system, at two feet tall and 11 pounds, has just one speaker, requires little set-up and is ideal for traveling teachers and mid-sized or shared classrooms.

Using a technology called phase angling, the Radium is able to direct more of the sound out toward the listeners, instead of into the ceiling and floor. The 110 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range means students hear a natural--not tinny tin·ny  
adj. tin·ni·er, tin·ni·est
1. Of, containing, or yielding tin.

2. Tasting or smelling of tin: tinny canned food.

 or sharp--sound.

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Publication:District Administration
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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