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Pay gap shows 'racism is alive and well at the highest levels' After David Cameron attacked universities over racial inequality and vowed to introduce new laws to shame them into action, a new study has revealed that black workers face a massive pay gap which widens as they achieve more qualifications. Darren Devine reports. Feb 2, 2016 678
Kellogg Foundation Leads a Broad Coalition to Launch Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Process Aimed at Addressing Centuries of Racial Inequities in the United States. Jan 28, 2016 2436
Terror-go-round: breaking the cycle of xenophobia. Bays, Ryan Jan 1, 2016 1051
Confronting racial inequality in our schools: a lesson in what happens when politicians 'fix' something that wasn't broken. Goral, Tim Interview Nov 1, 2015 1516
The new face of exclusion: microaggressions. Robinson, John M. Nov 1, 2015 611
The politics of race and the Springboks. Parker, Mushtak Oct 1, 2015 1373
In Defense of Passing. Bennett, Joshua Poem Sep 1, 2015 296
Laughs and gasps in racial tensions tale; MUSIC & THEATRE. Aug 14, 2015 531
Brickbats. Oliver, Charles Aug 1, 2015 452
Adolescent mentorship programs: Does race matter? Hengeveld, Maria E. Jul 30, 2015 833
Racism Edges Up Again as Most Important U.S. Problem. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Jul 16, 2015 768
Editor's note. Bardi, Jennifer Editorial Jul 1, 2015 643
Ameliorating (NOT!) race relations. Vatz, Richard E. Jul 1, 2015 1244
Sex and race equality at top of business 'still long way off' Firms open new front in battle for diversity in the boardroom as campaign launched. Jun 18, 2015 592
Flag-bearer for multi-culturalism; From'rabid Marxist'to being awarded the CBE, race relations activist Chris Mullard talks about how his time in the North East helped shape his career. He spoke to Mike Kelly. Jun 13, 2015 1444
To Junior, After a Middle School Fistfight. Vuong, Ocean Poem Jun 1, 2015 290
Race Relations Outscores Foreign Policy as Clinton Strength. Newport, Frank May 15, 2015 1159
HBO Announces Premiere Of Southern Rites, A Film Examining Race Relations In Southeast Georgia. May 6, 2015 661
Cruz: Obama Has "Inflamed Racial Tensions". Apr 29, 2015 694
In U.S., Worries About Terrorism, Race Relations Up Sharply. McCarthy, Justin Mar 17, 2015 689
Poll: Race Relations Worsened under Obama. Mar 8, 2015 148
No Laughing Matter: Race, Poetry, and Humor. Hoagland, Tony Essay Mar 1, 2015 4598
U.S. Mood on Economy Up, Race Relations Sharply Down. Saad, Lydia Jan 19, 2015 956
The acculturation and identity of new immigrant youth in Macao. Xin, Guan; Sandel, Todd L. Report Jan 1, 2015 10818
President Obama Says Despite Protests, U.S. Race Relations Better. Dec 29, 2014 160
Rising racial tension inspires poets in city. Dec 27, 2014 450
Confrontation can't ever bring us harmony; Veteran campaigner Dr Hari Shukla says Newcastle has the best race relations in the country. But that hasn't always been the case, he tells MIKE KELLY. Dec 26, 2014 1370
NPC Newsmaker Program: What Would Martin Luther King Say About Gun Violence, Race Relations, The Economy and the Struggle for Equality Today? Dec 18, 2014 344
Book Calls on U.S. Congress to Act On Its 2008 and 2009 Apologies to African Americans by Addressing Links Between Present-Day Racial Conflict and Centuries of American Racism. Dec 5, 2014 728
Racial tension theme to play. Nov 29, 2014 155
Harmonious race relations are being damaged and may take years to repair; Coun JACKIE SLESENGER on why Jewish members have resigned from Newcastle's Holocaust Memorial Day Working Group. Nov 15, 2014 765
On the Brink of Secession: Gwendolyn Brooks. Lieberman, Laurence James Critical essay Nov 1, 2014 2612
Race relations. Calif Davis Oct 10, 2014 242
A tale of race relations and real estate. Sep 26, 2014 255
Endorsements Pour in for New Book Addressing Oppression and Racial Conflict in the U.S. Sep 24, 2014 724
Where should we go next? A call for the critical investigation of possible racial encounters between Anglo-American and Mexican-American Baptists in Texas during the pioneer period. Chaves, Joao Paulo Bezerra Essay Sep 22, 2014 6411
Rising hope-but not let off the hook: commentary. Schaeffer, Pamela Sep 12, 2014 1380
Tributes to race relations fighter 'Ted'. Sep 12, 2014 381
Tribute to race relations fighter and 'bon viveur'. Sep 11, 2014 526
True Colours. Holt, Yvette Poem Sep 1, 2014 185
The voices of god in ferguson: viewpoint. Etling, Mark G. Aug 29, 2014 734
Race relations in America: mistrust, fear and stereotypes. Aug 28, 2014 962
Deconstructing pseudo-scientific anthropology: Antenor Firmin and the reconceptualization of African humanity. Williams, Gershom Aug 1, 2014 10208
Positivism and progress in Firmin's Equality of the Human Races. Russell, Camisha Aug 1, 2014 10380
Have we moved beyond the civil rights revolution? Skrentny, John D. Jun 1, 2014 12923
New Xulon Book Explores Race Relations in the World Today. May 9, 2014 390
Two takes on race relations. May 8, 2014 468
"W.E.B. DuBois & Booker T. Washington: Approaches to Developing Citizenship Post-Reconstruction in the America". Seaton, Corey Essay Mar 22, 2014 2378
Corporate coup d'etat. Turner, Lou Essay Mar 22, 2014 6917
Anglo-Australian and non-Anglophone middle classes: 'foreign accent' and social inclusion. Colic-Peisker, Val; Hlavac, Jim Report Mar 22, 2014 9036
Race Relations and the civil rights movement. Book review Mar 1, 2014 443
Doonside gang rape triggers racial tensions in Sydney. Feb 13, 2014 130
160 years on, African-Americans still don't feel welcome in this town... they think whites want to avoid them... keep their distance; RACIAL TENSIONS SIMMER IN 12 YEARS A SLAVE CITY; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 22, 2014 1383
Is Twitter the new forum for race relations on campus? Mazyck, Jamal E. Jan 2, 2014 783
Militarized friendship narratives: enemy aliens and indigenous outsiders in cynthia kadohata's weedflower. Lai, Paul Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 11162
"Picture man": Shoki Kayamori and the photography of colonial encounter in Alaska, 1912-1941. Pegues, Juliana Hu Essay Jan 1, 2014 11370
Mind the gap: quality without equality in transforming rehabilitation. Gavrielides, Theo Dec 22, 2013 5389
Developing and Delivering education resources on the subject of race, racismand race relations in Australia. Dec 7, 2013 114
Nelson Mandela's Funeral on 15 December; Many Fear Racial Tensions. Dec 7, 2013 310
Race relations; You may not have heard of him just yet, but given Trevor Noah's worldwide pedigree, it's only a matter of time before the UK submits to the South African's charms, as Emily Lambert discovers. Dec 6, 2013 612
Women's Tissues. Pollack, Eileen Short story Dec 1, 2013 9823
Racial incident in the Ivies. Brief article Nov 21, 2013 131
Black comics; politics of race and representation. Book review Oct 1, 2013 118
Racism without racists; color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America, 4th ed. Book review Oct 1, 2013 184
Multiculturalism and immigrant integration in Australia. Collins, Jock Report Sep 22, 2013 7387
"The Blueprint: The Gift and The Curse" of American hip hop culture for Nigeria's millennial youth. Shonekan, Stephanie Essay Sep 1, 2013 7331
U.S. Blacks Less Satisfied With Way Blacks Are Treated; Forty-one percent of blacks currently satisfied, down from 47%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 26, 2013 925
Crossing the color line through solidarity. Montevecchio, Arlene Book review Aug 16, 2013 684
A Cold War In Global Strategies Reflects Racial Conflicts Within Political Islam. Jul 22, 2013 1164
No pattern for the look of a true American. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Column Jul 19, 2013 1236
America's Wire Releases Story About Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon's Efforts To Bring Racial Healing To His Pennsylvania Hometown. Jul 15, 2013 592
Facing down racism with patience and meals. Morris-Young, Dan Jul 5, 2013 1363
MAY: COP STOP AND SEARCH IS WASTE OF TIME; 'Few arrests and it fuels racial tension'. Jul 3, 2013 441
MAY: COP STOP AND SEARCH IS WASTE OF TIME; 'Few arrests and it fuels racial tension'. Jul 3, 2013 445
A race relations laboratory. Weaver, Doug Editorial Jun 22, 2013 793
Wrestling and reconciling with race. Manis, Andrew M. Essay Jun 22, 2013 3077
Race and class in the blind side: "Fifty years ago we had to watch out for people with white sheets, now they have on pinstripe suits.... Our fathers had to fight Jim Crow, we've got to fight James Crow Jr., Esquire."--Shrtipton (1). Burris, Greg Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 7011
Muslims help after tornado. Jun 7, 2013 127
Small groups foster interracial ties: larger settings increase segregation, simulation finds. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Jun 1, 2013 246
All apologies: William and Mary aims to atone for its role in slavery and segregation via Lemon Project. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan May 23, 2013 1282
West spring secondary school is calling for quotations to provide a half day (0830 to 1230) learning journey on racial harmony in singapore. sites should include katongs multicultural heritage and arc. May 9, 2013 104
Petty annoyances? Revisiting John Emmanuel Hevi's An African Student in China after 50 years. Liu, Philip Hsiaopong Report Apr 1, 2013 6992
Detroit; race riots, racial conflicts and efforts to bridge the racial divide. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 112
Race in Cuba; essays on the revolution and racial inequality. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 103
A Foreign Affair (1948). Bach, Ulrich Mar 22, 2013 1755
Revisiting 'Privilege Revealed' and reflecting on teaching and learning together. Wildman, Stephanie M. Mar 22, 2013 7921
Party Views Diverge Most on U.S. Gun Policies; Party supporters similarly satisfied with race relations, crime policies. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 29, 2013 947
Children too scared from going to school amid simmering racial tensions in Queensland. Jan 21, 2013 166
Social media blamed for boiling racial tensions in Queensland. Jan 15, 2013 160
Emmett and Trayvon: how racial prejudice in America has changed in the last sixty years. Anderson, Elijah Essay Jan 1, 2013 1941
Minority within a minority paradox: Asian experiences in Latino schools & communities. Koo, Sarai; Nishimura, Trisha S. Report Jan 1, 2013 10654
Attitudes toward the criminal justice system in a high crime Canadian community. Weinrath, Michael; Young, Janna; Kohm, Steven Report Dec 22, 2012 7842
Violence, Brawl Closes School As Racial Tensions Mount In Hawaii. Dec 8, 2012 358
Racial tensions. Dec 1, 2012 275
SA census reveals large scale racial inequality. Nov 1, 2012 412
Little fists for social justice: anti-semitism, community, and Montreal's Aberdeen School Strike, 1913. MacLeod, Roderick; Poutanen, Mary Anne Essay Sep 22, 2012 18078
Birmingham Riot Deaths: Judge Calls for Calm amid Fears of Racial Tension as Eight Cleared. Jul 19, 2012 404
Politics as usual or political change: the War on Poverty's Community Action Program in Albany, New York 1959-1967. Keough, Brian Jul 1, 2012 8179
Ridicule and wonder: the beginnings of minstrelsy and New York. Womack, Andrew Essay Jul 1, 2012 8355
HOW 'RIVERS OF BLOOD' HELPED COMMUNITIES FORM CLOSER TIES; Enoch Powell's infamous 1968 speech on race relations actually had the opposite effect, claim many in his old constituency. Jun 26, 2012 1110
Writer Opens Doors for Discussion About Race Relations and Course for Humanity. Jun 14, 2012 448
"Closing the Gap" Awards to Celebrate Achievements in Race Relations. Jun 1, 2012 915
Unexplored History, Economic Realities and Demographic Trends Underscore Need for Racial Healing. May 4, 2012 1220
Rainbow Nation celebrates 18 years of racial harmony. Apr 17, 2012 468
White riot; punk rock and the politics of race. Book review Apr 1, 2012 164
Economic Issues Still Dominate Americans' National Worries; Few worry about race relations, illegal immigration, or terrorism. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 28, 2012 1014
Scandal-scarred race equality charity has pounds 400,000 debts; CREDITORS TOLD OF A RANGE OF CLAIMS AGAINST AWEMA. Mar 23, 2012 573
The Races of America. Bynum, Edward Bruce Poem Mar 22, 2012 864
The necessary fictions of Charles Chesnutt's The Colonel's Dream. Wooley, Christine A. Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 10613
Black, white, and yellow fever: contagious race in The Mysteries of New Orleans. Klotz, Sarah Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 11615
Police warning over racial tension. Feb 25, 2012 254
Race relations charity at centre of funding scandal sacks top staff; MOVE COMES IN SAME MONTH AWEMA LOST PUBLIC FUNDING. Feb 18, 2012 663
Race relations; view Your. Jan 11, 2012 114
Family of Indian student killed in Canada suspects race relations as motive. Jan 2, 2012 310
LEAPing toward change. Singer, Toba Jan 1, 2012 913
Better race relations reflected in marriage. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 277
The mediated figure of Hmong farmer, Hmong studies, and Asian American critique. Wilcox, Hui Niu Report Jan 1, 2012 8374
Redrawing the color line in Flannery O'Connor's "The Displaced Person". Taylor, Alan C. Essay Jan 1, 2012 4674
The Haitian connection in Connie May Fowler's Sugar Cage. Jones, Suzanne W. Essay Jan 1, 2012 7432
Gender as colonial exploitation in French Indochina: concubines in selected pre-1965 novels published in or translated to English. Jones, Walter (American librarian) Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 5970
The Persistence of the Color Line. Book review Nov 1, 2011 107
Americans Divided on Whether King's Dream Has Been Realized; Fifty-one percent say it has been realized, 49% say it has not. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 26, 2011 960
Fewer Americans see race relations improving under Obama. Aug 25, 2011 169
One-Third in U.S. See Improved Race Relations Under Obama; Positive assessments of Obama's impact are down from 2009. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 24, 2011 928
Little Rock's race reboot. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Aug 18, 2011 137
1984 Pumpkin Pie. Simonds, Sandra Poem Jul 1, 2011 428
Fear mongering, media intimidation, and political machinations: tracing the agendas behind the All God's Chillun Got Wings controversy. Ullom, Jeffrey Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 6583
Roundtable on "Miss Emily After Dark": what's in a hymen? Godden, Richard Essay Jun 22, 2011 3143
All too thinkable? Thomas Argiro's "Miss Emily After Dark". Matthews, John T. Essay Jun 22, 2011 2298
Louisiana beyond black and white; new interpretations of twentieth-century race and race relations. Book review Jun 1, 2011 172
Call for race equality chief to be sacked for voicing 'anti-gay' views; VIDEO REVEALS COMMENTS MADE IN ROW NEAR MOSQUE. May 20, 2011 601
Politics of race in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace. Mohapatra, Nandita Critical essay May 1, 2011 1210
Race relations strained in Czech Republic too: police crack down on impromptu church service as 'neo-Nazis' march in support of boy raped by Roma. Lehane, Bill Apr 29, 2011 806
Warning on racial conflict in schools; Cases down but incidents under-reported, says leader. Apr 19, 2011 353
Children's perceptions of interethnic and interracial friendships in a multiethnic school context. Pica-Smith, Cinzia Report Apr 1, 2011 6258
Education, sex and leisure: ideology, discipline and the construction of race among South African servicemen during the Second World War. Roos, Neil Mar 22, 2011 12991
"An issue that could tear us apart": race, empire, and economy in the British (Welfare) State, 1968. Longpre, Nicole Essay Mar 22, 2011 16581
Bringing culture to life through children's literature: the Mississippi Delta in the 1930's. Hopper, Peggy F. Mar 22, 2011 1503
Muslim leader slams terrorist; City councillor says that extremism jeopardises racial harmony. Mar 3, 2011 440
Has Obama triggered worse race relations? Brief article Mar 1, 2011 101
Bonhoeffer and the Palestinian-Israel conflict: South African reflections. de Gruchy, John W. Mar 1, 2011 1255
Hispanic Lawmakers Spar Over Politics of Race, Education. Feb 28, 2011 776
Israel: the new South Africa? Awatef Shiekh reports on an increasingly two-tier system of legislation, orchestrated by Tel Aviv. Shiekh, Awatef Feb 1, 2011 1483
NURSERY MUMS TO KEEP KIDS AT HOME; Race relations setback after rape charge. Jan 9, 2011 517
The price of being a nerd. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Dec 23, 2010 104
Obama, the rise of the hard right, Arizona and Texas, and the attack on racilized communities studies. Cha-Jua, Sundiata Keita Report Dec 22, 2010 2933
At war with the state in order to save the lives of our children: the battle to save ethnic studies in Arizona. Romero, Augustine F. Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2010 6071
A future we wish to see: racialized communities studies after white racial anxiety and resentment. Clark, D. Anthony; Reed, Tamilia D. Report Dec 22, 2010 8529
Race relations, 'Big Brother'-style. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Dec 9, 2010 134
The Ninety-Fifth Percentile. McManus, John (American writer) Short story Dec 1, 2010 7419
The fight for an egalitarian society towards politics of racial harmony and equity in South Africa. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 176
A more excellent way: Christians should resist the election season's attack-mode politics of race. Gilbreath, Edward Nov 1, 2010 563
Housekeeping. Atta, Sefi Short story Nov 1, 2010 3612
Race and US foreign policy: reflections on West Africa. King, Mae C. Report Sep 22, 2010 7051
The Obama effect in Japan: some preliminary observations. Adem, Seifudein Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2010 6345
Introduction: race and the fantastic. Attebery, Brian Editorial Sep 22, 2010 1569
Diversity and difference: cosmopolitanism and The Lord of the Rings. Young, Helen Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 6544
Ruskin Bond's "Whispering in the Dark": a fantastic quest for identity. Bandyopadhyay, Debashis Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 8441
Malaysian-Indian politician wants Race Relations Act to be implemented to fight racism. Sep 6, 2010 230
The Mortal Coil Is Sprung: A Reading of Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty by Tony Hoagland. McCullough, Laura Critical essay Sep 1, 2010 5352
Recidivism and survival time: racial disparity among jail ex-inmates. Jung, Hyunzee; Spjeldnes, Solveig; Yamatani, Hide Report Sep 1, 2010 6065
On the Issues, Obama Finds Majority Approval Elusive; Scores best on race relations, education. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 11, 2010 887
A Fullbright Experience in Hungary: Lessons From America's Past Hungary's Roma population and Black Americans share similar societal struggles. Gaskins, Laverne Lewis Column Jul 22, 2010 770
In our words: dancers, choreographers, and directors talk about race. Hanlon, Khara; Perron, Wendy; Poon, Kina; Stuart, Elaine Interview Jul 1, 2010 1965
Perils of political polarization. Bresler, Robert J. Jul 1, 2010 1029
Kiwi Race Relations boss brands club's ban on Sikh turban "uncaring and disrespectful". Jun 17, 2010 283
In Time for Bicentennial of H. B. Stowe's Birth: DVD Helps Educators Reconsider Uncle Tom's Cabin to Improve Race Relations in the Nation's Future. Jun 14, 2010 627
CAIR Welcomes DOE Decision to Probe Racial Tensions in Minn. Schools. May 25, 2010 552
Equity initiative promotes racial healing in communities. Jones, Cherie Duvall May 17, 2010 664
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Announces $75 Million Effort to Tackle Structural Racism and Promote Racial Healing. May 11, 2010 1393
Fabio backs racial harmony. May 5, 2010 124
Lucia Whalen's Teachable Moment. Eady, Cornelius Poem Mar 22, 2010 111
A Cheerful Tune. Jeffers, Honoree Fanonne Short story Mar 22, 2010 5125
Killin'em with kindness: "The Porter" and Hemingway's Racial Cauldron. Dudley, Marc Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 7123
Cheik Aliou Ndao's La Decision: a Senegalese perspective on race relations in the American South in the '60s. Walker, Martha Mar 22, 2010 3089
Admiral 'in breach of Race Relations Act' uk news bulletin. Mar 17, 2010 128
Obama Improves Race Relations but Media Fails to Advance Goal of Post Racial Society According to Survey by & UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc. Feb 26, 2010 1586
Overcoming negrophobia: Latin Americans struggle to come to terms with racial identity. Hernandez, Arelis Feb 18, 2010 1250
Stirring up of racial tension has to stop. Jan 19, 2010 392
Race-blind College Admissions--back to the drawing board: if higher education is to successfully promote diversity enrollment, it will take a combination of targeted programs. Hilton, Adriel A.; Ingram, Ted N. Jan 7, 2010 846
My two worlds: India & the U.S.: Noor Brara, 18, was born in New York, but now lives in New Delhi. Brara, Noor Jan 7, 2010 644
Beacon shines light on race. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 201
The Hmong come to southern Laos: local responses and the creation of racialized boundaries. Baird, Ian G. Report Jan 1, 2010 11669
Othered Southern modernism: Arna Bontemps's Black Thunder. Leroy-Frazier, Jill Jan 1, 2010 10981
Cultural contradictions in the South. Hattery, Angela; Smith, Earl Jan 1, 2010 8156
One White counselor educator's process of racial reeducation. Fawcett, Mary Essay Jan 1, 2010 4087
Zinn Andrew: 'Foster family characteristics, kinship, and permanence'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 197
U.S. Waiting for Race Relations to Improve Under Obama; Hope for long-term improvement still abounds. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 9, 2009 940
Little "Obama Effect" on Views About Race Relations; Attitudes toward race not significantly improved from previous years. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 29, 2009 1236
We're confusing the Black kids and scaring the White kids: issues of race, racism and racial overtones are often ignored in American educational programs. Jones, Wayne A.; Fiore, Douglas J. Essay Oct 29, 2009 853
Bishop looks to South Africa. Brief article Oct 16, 2009 154
Never a neutral state: American race relations and government power. Kuznicki, Jason Report Sep 22, 2009 13436
Children speak about interethnic and interracial friendships in the classroom: lessons for teachers. Pica-Smith, Cinzia Sep 22, 2009 10865
BNP hearing postponed; Racial tension fears prompt further delay. Sep 22, 2009 461
Race relations in prison: managing performance and developing engagement. Cowburn, Malcolm; Hallam, Sheffield; Lavis, Victoria Sep 22, 2009 5297
Fay M. Jackson and the color line: the first African American foreign correspondent for the Associated Negro Press. Hughes-Watkins, Lae'l Sep 15, 2009 6674
Police warn against fuelling racial tensions. Sep 4, 2009 667
U.S. race relations improve. Brown, Carolyn M. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 158
Black and white, seeing red all over: major retailers' search for green kicks up racial tension in Chicago's gentrifying areas. Virella, Kelly Cover story Sep 1, 2009 3395
Paulo da-Luz-Moreira, "Guimaraes Rosa's 'Sao Marcos' and race and class". Critical essay Sep 1, 2009 6482
Cities, mayors, and race relations; task forces as agents of race-based policy innovations. Book review Aug 1, 2009 127
Judge Dred. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 241
Obama's 'beer summit': to beer or not to beer. Brief article Jul 30, 2009 167
Racial tension in the US. Jul 25, 2009 187
Racial tension in the US. Jul 24, 2009 187
Racial tension in the US. Jul 23, 2009 187
Racial tension in the US. Jul 22, 2009 187
Toward an I Ching model of communication. Chen, Guo-Ming Report Jul 1, 2009 5916
The case against Whiteness in William Wells Brown's Clotel. Frye, Katie Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 5464
"To rise and bloom again": resurrection, race, and rationalism in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain. Bryant, Cedric Gael Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 4944
Fear and loathing in New Orleans: the space of fear in Christine Wiltz's Glass House. Summers, Deborah Booth Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 4705
"I Could Always Feel Race Trouble ... Never More Than Two Feet Off": Chester Himes's Melancholic Perception. Simpson, Tyrone, II Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 9637
Chester Himes, Boris Vian, and the Transatlantic Politics of Racial Representation. Pierrot, Gregory Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 11901
"We are not in the old days now": Paul Laurence Dunbar and the problem of sympathy. Wooley, Christine A. Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 9717
A Special night out; COLLEGE: Music's role in race relations. Jun 6, 2009 289
Under Obama, three in five Americans see improvement in race relations. Apr 28, 2009 423
The race issue 'down under': while President Barack Obama's election seems to have broken down racial barriers in America, on the other side of the world, "egalitarian" and "multicultural" Australia is still trying to find its groove on the issue of race, reports Anthony Mukwita from Perth. Mukwita, Anthony Report Apr 1, 2009 1811
"Just Enough for the City": Limitations of Space in Baldwin's 'Another Country'. Reddinger, Amy Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 10439
Jay-Z claims 'hip-hop has improved race relations'. Mar 12, 2009 177
Hablas McCarthyism? Open borders, closed debate. Antle, W. James, III Mar 9, 2009 1793
Cuba and the myth of the 'race-less' nation (part 1). Ray, Carina Mar 1, 2009 1549
Ethnonationalism rules. Buchanan, Patrick J. Feb 23, 2009 747
Have we overcome? What Barack Obama's election says--and doesn't say--about racial progress in America. Swarns, Rachel L. Jan 12, 2009 1747
Time bomb still ticking. Roman, Roger Report Jan 1, 2009 1967
Are "Arabs" killing "Black Africans" in Darfur? The de facto reliance on "Arab versus Black African" as the basis for understanding the fault lines of the Darfur conflict is reflective of the profoundly reductive nature of much of the reportage on Darfur and what amounts to an almost wilful denial of the historical relationships and overlaps between Darfur's so-called Arabs and Africans. Ray, Carina Jan 1, 2009 1677
The change has come: we are forever evolving; continuously reforming. Faiz, Andrew Column Jan 1, 2009 662
Don't be afraid to explore race. Richard, Alan Conference news Dec 22, 2008 493
LEARNING HAPPINESS; Pupils thrive in a school of equality SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR SCHOOL A Crosland Moor infants' school has been praised for its care, inclusion and racial harmony. HAZEL ETTIENNE reports. Dec 16, 2008 497
Rodney Propp, chairman of Tahl Propp Equities, was honored by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) for his personal and professional efforts to strengthen race relations and promote ethnic tolerance and diversity in the Harlem community. Nov 26, 2008 204
Obama and the Politics of Race. Nov 18, 2008 1032
Solidarity at the liquor store? A new project in Chicago aims to change race relations. Cintron, Miriam Y. Nov 1, 2008 514
How to Become a Black Woman (While Being/Having Been Raised by a White Woman). Williams, Crystal Poem Nov 1, 2008 1049
City MP in racial tension warning; POLITICS: Immigration fears. Oct 23, 2008 323
Downturn could see racial tension in city, warns MP; ECONOMY Call to cut immigration due to credit crunch. Oct 23, 2008 462
Putting Barack Obama's candidacy in historical perspective: a host of pre-eminent Black scholars sound off on the historical and sociological significance of Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy and its aftereffects on Black America. Rogers, Ibram Oct 16, 2008 2523
BOOKS: AUTHOR'S NOTES Jane Blank; What started out as a memoir for Jane Blank turned into an exploration of race relations in '80s Sheffield where she lived. Oct 11, 2008 706
Local media fail to cover Feds move on racial tensions. Stelzer, C.D. Oct 1, 2008 521
School earns race equality award; DIVERSITY: Accolades given. Sep 27, 2008 334
Not Only War is Hell: World War I and African American Lynching Narratives. Davis, David A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 10996
Whiting Up and Blacking Out: White Privilege, Race, and "White Chicks". Yancy, George; Ryser, Tracey Ann Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 11300
Racial inequality in employment in Canada: Empirical analysis and emerging trends. Al-Waqfi, Mohammed; Jain, Harish C. Sep 1, 2008 10684
Waking up to difference: teachers, color-blindness, and the effects on students of color. Atwater, Sheri A. Castro Report Sep 1, 2008 4345
When sports and politics collide: along with showcasing the world's best athletes, the Olympics offer a unique glimpse into history and race relations. Lum, Lydia Aug 7, 2008 1497
Lessons from a noose: it created anger and misunderstanding as well as valuable historical lessons. Poland, Scott Aug 1, 2008 903
A pioneering journalist: Thomas Johnson broke the color line in the newsroom. Sabir, Nadirah In memoriam Aug 1, 2008 285
More racial incidents are reported. Jul 29, 2008 262
Teenager arrested after alleged racial incident. Jul 8, 2008 85
Race relations and obesity on agenda; COUNCIL: Authorities pick priorities with a promise of extra funding. Jul 7, 2008 315
POLITICS: Race relations and child obesity head council concerns. Jul 1, 2008 443
Black "like me": (mis) recognition, the racial gothic, and the post-1967 mixed-race movement in Danzy Senna's Symptomatic. Young, Hershini Bhana Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 12126
Embracing the stranger: Hispanics, American Christianity, and immigration. Morales-Gudmundsson, Lourdes E. Report Jun 22, 2008 11521
Friday: FILMS OF THE DAY; BLOODSUCKER... Ultraviolet; RACIAL TENSION... School Daze. Jun 14, 2008 321
Saskatchewan Sage: Special Section providing news from Saskatchewan: Eashappie honoured for work in race relations. Fiddler, Christine Jun 1, 2008 1187
Police seek views on race equality. May 12, 2008 201
THE BIRMINGHAM POST: Brummies give city top marks for race relations. May 9, 2008 391
Hollywood's brownout. Valentin, Anita Brief article May 1, 2008 259
Powell speech put us back 40 years; RACE RELATIONS: Phillips marks 'Rivers of Blood' anniversary in Birmingham. Apr 21, 2008 435
Deconstructing the politics of race: set up as part of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's diversity initiative, its Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society is analyzing important issues in race relations. Chew, Cassie M. Apr 17, 2008 764
'We say sorry': Australia apologizes for past wrongs against the continent's Aborigines. Johnston, Tim Cover story Mar 31, 2008 639
The politics of race: a black LGBT presidential forum in Los Angeles helps define a powerful voting bloc. Cannick, Jasmyne Mar 11, 2008 775
Taking a hard look at racial issues. Lockhart, Linda Mar 1, 2008 906
Alienated histories, alienating futures: raciology and missing time in The Interrupted Journey. Drysdale, David Report Mar 1, 2008 8556
Rowan sees a role for sharia law - and sets off storm; There can be no opt outs warns race equality chairman. Feb 8, 2008 786
Just a beginning. Caddick, Alison Editorial Feb 1, 2008 1565
A kicking for race relations. Jan 27, 2008 99
Poll: racial groups view each other with mistrust. Nealy, Michelle J. Jan 10, 2008 479
Albany, New York and the Great Migration. Lemak, Jennifer A. Jan 1, 2008 9692
The South Side Community Center of Ithaca, New York: built through "community mothering," 1938. Butler, Diedre Hill Jan 1, 2008 5714
Remembering the civil rights struggle in Brooklyn, NY. Bernstein, Alice Jan 1, 2008 2484
To "doe some good upon their countrymen": the paradox of Indian slavery in early Anglo-America. Guasco, Michael Dec 22, 2007 12385
Sikh bangle ban school in breach of race laws for five years. Dec 7, 2007 665
Share your views on race equality. Nov 1, 2007 104
Cities celebrate race equality. Gray, Emily; Calvin, Bruce Oct 15, 2007 592
Bear, man, and black: hunting the hidden in Faulkner's big woods. Godden, Richard Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 11896
Welsh family torn apart by racial tensions. Sep 21, 2007 323
Living with a majority-minority mindset: while race relations have improved over the years, a lack of understanding regarding inequalities still exists. Jones, Wayne A. Sep 6, 2007 802
1957 the integration of Central High: fifty years ago this fall, President Eisenhower sent federal troops into Arkansas to enforce the desegregation of Little Rock's Central High School. Roberts, Sam Sep 3, 2007 2232
Race relations: is the end of racism in the hands of gay white men and their adopted black children? Munroe, Roberta Aug 28, 2007 453
Whites, Blacks, Hispanics Assess Race Relations in the U.S. Blacks slightly more negative about black-white relations this year. Carroll, Joseph Survey Aug 6, 2007 1369
Race equality, human rights and mental health legislation: recent developments in England and Wales. Patel, Lord; Heginbotham, Chris Aug 1, 2007 2432
Letter: Your view - Racial tension. Jul 26, 2007 178
Spotlight on city race relations in our great debates. Jul 3, 2007 358
Thomas Cook's ban on staff speaking Welsh could breach race relations laws. Jun 11, 2007 339
Racial incidents drop. Apr 24, 2007 89
Racial incident in tragedy village. Apr 23, 2007 144
'Over a third of NHS bodies have not made enough progress on race equality'. Apr 3, 2007 292
Does the market value racial and ethnic concordance in physician-patient relationships? Brown, Timothy T.; Scheffler, Richard M.; Tom, Sarah E.; Schulman, Kevin A. Apr 1, 2007 8358
Pure black and white? A new hit comedy in Quebec brings race relations into question. Hunt, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2007 1640
Anthony's mother launches charity; Foundation for racial harmony. Feb 28, 2007 461
Football: Racial tension, culture clashes, evictions.. forget BB, it's SPL. Jan 24, 2007 643
Mairead helps peace pupils; RACIAL HARMONY: Libbi and pals set out their aims. Jan 16, 2007 351
Beyond black and white: race, class, and Chinese Americans in multiracial Chicago. Lan, Shanshan Jan 1, 2007 6370
Adaptation and organization: the history and heritage of the Chinese in the Riverina and western New South Wales, Australia. McGowan, Barry Jan 1, 2007 5752
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Racial profiling: a reply to two critics. Risse, Mathias Jan 1, 2007 13476
City must work to eradicate racial tensions; Birmingham Post. Dec 28, 2006 380

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