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 INVERNESS, Ill., April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- A talented local rookie is headed to Iowa to receive recognition at a "Field of Dreams" conference. The event is the 10th "Inc. 500 Conference" to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, May 17-19. The "rookie" to be honored is Motivation Excellence, Inc., headquartered in the northwest Chicago suburb of Inverness.
 In its first year of eligibility, the dynamic incentive company has been named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list of America's fastest growing private companies. This is the first year that a marketing incentive company has made the list.
 In welcoming the award recipient to Iowa to attend the "Field of Dreams" ceremonies, Gov. Terry E. Brandstad noted: "You are among an elite group of entrepreneurs who represent the heart of America's economic future."
 Although the young company was founded only in 1985, its multi- talented staff brings a wealth and diversity of industry experience. "Our talented team is the cream of the crop, specialists in their fields, chosen from our industry and many complementary industries," says Gregory A. Lewis, president of Motivation Excellence ("MEI"). "They're innovators who not only bring years of experience to our young company but, more importantly, a remarkable creativity."
 This creativity is apparent in the attention-grabbing programs that MEI creates for its clients. Whether it is travel, merchandise awards, marketing communications or meeting management, the emphasis is on customized programs that keep participants involved and motivated.
 "Nothing comes off the shelf," says Lewis. "We start with a blank sheet of paper and take it from there -- just like artists creating a masterpiece on canvas. Our philosophy is that we change our systems to meet a client's needs, rather than have them fit us."
 Gary M. Kukla, MEI's director of sales, notes that the company's creative approach to custom-designed programs is designed to create excitement on the part of participants. "Our programs provide a high level of impact that stirs the emotions of participants on a very personal level," says Kukla. "This is a major key to our extraordinary high level of success."
 Travel awards are a good example. A trip to San Francisco might send participants on a "photo rally," Polaroid cameras in hand, identifying landmarks from clues. "Our award programs provide memorable travel experiences, not simply trips," says Kukla.
 In announcing this year's list, on which the creative incentive and communications company jumped from nowhere to the 350th spot, the magazine emphasized that the credentials of the companies selected are at an all-time high. Foretelling, perhaps, of even greater things ahead for MEI, it pointed to:
 --Higher Standards of Excellence. The typical listee of a decade ago would not have made even the 500th place on this year's list.
 --More Rapid Growth. Ten years ago the typical Inc. 500 company posted a five-year growth rate of 571 percent. In the current list, this more than doubled to 1,467 percent.
 --Better Productivity. In the decade since the financial downturn of 1982, annual revenues per employee more than doubled for an Inc. 500 company.
 "We're honored to receive this recognition," says Greg Lewis. "We have a client retention rate of 95 percent, so this reaffirms what our clients are telling us -- that they like what we do because it works for them."
 MEI's extensive -- and growing -- client list cuts a wide swathe across corporate America -- ranging from appliance-manufacturing and automotive companies to insurance firms and companies in high-tech industries. But like most success stories, MEI has identified its niche in the marketplace.
 "When we approach new clients, we're not on a corporate ego trip to bring in only the industrial and manufacturing giants," says Lewis, "although we do work with the divisions of some of the largest corporations in America. Our highly customized programs are a perfect fit with medium- and medium-to-large-sized companies as well as with corporate divisions."
 What's next? "Pleased though we are at receiving this award," notes Lewis, "it really is an affirmation of the steady growth MEI has experienced with each successive year. With our penchant for acquiring and retaining clients, we fully expect to continue as one of the fastest-growing incentive marketing companies in the Midwest.
 "We are not obsessed with being the biggest company in our field," Lewis added, "but we are determined to maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves -- and the industry -- as the best incentive marketing company around."
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