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RF Micro Devices Introduces Quad-Band POLARIS TOTAL RADIO Transceiver with Direct Conversion Capability.

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RF Micro Devices RF Micro Devices (NASDAQ: RFMD) is a manufacturer of integrated circuits, founded in Greensboro, NC, in 1991 by William J. Pratt, Powell T. Seymour and Jerry D. Neal.[1]. , Inc. (Nasdaq:RFMD RFMD RF Micro Devices (NASDAQ)
RFMD Rotary Fluid Management Device

Enhanced POLARIS Transceiver Provides Customers Two Receiver Options:
-- RF2710 Receiver Enables Quad-Band Operation

-- RF2716 Receiver Enables Quad-Band Operation And Direct Conversion Mode Supporting E-GPRS Receive Capability

RF Micro Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: RFMD), a leading provider of proprietary radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for wireless communications applications, today introduced an enhanced POLARIS(TM) TOTAL RADIO(TM) transceiver with quad-band and direct conversion capabilities.

The POLARIS TOTAL RADIO solution is a highly integrated radio transceiver for GSM and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) The first high-speed digital data service provided by cellular carriers that used the GSM technology. GPRS added a packet-switched channel to GSM, which uses dedicated, circuit-switched channels for voice conversations.  applications. The chipset performs all functions associated with the RF section of a handset and provides handset manufacturers the benefits of reduced component count, flexible baseband interfaces and lower cost of implementation.

The POLARIS transceiver is comprised of the RF6001 mixed-signal processor, the RF3133 power amplifier module with integrated power control and either of two new receivers - the RF2710 or RF2716. Both the RF2710 and RF2716 add quad-band functionality to the POLARIS transceiver; the RF2716 also offers a direct conversion mode, supporting E-GPRS receive capability.

"By introducing both quad-band and direct conversion capability to the POLARIS transceiver, we are further demonstrating our commitment to providing customers best-in-class complete radio solutions at an affordable price," said Brent Wilkins, senior marketing manager for GSM, GPRS and E-GPRS transceivers at RF Micro Devices. "By offering a true quad-band radio solution, RFMD is providing customers the flexibility to develop a single platform that can be manufactured as a dual-, triple- or quad-band handset, minimizing their engineering effort, time-to-market and development cost."

The quad-band POLARIS transceiver supports the U.S. cellular (850 MHz), GSM (900 MHz), DCS (1) See also DSC.

(2) Digital Cross-connect System) A network switching and grooming device used by telecom carriers. See digital cross-connect.
 (1800 MHz) and PCS (1) (Personal Communications Services) Refers to wireless services that emerged after the U.S. government auctioned commercial licenses in 1994 and 1995. This radio spectrum in the 1.  (1900 MHz) frequency bands and consists of the following components.

-- RF2710 or RF2716 - The SiGe BiCMOS quad-band receivers feature

a polyphase Pol´y`phase

a. 1. (Elec.) Having or producing two or more phases; multiphase; as, a polyphase machine, a machine producing two or more pressure waves of electro-motive force, differing in phase; a
 down-converting mixer, a bandpass filter and DC

offset correction. Both devices are offered in a 5 x 5 mm

leadless plastic package.

-- RF6001 - The CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Pronounced "c-moss." The most widely used integrated circuit design. It is found in almost every electronic product from handheld devices to mainframes.  mixed signal processor includes digital

channel filters, fractional-N frequency synthesizer, digital

GMSK GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying  modulator and integrated power ramp DAC See D/A converter and discretionary access control.

DAC - Digital to Analog Converter
. The RF6001 is

offered in a 7 x 7 mm leadless plastic package.

-- RF3133 - One of RFMD's second-generation PowerStar(TM) power

amplifier (PA) modules with integrated power control

circuitry, the RF3133 is manufactured using GaAs HBT HBT Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
HBT HyCult Biotechnology (Uden, The Netherlands)
HBT Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (interferometer)
HBT Herring Bone Twill
HBT Heflex Bioengineering Test

silicon CMOS technologies and features internal matching

components. The device is offered in a 7 x 10 mm leadless

plastic package.

The POLARIS transceiver exceeds all European Telecommunications Standards Institute (body) European Telecommunications Standards Institute - (ETSI) A European version of the ITU-T(?).  (ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute, Sophia Antipolis technical park, Nice, France, A non-profit membership organization founded in 1988, dedicated to standardizing information and communication technologies (ICT) throughout Europe. ) specification requirements and features enhanced receiver sensitivity, as well as the ability to handle EDGE modulated signals. Driven by high levels of integration in both the transmit and receive functions, the POLARIS transceiver significantly reduces the number of components required to implement a complete GSM/GPRS radio. All VCOs, associated loop filters and many of the power supply bypass capacitors are integrated on silicon, significantly reducing the complete radio component count. The POLARIS transceiver offers both very low intermediate frequency and direct conversion modes of operation, eliminating all IF SAW filters. The transceiver includes a fractional-N-based digital modulator for reduced power consumption. The chipset is compatible with all major baseband devices and also provides selectable digital baseband interfaces on both receive and transmit paths enabling direct interface to emerging digital baseband products.

Samples of fully assembled RF system boards of the quad-band POLARIS TOTAL RADIO transceiver are available now. The transceiver chip set is priced at $8.50 in quantities of 10,000 units.

RF Micro Devices, Inc., an ISO (1) See ISO speed.

(2) (International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, An organization that sets international standards, founded in 1946. The U.S. member body is ANSI.
 9001-certified manufacturer, designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) primarily for wireless communications products and applications such as cellular and PCS phones, base stations, wireless LANs, and cable television modems. The Company offers a broad array of products - including amplifiers, mixers, modulators/demodulators, and single-chip receivers, transmitters and transceivers - representing a substantial majority of the RFICs required in wireless subscriber equipment. The Company's strategy is to focus on wireless markets by offering a broad range of standard and custom-designed RFICs in order to position itself as a "one-stop" solution for its customers' RFIC RFIC Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit
RFIC Radio Frequency Interface Chip
 needs. RF Micro Devices, Inc. is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol RFMD. For more information on RFMD or the POLARIS TOTAL RADIO transceiver, please visit Product photography is available by contacting Angie Finney at 336.664.1233, extension 6652 or by downloading it from the product photography website at: The HTML tag that divides a Web page into sections (frames). The following HTML divides the screen page into two horizontal frames with the top frame having 25% of the screen and the bottom frame having 75%. See frames.

<frameset rows=25%, 75%"> </frameset> re>

This press release contains forward-looking statements relating to the company's plans, objectives and estimates. The company's business is subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, including fluctuations in operating results and market growth rates, wafer fabrication risks, management of growth and production yield variability. These and other risks, which are described in the company's annual report and other filings with the SEC, could cause actual results to be materially different from those expressed or implied by these statements.

RF MICRO DEVICES(R), RFMD(R), POLARIS(TM) TOTAL RADIO(TM) and PowerStar(TM) are trademarks of RFMD, LLC.
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