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Oxford school board reorganizes

OXFORD - The School Committee unanimously re-elected William C. Spitz spitz

Any of several northern dogs, including the chow chow, Pomeranian, and Samoyed, characterized by a dense, long coat, erect pointed ears, and a tail that curves over the back. In the U.S.
 as chairman and Patricia D. Dawidczyk as vice chairman last night.

Both Mr. Spitz and Mrs. Dawidczyk were unopposed in their bids for second three-year terms in Tuesday's election, which led to last night's reorganization meeting at Oxford Middle School.

Driver in court in assault case

WEBSTER - A Franklin man who police allege hit a parked car and then attempted to hit two witnesses who tried to stop him, appeared in Dudley District Court yesterday.

Ryan P. Murphy, 26, pleaded not guilty yesterday to two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, threatening to commit a crime, leaving the scene of property damage, reckless driving reckless driving n. operation of an automobile in a dangerous manner under the circumstances, including speeding (or going too fast for the conditions, even though within the posted speed limit), driving after drinking (but not drunk), having too many passengers in  and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Judge Neil G. Snider released Mr. Murphy on his personal recognizance recognizance

In law, obligation entered into before a court or magistrate requiring the performance of an act (e.g., appearance in court), usually under penalty of a money forfeiture. The most common use of recognizance is in connection with bail in criminal cases.
 and scheduled a pretrial pre·tri·al  
A proceeding held before an official trial, especially to clarify points of law and facts.

1. Of or relating to a pretrial.

 hearing for June 19.

The incident allegedly occurred in the parking lot of Mario's Showplace on Thompson Road around 11:30 p.m. April 2. Police said they observed Mr. Murphy on a surveillance tape reverse his black Pontiac Grand Am The Pontiac Grand Am was originally a mid-size car and later a compact car that was produced by the Pontiac division of General Motors. The Grand Am had two separate 3-year runs in the '70s: from 1973 to 1975 and again from 1978 to 1980. It was based on the GM A platform.  into another car.

He then sped toward the two witnesses so that they would get out of his way, police said.

A worker at the club later said a bartender had stopped serving alcohol to Mr. Murphy because he appeared intoxicated in·tox·i·cate  
v. in·tox·i·cat·ed, in·tox·i·cat·ing, in·tox·i·cates
1. To stupefy or excite by the action of a chemical substance such as alcohol.

. Before leaving, Mr. Murphy allegedly threatened to come back to "start a war" and "shoot up the place."

According to the police report, a state trooper from the Millbury barracks bar·rack 1  
tr.v. bar·racked, bar·rack·ing, bar·racks
To house (soldiers, for example) in quarters.

1. A building or group of buildings used to house military personnel.
 arrested Mr. Murphy for driving under the influence of alcohol about 45 minutes after the Webster accident. He was arraigned on that charge April 3.

Group rallies for records reform

FITCHBURG - Local activists are calling on legislators to pass a package of criminal offender records information reforms. A rally is scheduled at the Statehouse state·house also state house  
A building in which a state legislature holds sessions; a state capitol.


NZ a rented house built by the government

Noun 1.
 this afternoon in Boston.

"Weaknesses in the current CORI laws allow for blanket discrimination based not on an offense that occurred, but merely based on the existence of a record," according to a news release from Neighbor to Neighbor, which was scheduled to hold a news conference yesterday afternoon at Three Pyramids in Fitchburg.

The current CORI system, critics say, creates obstacles for people trying to obtain jobs, housing and acceptance into licensure and educational programs.

"Over 20,000 people are released from incarceration Confinement in a jail or prison; imprisonment.

Police officers and other law enforcement officers are authorized by federal, state, and local lawmakers to arrest and confine persons suspected of crimes. The judicial system is authorized to confine persons convicted of crimes.
 in Massachusetts every year," according to Neighbor to Neighbor. "When criminal records prevent people from earning an honest living, families suffer, crime increases, and the state loses revenue."

Local activists are expected to join other state residents for a rally at 2 p.m. at the Statehouse following what organizers are calling a 50-mile walk "for freedom from CORI discrimination."

The Legislature's judiciary committee is expected to release a comprehensive criminal justice package by July. Local organizations are working with state legislators to continue to move this reform forward.
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Title Annotation:LOCAL NEWS
Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Date:May 22, 2008
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