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RASHERS WITH LOVE; Bacon butty price drops.


THE cost of a bacon sarnie has fallen for the first time in more than a year.

Eight rashers currently cost pounds 2.11, a dip of 1.4% from last July.

And a trolley of groceries worth pounds 200 last month would cost only pounds 182 today, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 our Cost of Living Index compiled with trade mag The Grocer. While prices are still high compared to last year, food inflation has more than halved since April when it hit 18.7%.

Our tracker, which charts the prices of 25 everyday items, shows that groceries are 8% dearer than they were last July, but they are 1% down on last month. Neil Saunders, from market analysts Verdict, said: "Bacon is cheaper for the first time in 14 months because the cost of animal feed and transport have both come down."

Tomorrow the Office for National Statistics is expected to announce a fall in inflation, with the Consumer Price Index down from 2.2% to meet the government's 2% target for the first time in 19 months.SHOPPING BASKET HOUSEHOLD BILLS Household bills July 09 July 08 % change Mortgage pounds 801.02 pounds 1.010.58 -20.74 Broadband/TV pounds 18.33 pounds 20.54 -10.76 Gas pounds 65.91 pounds 54.51 20.91 Electricity pounds 32.27 pounds 34.49 -6.45 Water pounds 27.99 pounds 27.99 0 Home insurance pounds 10.44 pounds 9.36 11.57 Council tax pounds 114.40 pounds 110.07 3.94 Source: TRANSPORT COSTS Product Jun 09 Jun 08 % change White seedless Seed´less

a. 1. Without seed or seeds.

Adj. 1. seedless - lacking seeds; "seedless grapefruit"
seedy - full of seeds; "as seedy as a fig"

seedless adj
 grapes (per kg) pounds 3.57 pounds 3.25 9.9 Heinz baked beans (415g) 64p 53p 21 Bananas (loose) per kg 84p 67p 25.4 Batchelors Super Noodles Super Noodles are a dehydrated instant noodle snack, made by Batchelors in the UK (previously made by Kelloggs) and sold under the McDonnells brand in the Republic of Ireland. They are prepared by placing in a saucepan of boiling water, adding the sachet of flavoring, and stirring.  (100g) 50p 42p 18 Broccoli (loose) per kg pounds 1.97 pounds 1.51 30.8 Cadbury Dairy Milk (230g) pounds 1.56 pounds 1.16 34.4 Carrots (loose) 85p 78p 9.1 Own label white loaf (800g) 41p 37p 10.8 Cathedral City Mature Cheddar (200g) pounds 1.73 pounds 1.80 -3.8 Whole cucumber 68p 61p 10.8 Coca Cola (two litres) pounds 1.52 pounds 1.49 2.5 Dolmio Bolognese Original Sauce (500g) pounds 1.71 pounds 1.35 26.3 Flora Light (500g) pounds 1.20 pounds 1.56 -23.1 Six free range eggs (large) pounds 1.55 pounds 1.52 1.8 Colgate toothpaste pump (100ml) pounds 2.50 pounds 1.69 48 Fresh lean beef steak mince per kg pounds 5.70 pounds 5.17 10.2 Own label dried spaghetti (500g) 58p 49p 18.7 Semi skimmed milk (four pints) pounds 1.53 pounds 1.44 6.3 Hula Hoops Original (x7) pounds 1.11 pounds 1.18 -6.3 Long grain rice (1kg) pounds 1.26 pounds 1.34 -5.8 Marmite mar·mite  
a. A large covered earthenware or metal cooking pot.

b. A small covered earthenware casserole designed to hold an individual serving.

2. A petite marmite.
 (125g) pounds 1.25 pounds 1.26 -0.8 Nescafe Original Coffee (200g) pounds 4.18 pounds 3.78 10.5 Stella Artois This article is about Stella Artois lager. For the tennis competition that the company sponsors, see Queen's Club Championships.

Stella Artois (IPA pronunciation: [ˈstɛ.
 (4x440ml) pounds 4.34 pounds 4.02 8.2 Tetley tea bags (160) pounds 3.15 pounds 3.09 1.7 Unsmoked back bacon (eight rashers) pounds 2.11 pounds 2.14 -1.4 Total pounds 46.43 pounds 42.62 8 103.8 116.9 pounds 207.60 pounds 233.80 -11.21 105.2 130.3 Transport costs July 09 July 08 % change Unleaded (litre LITRE. A French measure of capacity. It is of the size of a decimetre, or one-tenth part of a cubic metre. It is equal to 61.028 cubic inches. Vide Measure. ) pence Monthly bill (200 litres) Diesel (litre) pence Monthly bill (200 litres) Car insurance monthly) Rail season ticket Stafford to Birmingham (monthly) pounds 210.40 pounds 260.60 -19.26 pounds 28.82 pounds 26.17 10.10 pounds 77.66 pounds 72.23 7.52 Source: Source:The Grocer/ ES
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 13, 2009
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