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I was upset that there weren't were·n't  

Contraction of were not.

weren't were not
 any quizzes in the April/May issue. That's one of my favorite things about Girls' Life. I hope you include some in your next one.


Hey, Caitlin Caitlin, also spelled in numerous other ways,[1] is a given name for a female. The name has an Irish origin. Caitlin was originally an Irish Gaelic form of Catherine. . We missed putting together some fab quizzes for you last issue, too, but we were equally as excited working on the extra-special spring stories you found in April/May. That said, just to make it up to GL gals like you, we put TWO super-fun quizzes in this issue!
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Title Annotation:You Said It!
Publication:Girls' Life
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 27, 2010
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