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Question of the month.

The August web site question of the month asked, "For the coming year, what percentage of sales is your metalcasting facility budgeting for environmental compliance issues (new technology, training, etc.)?"

Top Three Answers:

* 43%--1-2%.

* 55%--3-5%.

* 2%--Less than 1%.

This month's question is available at

For More Information

Visit the For More Information section at to view the paper, "Foundry A semiconductor manufacturer that makes chips for third parties. It may be a large chip maker that sells its excess manufacturing capacity or one that makes chips exclusively for other companies.  Ventilation ventilation, process of supplying fresh air to an enclosed space and removing from it air contaminated by odors, gases, or smoke.

Proper ventilation requires also that there be a movement or circulation of the air within the space and that the temperature and
 Challenges--Past, Present and Future," by Fred (Friendly Rollabout Engineered for Doctors) A mobile medical conferencing unit. See videoconferencing.

1. FRED - Robert Carr. Language used by Framework, Ashton-Tate.
 H. Kohloff and Robert Robert, Henry Martyn 1837-1923.

American army engineer and parliamentary authority. He designed the defenses for Washington, D.C., during the Civil War and later wrote Robert's Rules of Order (1876).

Noun 1.
 C. Scholz as referenced in the feature article, "History Holds Keys for Future Environmental, Health and Safety Is sues," on p. 35.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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