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Pumps for the food industry.

ENVIROTECH Specialty Pumps (formerly Baker Hughes Pumps Europe) are continually extending and improving their product line and service capability to meet the ever demanding requirements of their customers i n the food processing industry and other industrial sectors.

From their facility in Rugby, they have the capability of supplying a full range of products either as bareshaft pumps or packaged with drive systems etc.

They have the ability to supply any of the following products:

1. "Torque-Flow" recessed impeller pumps for large solids handling capability, without product degradation, giving low shear non clogging action.

2. Peristaltic positive displacement pump, high suction lift, viscose product and abrasive product handling capability with "valveless" design.

3. Roto-Jet pitot tube high pressure centrifugal pump design for high pressure clean fluid applications, in a unique single stage design.

With this product range, they believe they can offer a service at both ends of the process stream.

For example, the Wemco "Torque-Flow" recessed impeller pump and Wemco peristaltic pump can handle many difficult transfer duties encountered in a food plant. From pumping products like live fish, whole vegetables and fruit without degradation, to viscose/abrasive products like ground meat and bone, fruit pulp and puree, chocolate, yeast etc.

Their Roto-Jet pumps unique high pressure design being used for high pressure cleaning, boiler feed, high pressure clean product transfer, reverse osmosis fluid purification.

At the other end of the process stream. The "Torque-Flow" recessed impeller pump and peristaltic pump quite happily handle many types of effluent transfer for re-processing or removal, ensuring a comprehensive range of duty coverage to assist the process engineer/mechanical engineer/hygienist to solve their problems, and minimise costly downtime due to blockages. The range of duties and aspplications covered by Envirotech Specialty Pumps is many and varied. However, for guidance, some are listed as follows, together with design features and parameters:

Wemco "Torque-Flow" Recessed Impeller Pump

duty parameters

max flow (|m.sup.3~/hr) 600 max head (m) 50


No close clearances, non clogging action, severe solids/abrasive duty capability, minimal solid degradation, low shear, dry running ability, ability to operate on aerated fluids (Snore), horizontal, submersible and vertical cantilever designs available, and materials:- cast iron, 316 stainless steel, and ni-hard iron.


Offal, blood, poultry heads and feet and feathers, whole and diced vegetables, potato peelings/washings, barley and malt slurry, contaminated frying oil, pet food, wash water and effluents of all kinds.

Wemco Rosewater Peristaltic Pump

duty parameters

max flow (|m.sup.3~/hr) 50 max head (m) 100


Pumped product is entirely contained within the tube. High suction lift and self priming capability, simple operation and maintenance, seal-less, valveless design, viscose product and abrasive product handling capability, food quality pump tubes. Ability to run dry without damage to pump, 5 sizes up to 100mm bore.


Starch slurry, yeast, molasses, ground meat and bone, fruit and vegetable pulp, chocolate etc.

Wemco/Roto-Jet Pump

duty parameters

max flow (|m.sup.3~/hr)90 maxhead(m) 1635 (163 bar)


Single stage pitot tube design, low pressure, mechanical seal, wide operating range, low minimum flow, seizeproof, 3 models and 6 sizes available, no close clearances, complete parts interchangeability, within each model, simple seal, flush not required, many materials of construction available.


High pressure cleaning, boiler feed, pressure boosting, hydraulic duty, reverse osmosis fluid purification, high pressure transfer, water injection.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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