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The publications listed below are for information purposes only. To obtain copies contact the publisher. The entries in this section are listed free of charge and are limited to material published in Canada and by Canadian authors. Publishers and organizations wishing to enter their publications are advised to provide a telephone number. (AIF=available in French: E/F=English and French)

Healing from a former diabetic patient. Marie Dormevil. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford. ISBN 1-4120-0165-X

Emotional and interpersonal dimensions of health services: enriching the art of care with the science of care. Edited by Laurette Dube, Guylaine Ferland, D.S. Moskowitz. Montreal. Published for the McGill Initiative for the Integrative Management of Health in collaboration with Institut universitaire de geriatrie de Montreal by McGill-Queen's University Press. Papers originally presented at a conference held at the Faculty of Management, McGill University, May 18-19, 2000.

Evaluation of the National Homelessness Initiative: implementation and early outcomes of the HRDC-based Components Final Report, Strategic evaluations, evaluation and data development, strategic policy. Human Resources Development Canada, Ottawa.

Adapted physical activity. Dr. Robert D. Steadward, Garry D. Wheeler, E. Jane Watkinson, Editors. The University of Alberta Press, Edmonton. ISBN 0-88864-375-6 $89.95

Hero's journey boardgame; a psycho-educational, diagnostic and therapeutic tool for use with children 8-12 years of age who have been exposed to women abuse. Victim Services of Peel. 905.568.8800 $90.00

Menya: an end of life story. Morris Wolfe. Grubstreet Books, Toronto. 416.766.0340 $24.95

Compendium of health human resource strategies to sustain programs and services, May 2003. Hamilton District Council,

Living with prenatal drug exposure: a guide for parents. Lissa Cowan and Jennifer Lee; researched and developed by Emilie Cameron. Vancouver: Ben Simon Press. ISBN 0-914539-20-5

Living with FASD: a guide for parents. Sara Graefe. Vancouver, Ben Simon Press. ISBN 0-914539-19-1

Parlons-nous: un guide pour la securite des enfants. Marcelle Lamarche et Jean-Francois Beauchemin. Montreal: Editions de l'Homme. ISBN 2-7619-1854-1

Mosby's Canadian textbook for the support worker. Sheila A. Sorrentino. Toronto, Mosby. ISBN 0-920513-46-8 $72.95

Consumer and family involvement: findings from a survey of mental health and addictions programs in Hamilton. August 2003, Hamilton District Council,

How our programs affect population health determinants: a workbook for better planning and accountability. Population and Public Health Branch, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Region, Health Canada,

Aboriginal conditions: research as a foundation for public policy. Jerry P. White, Paul S. Maxim, and Dan Beavon, Editors. Vancouver, UBC Press. ISBN 0-7748-1022-X

Passing through: end of life decisions of gays, lesbians, gay men. Jeanette A. Auger. Black Point, N.S.: Fernwood Pub. ISBN 1-55266--117-2 $14.95

Buller men and batty bwoys: hidden men in Toronto and Halifax black communities. Wesley Crichlow. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. ISBN 0-8020-8942-9 $50.00

Please don't let me go, papa! Riccardo Di Done. Montreal: Organization for the Protection of Children's Rights. ISBN 2-923161-00-9

Women in a world at war: seven dispatches from the front. Madeleine Gagnon; translated by Phyllis Aronoff & Howard Scott Burnaby, B.C., Talonbooks. ISBN 0-88922-483-8 $24.95

The naked truth: the untold story of sex in Canada. Chris Gudgeon. Vancouver: Greystone Books. ISBN 1-55365-015-8 $22.95

In pursuit of excellence: celebrating 30 years of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Vancouver, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Includes text in English and Chinese. ISBN 1-896148-29-8

The golden bridge: young immigrants to Canada, 1833-1939. Marjorie Kohli. Toronto: Natural Heritage Books. ISBN 1-896219-90-X $34.95

The Natashas: the new global sex trade. Victor Malarek. Toronto, Viking Canada. ISBN 0-670-04312-5 $36.00

Managing two worlds: the experiences and concerns of immigrant youth in Ontario. Edited by Paul Anisef and Kenise Murphy Kilbride, editors. Toronto, Canadian Scholar's Press. ISBN 1-55130-217-9

What if? Asma Pumpi Moore. Victoria, BC, Traffor. ISBN 1-4120-0585-X

Between history and tomorrow: making and breaking everyday life in rural Newfoundland. Gerald Sider. Peterborough, ON, Broadview Press. ISBN 1-55111-517-4 $22.95

Sisters or strangers: immigrant, ethnic and racialized women in Canadian history, edited by Marlene Epp, Franca Iacovetta, Frances Swyripa. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. ISBN 0-8020-8609-8 $29.95.

Bullying: deal with it before push comes to shove. Resource guide. Elaine Slavens. Toronto, J. Lorimer. ISBN 1-55028-782-6 $20.00

Aboriginal voices and the politics of representation in Canadian introductory sociology. John Steckley. Toronto, Canadian Scholars' Press. ISBN 1-55130-248-9

Seven months as a transient in the streets. Thomas E. Youngreen. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford. ISBN 1-4120-0603-1

George Davidson: social policy and public policy exemplar. Richard Splane. Ottawa, Canadian Council on Social Development. ISBN 0-88810-522-3

Family law conference, 2003: materials prepared for the Continuing Legal Education seminar, 5th Biennial Family Law Conference, held in Vancouver, B.C. on July 10 & 11, 2003. Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 2003. ISBN 1-55258-285-X

Tough on kids: rethinking approaches, to youth justice. Ross Gordon Green and Kearney F. Healy. Saskatoon Purich Pub. ISBN 1-895830-22-2 $28.00

New directions in youth justice: English as a second language activity guide. Vancouver, Law Courts Education Society of British Columbia. ISBN 0-7726-4617-1

New directions in youth justice: law activity guide. Vancouver: Law Courts Education Society of British Columbia, 2001. ISBN 0-7726-4616-3

New directions in youth justice: "story of James": case studies for alternative schools. Vancouver, Law Courts Education Society of British Columbia. ISBN 0-7726-4614-7

In pursuit of equal participation: Canada and disability at home and abroad, Henry Enns and Aldred H. Neufeldt.

Making equality: history of advocacy and persons with disabilities in Canada. Deborah Stienstra and Aileen Wight Felske.

Making changes: a book for women in abusive relationships. Lynda Ceresne. Halifax, Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. ISBN 0-88871-821-7

Morgentaler: a difficult hero. Catherine Dunphy. Etobicoke ON, Wiley. ISBN 0-470-83356-4 $28.95

Health, healing and medicine: holistic approach to healing and health maintenance. Edited by George E. Lasker, Ayten Aydin. Windsor, ON. International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics. Adresses presented at the 14th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics, held in Baden-Baden, Germany, July 29-Aug. 3, 2002. ISBN 1-894613-30-9

Lifelong issues. Edited by Sara Graefe. Vancouver, Ben Simon Press. ISBN 0-914539-22-1

Sinistres en milieu rural Danielle Maltais. Chicoutimi, Quebec. Editions JCL. ISBN 2-89431-298-9 24,95 $

Reconstructing the quality of cancer services in Ontario. edited by Terrence Sullivan et at. Ottawa, CHA Press. ISBN 1-896151-09-4

Responding to the oppression of addiction: Canadian social work perspectives. Edited by Rick Csiernik and William S. Rowe. Toronto, Canadian Scholars' Press. ISBN 1-55130-240-3

Romanow papers. Edited by Gregory P. Marchildon, Tom McIntosh and Pierre-Gerlier Forest. Toronto, University of Toronto Press: ISBN 0-8020-8626-8 (set) $75.00

Special needs. Edited by Sara Graefe. Vancouver, Ben Simon Press. ISBN 0-914539-23-X

A toolkit for parents. Edited by Sara Graefe. Vancouver, Ben Simon Press. ISBN 0-914539-24-8

Violence envers les femmes et les enfants en contexte familial: theories explicatives et donnees empiriques: actes du colloque tenu a Sherbrooke le 15 mai 2001 dans le cadre du 69e Congres de l'Acfas. sous la direction de Claire Chamberland, Dominique Damant. Montreal: Groupe de recherche et d'action sur la victimisation des enfants, 2003. CRI-VIFF. ISBN 2-922996-02-6 13,00 $.

Literacy and learning: acknowledging Aboriginal holistic approaches to learning in relation to "best practices" literacy training programs: final report by Eileen Antone, Peter Gamlin and Lois Provost-Turchetti. Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. ISBN 0-7727-2610-8 $20.00

The state of data on early childhood education and care in Canada: national data project final report. Gordon Cleveland et al. Toronto: Childcare Resource and Research Unit, University of Toronto. ISBN 1-896051-26-X $28.00

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