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PS95k cap for public sector chief payoffs. Jul 31, 2015 117
Public Sector Records and Information Management Conference. Conference news Jul 30, 2015 293
Supply of electricity to public sector buildings. Jul 28, 2015 146
E-Finance to finalise mechanisation of public sector salaries in October. Jul 28, 2015 369
Excessive waste in public sector fleets can be cut down, study finds. Jul 27, 2015 524
Public Sector Data Centre Services. Jul 25, 2015 447
Landscape review of resource efficiency training capacity within public sector organisations. Jul 25, 2015 366
400 public-sector school teachers suspended on poor performance in AJK : Secretary School. Jul 25, 2015 276
Power supply in different buildings and enclosures of barcelona provincial council and integrated into other public sector entities. Jul 24, 2015 207
Apperian to Share Best Practices for Data and Mobile App Security in Public Sector Organizations. Jul 23, 2015 984
Procurement of ITSO Services and Goods by South West Smart Applications Ltd on behalf of its Local Authority, other Public Sector and Operator Members, Framework 1. Jul 23, 2015 179
Public sector borrowing falls as income tax receipts rise. Jul 22, 2015 226
Borrowing at low level in public sector. Jul 22, 2015 133
Support to Ethiopian Public Sector Reform. Jul 21, 2015 125
Word on the web; MPs get a 10% pay rise. Any rise for public-sector workers will be capped at 1%. Jul 18, 2015 148
Comprehensive management of city hall of barcelona in c / calabria, 66-78, which houses several municipal departments and other organizations and public sector bodies of the city, for maintenance, cle. Jul 17, 2015 215
Service providers for statewide energy conservation initiative in specialist central government & public sector facilities. Jul 17, 2015 118
'Historic' deal reached on public sector reform. Jul 15, 2015 688
Public sector shake-up needed. Jul 14, 2015 193
Burkina Faso Public Sector Modernization Program. Jul 14, 2015 412
Public services cuts will 'do little to narrow inequalities' PUBLIC SECTOR. Jul 9, 2015 651
Governor bans student federations in public sector varsities. Jul 8, 2015 162
Our View: Prison chief shows good appointments have great benefits for public sector. Jul 8, 2015 441
STALWARTS OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR; Daily Post joins with Bangor Uni to honour stars of North Wales. Jul 8, 2015 1481
Greece sees no issues in paying July public sector salaries. Jul 7, 2015 104
Public sector salary to rise by [euro]2,000. Jul 7, 2015 104
Health compulsory membership fees for employees and optional membership for public-sector workers. Jul 6, 2015 112
Public sector must play fair. Jul 4, 2015 142
President urges to improve public sector performance. Jul 3, 2015 108
Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (DIFI) should help to strengthen the Government's efforts to renew the public sector and make it efficient and easier accessible. Difi will also help to en. Jul 2, 2015 169 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector. Jul 2, 2015 441
The public sector for saving fuel (low-sulfur diesel, korea railroad, marine safety headquarters demand expense) joint purchasing. Jul 1, 2015 104
Bringing the private and public sectors together: Youssouf Moussa Dawaleh is only the third Djiboutian to become president of the Djibouti Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1906 by a group of businessmen to promote and support commerce. Moore, Darren Interview Jul 1, 2015 448
European cities open up treasure chests of data to stimulate innovation: however, Frost & Sullivan survey finds limited progress towards commercialization of public sector information. Jul 1, 2015 392
Sweet & tenders; Public sector worth PS2.8bn for bidders. Jun 25, 2015 260
Global Public Safety Mobile Broadband Market in the Public Sector 2015-2019 with General Dynamics, Harris, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium Communications & Motorola Solutions Dominating. Jun 24, 2015 583
Global Public Safety Mobile Broadband Market in the Public Sector 2015-2019 with General Dynamics, Harris, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium Communications & Motorola Solutions Dominating. Jun 24, 2015 610
Presidential Candidates, Citizens Bash Government For Wrong Reasons, Public Sector Consortium Says. Jun 23, 2015 643
The Tories want to use the same 40 per cent rule that cheated Scots of devolution in 1979 to stop public sector workers from taking industrial action. That is a provocation and we will fight against that while fighting for fair pay and respect; FM BACKS UNIONS' FIGHT FOR WORKERS. Jun 21, 2015 717
Private and public sectors can learn from one another. Jun 19, 2015 530
Opp presses govt for 25% rise in public sector employees' salaries. Jun 18, 2015 397
Gender pay gap on the agenda for public sector. Jun 17, 2015 389
DuBiotech Promotes Public Sector Life Science Initiatives at BIO 2015. Jun 17, 2015 690
Lesotho: Public Sector Strengthening Project. Jun 17, 2015 294
Alarm over increasing public sector job cuts. Jun 16, 2015 280
CompTIA Unifies Brand for Advocacy Efforts. Jun 15, 2015 748
Bill Hughes Joins PwC's Public Sector Practice as Partner. Jun 15, 2015 574
Ministry of Public Sector Development launches document. Jun 14, 2015 248
Speakers call for HR training in public sector. Jun 13, 2015 699
Drone Aviation appoints government affairs liaison. Jun 12, 2015 203
Sisli County Public Sector for the Building Located in the Border and Facilities Maintenance Repair Works. Jun 11, 2015 106
Internet of Everything offers chance for public sector service innovation. Jun 11, 2015 801
Report: industry booming, adds 17K jobs. Jun 10, 2015 489
Private, public sector Ramadan timings announced in Oman. Jun 10, 2015 150
Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill Fails Public Sector Workers, Raids Medicare. Jun 9, 2015 476
Day1 Solutions acquires public sector business unit of Vazata. Jun 3, 2015 230
Day1 Solutions Acquires VAZATA's Public Sector Business Unit and Establishes a Strategic Alliance Designed to Fuel Growth for Both Providers. Jun 2, 2015 1194
The state and local workforce: analysis and forecast. Franzel, Joshua Jun 1, 2015 1666
[euro]2k wage boost for public sector staff; 300,000 workers set to be better off after new pay deal agreed. May 30, 2015 516
Home public-sector of the paris mint and sale of cultural offerings. May 30, 2015 150
Emergency declared in public sector hospitals. May 29, 2015 196
Center for Creative Leadership Reveals Saudi Public Sector Findings. May 28, 2015 483
ShoreTel continues public sector dominance. May 28, 2015 252
Govini Taps Tomaselli to Guide Public Sector Revenue Growth. May 27, 2015 665
Public sector under attack; FEEDBACK. May 26, 2015 231
'Why we need your support to continue Supporting People...' With public sector budgets continuing to feel the squeeze, charities and voluntary groups are facing challenging times. Here Auriol Miller, of Cymorth Cymru and Stuart Ropke, outline how the work of one particular programme acts as a vital safety net - and why having its already slashed budget cut further would be so damaging. May 25, 2015 842
Tender For Renewal Of Marine Hull And Machinery And War Risk Insurance Covers For The Policy Year 2015-16 Called From Four Indian Public Sector Insurance Companies. May 23, 2015 129
New SEAMS Committee to Foster Member Participation in Government Contracts. May 21, 2015 428
Falha from Cairo: For effectual media partnership between private and public sectors. May 19, 2015 345
Indian public sector banks face further decline in profits. May 18, 2015 751
ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA; 60 public sector workers disciplined for 'misuse of internet' such as posting inappropriate images. May 18, 2015 559
Our View: Government has not done enough to put public sector on sound footing. May 16, 2015 519
Data Interchange Receives PEPPOL Access Point Certification for Public Sector E-procurement. May 15, 2015 436
South Africa Public Sector ICT Spending Analysis 2015-2019. May 14, 2015 472
South Africa Public Sector ICT Spending Analysis 2015-2019. May 14, 2015 478
: Termosanatsiyi work on the building of public sector (Preschool institution number 598, at ul. Avtozavodskaya, in the Kiev region of 47 m. Kyiv)Quantity: according to tender document. May 9, 2015 126
Photo-voltaic solution for the uk public sector. May 6, 2015 362
Pay boost for public sector is a red line for Lib Dems. May 4, 2015 322
'We won't back down on public sector pay increases'. May 4, 2015 333
Ramsay pay leapfrogs public sector: big breakthroughs on pay and allowances are an important feature of our proposed new agreement with Australia's biggest private hospital owner. Cover story May 1, 2015 2720
The event will celebrate the contributions of the communities in rallying the people, private and public sector partners to do good and do well together for singapore and affirm our commitment to buil. Apr 27, 2015 123
The cost of cuts to the public sector; INSIDE VIEW. Apr 24, 2015 337
74 public sector workers in limbo. Apr 23, 2015 438
MicroPact, Deloitte Sign Agreement to Bring Integrated Technology Solution to Public Sector. Apr 23, 2015 755
Lib Dem leader makes pledge on public sector pay. Apr 22, 2015 292
PA Pays Remainder of Public Sector Salaries. Apr 22, 2015 280
Efiia And Device Authority Team Up To Deliver Device-Based Security Solutions To Government And Public Sector Customers. Apr 21, 2015 621
Promoting Energy Efficiency in Residential and Public Sector in Nigeria. Apr 21, 2015 484
29,000 jobs go in public sector. Apr 20, 2015 173
Building public sector floor cleaning and coating. Apr 18, 2015 111
Public sector accounting and reporting information system v?ak support and development services. Apr 17, 2015 259
Kuwait boasts 1753 dentists, 792 dental clinics in public sector -- minister. Apr 16, 2015 301
Global BPO Market in the Public Sector 2015-2019 with Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, Serco Global Services, TCS, Unisys & Wipro Dominating. Apr 15, 2015 626
Global BPO Market in the Public Sector 2015-2019 with Accenture, Capgemini, IBM, Serco Global Services, TCS, Unisys & Wipro Dominating. Apr 15, 2015 632
Agreement not yet reached on public sector wage increase for 2014 (Abassi). Apr 13, 2015 125
Global Public Safety Mobile Broadband Market in the Public sector 2015-2019. Apr 7, 2015 487
The Public Sector Management Training Program (PSMTP) Phase 2. Apr 7, 2015 293
The Public Sector Management Training Program (PSMTP) - Libreville Phase II. Apr 7, 2015 190
Public-sector institutions urged to play role in coping water challenges. Apr 6, 2015 489
Five training programs prepared for public sector's employment. Apr 6, 2015 207
Global BPO Market in the Public Sector 2015-2019. Apr 6, 2015 561
Innovative solutions from participating students seen at Frost & Sullivan Public Sector Case Challenge 2015. Apr 6, 2015 874
Innovative solutions from participating students seen at Frost & Sullivan Public Sector Case Challenge 2015. Apr 6, 2015 897
LinDA: Enabling Linked Data and Analytics for SMEs by Renovating Public Sector Information. Apr 2, 2015 466
Sitecore is now on GSA Schedule 70: Easily procure Sitecore today! Apr 1, 2015 783
Azerbaijan: Corporate and Public Sector Accountivility Project. Apr 1, 2015 348
The government workforce in an era of wage stagnation: with private-sector wage growth outpacing that of the public sector, attracting and keeping talented employees is more of a challenge than ever. Kellar, Elizabeth K. Apr 1, 2015 581
Public sector railways 'will see prices fall by 10%'. Mar 31, 2015 196
Support To The Public Service Transformation Programme. Mar 31, 2015 484
Guidelines issued for public sector procurement. Mar 30, 2015 184
Fire trucks for public sector. Mar 28, 2015 183
KP govt improving public sector health services. Mar 27, 2015 513
Housekeeping framework of the administration of the autonomous community of the balearic islands and the instrumental public sector agreement. Mar 26, 2015 163
MP's public sector plea over prison. Mar 24, 2015 139
Resolving public sector financial entanglements 'painful process': Mehleb. Mar 24, 2015 529
In the future, the state administration employees will have to comply with the rules of a new code of conduct and instead of taking an oath they will have to sign a statement of acceptance of the public sector employees' shared mission. Mar 24, 2015 112
Most ombudsmen have wide mandate to deal with public sector: Judge SHC. Mar 22, 2015 339
Potential Public Sector Cost-Savings from Over-the-Counter Access to Oral Contraceptives. Mar 22, 2015 146
Most ombudsmen have a wide mandate to deal with public sector: Judge SHC. Mar 21, 2015 339
Public sector accounting and reporting information system v ak support and development services. Mar 21, 2015 257
Distribution license in austria for an e-procurement solution for the public sector. Mar 21, 2015 170
Satakunta, vaasa and southwest finland hospital district and the ENland hEnlso-och sjukvENrd regions of the public sector in social and health care institutions joint procurement: human medicines, the in. Mar 21, 2015 230
Provision of National Industrial Corridor Development Programme-Public Sector Management Expert. Mar 20, 2015 104
David M. Walker Joins PwC as Senior Strategic Advisor. Mar 19, 2015 991
Latvian public sector accounting guidelines. Mar 19, 2015 150
Tungsten Network Awarded Place upon UK's G-Cloud 6 Framework & Listed on Online Public Sector Marketplace. Mar 18, 2015 568
Tungsten Network Awarded Place upon UK's G-Cloud 6 Framework & Listed on Online Public Sector Marketplace. Mar 18, 2015 574
Framework agreement for contracting the supply of automotive fuel for vehicles of government of catalonia, their autonomous entities and public sector entities of the government, through the payment s. Mar 18, 2015 152
Public Sector Can Now Deliver BIM More Easily. Mar 17, 2015 661
Collaboration between the public sector and the private sector for the project health complex. Mar 16, 2015 124
Cabinet debates public sector performance report. Mar 15, 2015 278
SMEs banking on public sector aid to fund growth. Mar 14, 2015 807
Emergency meeting of all VCs of Public Sector KP versities. Mar 14, 2015 293
commuter chaos; Bus lanes open to cars as public sector staff strike. Mar 13, 2015 247
Framework agreement for the uk-wide procurement of non half hourly supplies to public sector entities using a fixed term purchasing strategy. Mar 11, 2015 187
Procurement of half hourly supplies to public sector entities using a fixed term purchasing strategy. Mar 11, 2015 192
Framework agreement for the uk-wide procurement of non half hourly electricity supplies to public sector entities using a flexible purchasing strategy. Mar 11, 2015 187
Framework agreement for the uk-wide procurement daily metered and non-daily metered natural gas supplies to public sector entities using a fixed purchasing strategy. Mar 11, 2015 197
Pension laws to ensure retirement plans for private, public sector match. Mar 11, 2015 438
Fujitsu Becomes SAP Channel Partner, Delivering SAP Business All-in-One, SAP HANA, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Solutions to Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Utilities Businesses and the Public Sector Throughout Canada. Mar 10, 2015 889
Praise for public sector contracts web portal; FARMING. Mar 9, 2015 422
NIPSA backs strike over public sector cutbacks. Mar 9, 2015 172
Call for participants competing for a public sector job in the field - substation project. Mar 8, 2015 191
United Kingdom : Second evaluation of tax arrangements for off-payroll contracts in the public sector published. Mar 7, 2015 295
Bou Saab calls for public sector salary increase. Mar 5, 2015 191
Omani youths prefer working for Public sector even with less salary: NCSI. Mar 5, 2015 535
United Kingdom : Unused public sector land will provide over 100,000 new homes. Mar 5, 2015 289
United States : Infor Announces New Partnerships for Public Sector. Mar 4, 2015 395
Canada : New era for public sector bargaining in Alberta. Mar 3, 2015 204
Bringing accountability up to date with the realities of public sector management in the 21st century. Perrin, Burt Essay Mar 1, 2015 8136
Wages set at Premier's whim: the century-old system of an independent umpire deciding the fair wages and conditions of public sector workers in New South Wales was swept away through legislative changes introduced by then Treasurer Mike Baird. Mar 1, 2015 546
Forced to take leave without pay? Can a full-time employee in the public sector be forced to take annual leave or leave without pay on a public holiday they would normally be rostered to work--and what happens with payment? Mar 1, 2015 336
FSB welcomes public sector payment reform. Feb 26, 2015 557
Australia : Refreshed jobs website simplifies hunt for public sector employment. Feb 24, 2015 248
United States : Mace appoints Richard Shaw as operations director for the public sector in Yorkshire and the North East of England. Feb 20, 2015 310
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT Public Sector Renewal License - up to 175 licenses. Feb 19, 2015 105
Deloitte Public Sector Research Releases GAO Implementation Report. Feb 18, 2015 646
Supply of Natural Gas to Public Sector Buildings. Feb 17, 2015 287
Beacon Health Options Names Former HHS Region 1 Director as Senior Vice President, New England Region. Feb 12, 2015 585
Palo Alto Networks Continues Public Sector Momentum. Feb 12, 2015 793
Sindh Public Sector Management Reform Project in Pakistan. Feb 12, 2015 164
Australia : Shared Services Procurement to introduce an Electronic Tendering System (ETS) for the ACT public sector. Feb 12, 2015 337
Sogeti UK Continues to Deliver Solutions to the UK Public Sector Through the New G-Cloud 6 Framework. Feb 11, 2015 908
Sogeti UK Continues to Deliver Solutions to the UK Public Sector Through the New G-Cloud 6 Framework. Feb 11, 2015 903
Ooredoo empowers women in the public sector. Feb 11, 2015 227
Purchase of computer hardware for municipalities in vorarlberg, the vorarlberg, as well as other public sector clients and client based in vorarlberg. Feb 11, 2015 113
United Kingdom : KEY changes to procurement regulation in public sector set to be introduced. Feb 10, 2015 287
United Kingdom : GOVT. pushes through reforms to help smaller businesses tender for public sector work. Feb 10, 2015 240
India : GOVERNMENT decides to infuse Rs.6990 crore in nine public sector banks. Feb 9, 2015 334
Govt Summit to look at public sector as source of innovation. Feb 7, 2015 630
Panama : Enhanced Public Sector Efficiency Technical Assistance Loan. Feb 5, 2015 272
France : Ciena Appoints Franck Welter as Head of Partners, Enterprise & Public Sector, EMEA. Feb 5, 2015 313
Banking on a fairer deal for all; Milica Kitson, chief executive of CEW, explains why the Welsh Government's support for a new payment policy for public sector suppliers will benefit Welsh construction. Feb 4, 2015 615
Public Sector Enterprises Reform Program (Subprogram 1). Feb 4, 2015 417
Emirati jobseekers prefer public sector -- but private 'offers better career'. Feb 3, 2015 602
CIR008-001: Mentoring and skills support for procurement in the public sector in Scotland. Feb 2, 2015 329
Public-sector employment below pre-recession levels. Feb 1, 2015 442
Pension reform continues. Feb 1, 2015 351
Planning for employee turnover. Moyer, Chester; Winter, Jeff Feb 1, 2015 1600
Should the public sector follow Cardiff council? Cardiff council decided to cap its redundancy lump-sum payoffs at under PS21,000. Chief Reporter Martin Shipton looks at whether this is being seen as a model that should be replicated elsewhere in the Welsh public sector. Jan 30, 2015 843
WB approves $50m for improving public sector performance. Jan 30, 2015 352
WB Approves US$ 50 million for Improving Public Sector Performance to Boost Growth in Sindh. Jan 30, 2015 352
United States : World Bank Approves US$ 50 million for Improving Public Sector Performance to Boost Growth in Sindh. Jan 30, 2015 365
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro Strengthening Public Sector Management Technical Assistance Project. Jan 28, 2015 274
Brazil,Germany : Brazil s Minas Gerais Drives Innovation in the Public Sector. Jan 28, 2015 238
Chief Executive Officers: Riyadh Global Competitiveness Forum discusses ways of raising public sector competitiveness. Jan 26, 2015 248
'To rescue our society - and equality back in the priority today should be - to put greater social justice heart of government - the faster, fairer greener growth' The austerity policies choking the UK's economy should be ditched and, instead, PS60bn should be pumped into the public sector in two. Jan 24, 2015 421
Public sector pension gripe. Jan 24, 2015 211
United Kingdom : Carillion signs contracts worth approximately Au200 million to provide facilities management services for public sector prisons. Jan 24, 2015 281
Canada : Genetec to Support New Microsoft Cloud for Government Service Addressing Compliance and Security Requirements for U.S. Public Sector. Jan 23, 2015 309
United Kingdom : Hamilton impressed by public sector innovation in Europe. Jan 23, 2015 445
Performance Architects, Inc. Grows Public Sector Sales Channel Through Partnership with DLT Solutions. Jan 21, 2015 691
Tories would cut more NI jobs if they win next election; Union chief fears more public sector lay-offs. Jan 21, 2015 343
20,000 CIVIL SERVANTS FACE AXE IN NEXT 4YRS; 10% of public sector staff will go to save cash; Redundancies to cost hundreds of millions; Robinson tells MLAs all lay-offs will be voluntary. Jan 20, 2015 621
Jamaica,United Kingdom,United States : WORLD BANK among other donors helping JAMAICA to complete a public sector transformation project. Jan 20, 2015 287
Supply of Natural Gas to Public Sector Buildings. Jan 16, 2015 240
A very public quarrel; The Conservatives' plan to make it more difficult for public sector workers to take industrial action is backed by business chiefs but could leave it open to accusations of hypocrisy and may cost it votes in the North East. MikE kElly reports. Jan 12, 2015 1341
Public sector employment. Jan 12, 2015 178
Jomaa, Abassi discuss pay increases in public sector and civil service. Jan 11, 2015 134
Don't destroy services worth weight in gold; Former Western Mail Welsh Woman of the Year Rhoda Emlyn-Jones, who has helped develop drug and alcohol servicers over a 30-year public sector career, writes passionately about what she sees as the destruction of so many small services... Jan 9, 2015 558
Design and Architecture (NDA)- "time thief in the public sector. Jan 7, 2015 234
Public Sector Enterprises Reform Program. Jan 6, 2015 276
Public sector will have no silver left. Jan 6, 2015 267
No salaries issued for Palestinian public sector. Jan 6, 2015 234
Investment ministry to comprehensively restructure 125 public sector companies: Salman. Jan 5, 2015 630
More autonomy to public sector banks a must: Jaitley. Jan 3, 2015 420
What the public sector's expense fraud headaches can teach the private sector. Rich, Alan Jan 1, 2015 824
No end in sight to nightmare of cuts in public sector. Dec 29, 2014 755
Gone - 59,000 of our public sector jobs since 2010. Dec 29, 2014 206
Public sector jobs blitzed. Dec 29, 2014 296
179 apply for PS7k job; Cuts in the public sector have seen the number of new roles squeezed. Dec 27, 2014 563
Al-Sisi obliges financial services, public sector to pay income tax electronically. Dec 24, 2014 368
Public sector structural reforms vital for good governance: Ahsan. Dec 23, 2014 456
'Oman needs reform on public sector employment benefits'. Dec 21, 2014 393
SPIN THE MONEY; NURSES GET 1%, OSBORNE'S PAL 19%; Chancellor's key aide and architect of public sector pay freeze gets huge rise. Dec 19, 2014 1244
38,000 FEWER WORKING IN PUBLIC SECTOR. Dec 18, 2014 219
KBZ Announces Organizational Updates Enhanced Focus on Public Sector and Cloud Services. Dec 18, 2014 486
United Kingdom : Hamilton discusses public sector driven innovation with Swedish Government Agency. Dec 18, 2014 282
Public sector hiring freeze. Dec 18, 2014 133
Electrical power and natural gas for the public sector of the autonomous community of la rioja. Dec 17, 2014 144
Public Sector Outsourcing Market in the UK 2014-2018. Dec 16, 2014 563
United States : DWOLLA partners with MICROSOFT to create government cloud security services. Dec 12, 2014 435
India : Capital requirement of Public Sector Banks - Raising capital from public markets by broad basing shareholding. Dec 11, 2014 462
India : Interest subvention to Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Cooperative Banks, RRBs, NABARD for providing short term crop loan to farmers. Dec 11, 2014 401
Going from bad to worse for public sector employees; GILL HALE on why 2014 has been a year of unrest. Dec 10, 2014 943
United States : Microsoft announces US general availability of Microsoft Azure Government. Dec 10, 2014 413
GCR Inc. Appoints New Director of Public Sector, Technology Management Solutions. Dec 8, 2014 444
Moody's: GCC banks to benefit from public sector spending in 2015. Dec 6, 2014 604
Wales is braced for more austerity in the public sector. Dec 4, 2014 590
Public-sector partner returns to North East. Dec 4, 2014 383
XMAS STUFFING; CHANCELLOR'S STATEMENT 2014: FIVE MORE YEARS OF AUSTERITY; PS30billion extra cuts on way; New public sector pay freeze; Workers left worse off again. Dec 4, 2014 1540
XMAS STUFFING; CHANCELLOR'S STATEMENT 2014: FIVE MORE YEARS OF AUSTERITY; PS30 billion extra cuts on way; New public sector pay freeze; Workers left worse off again. Dec 4, 2014 1529
Wealth gap: Blessing and curse; Richest work in the public sector. Clausing, Jeri; Bryan, Susan Montoya Dec 4, 2014 761
A pragmatic study on the service gap analysis of an Indian public sector bank. Rengaswamy, Nalini; Ramachandran, Amudha; Rengaswamy, Radha; Venkatarayareddiar, Sujatha Report Dec 1, 2014 6352
Pension talking points support public-sector DB plans. Dec 1, 2014 384
Report casts unfair clouds on public-sector procurement: a recent report on improving public-sector procurement practices had one problem--failing to consider how the technology sector could improve, as well. Roque, Rob Dec 1, 2014 1878
Role of private and public sectors in Oman lauded. Nov 29, 2014 710
Queens Park Medical Centre, Stockton [...]; Public Sector. Nov 26, 2014 124
Public sector specialist returns to North East. Nov 26, 2014 197
Austerity 'threat to thousands more public sector jobs' Plaid: Private sector growth often low-pay work. Nov 26, 2014 459
Rimini Street gets UK public sector enterprise application support services agreement. Nov 26, 2014 176
Australia : Telstra announces plans for Government Cloud. Nov 25, 2014 374
United Kingdom : Carillion appointed preferred bidder to provide facilities management services in public sector prisons, worth up to approximately Au200 million over five years. Nov 24, 2014 300
PM: Implementation of roadmap for public sector reform successful. Nov 20, 2014 262
Provide facilities management services in public sector prisons. Nov 20, 2014 180
Provision of Electronic filing service in the public sector. Nov 20, 2014 137
Finland : OPPEX raises $1.5M to let you search for sales and tender opportunities in the public sector. Nov 19, 2014 238
LAPSI 2.0: Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information 2.0. Nov 18, 2014 440
60 complaints registered in public sector. Nov 16, 2014 178
Canada : BlackBerry Announces Agreement with Salesforce to Promote Public Sector Productivity. Nov 14, 2014 393
Public sector expert joins top North law firm. Nov 13, 2014 400
PS325m public sector IT system halted. Nov 12, 2014 220
PwC's Public Sector Practice Receives 2014 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Nov 12, 2014 757
United Kingdom : UK government making it easier for Welsh SMEs to win more public sector contracts. Nov 11, 2014 389
Wage negotiations in public sector to be discussed by 7+7 Committee meeting. Nov 11, 2014 105
PM for new reforms to improve efficiency of public sector departments. Nov 7, 2014 336
'Clarity needed' over public sector pay. Nov 6, 2014 186
Verizon Secures FedRAMP Authorization for Its Public Sector Cloud-Computing Platform. Nov 6, 2014 481
Partnership aims to help public sector become more efficient. Nov 5, 2014 420
Minister briefs US Ambassador on public sector reform. Nov 4, 2014 101
Rwanda Public Sector Governance Program For Results. Nov 4, 2014 227
Staff and bed distribution in public sector mental health services in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Sukeri, K.; Alonso-Betancourt, O.; Emsley, R. Report Nov 1, 2014 5255
Public Sector Minister discusses cooperation with UNDP director. Oct 27, 2014 141
United Kingdom : Women remain underrepresented in senior public sector leadership posts across G20 countries. Oct 25, 2014 235
CYPRUS: [eth]O[eth][pounds sterling]F insists on new public sector wage cuts in 2016. Oct 23, 2014 590
SunGard Public Sector and Socrata Announce Strategic Engagement. Oct 23, 2014 1092
Missions mandate to control public-sector work. Oct 22, 2014 172
No need to quit to apply for public sector jobs in Oman. Oct 21, 2014 502
Public sector drives banks' loan growth in Sept: QNBFS. Oct 20, 2014 467
Fire trucks for public sector. Oct 20, 2014 198
United Kingdom : Ministers welcome recommendations of first public sector Innovation Lab. Oct 17, 2014 423
PUBLIC SECTOR STAFF DEMAND 5% INCREASE; Union members stage 24-hour strike. Oct 16, 2014 315
Cisco makes public sector push at GITEX. Oct 16, 2014 213
Australia : BT secures Public-Sector Broadband Contract from Welsh Assembly. Oct 16, 2014 196
United Kingdom : AdEPT Telecom inks 2-year extension deal for its Public Sector Contract in the UK. Oct 16, 2014 150
Officials start public sector jobs cull plan. Oct 15, 2014 177
Investment ministry forms advisory committee for public sector management. Oct 14, 2014 619
Experian addresses fraud and cybersecurity challenges as risks mount for banks, retailers and public sector. Oct 13, 2014 1036
Strike in public sector over pay is called off. Oct 10, 2014 433
United States : Regence BlueShield names New Vice President of Account Management for Public Sector. Oct 8, 2014 164
Spinnaker Support Begins Software Maintenance and Support for United Kingdom Public Sector. Oct 2, 2014 637
Spinnaker Support Begins Software Maintenance and Support for United Kingdom Public Sector. Oct 2, 2014 640
Innovative approaches to procurement. Boggs, Marcy Oct 1, 2014 956
Mythics Recognized with Four Prestigious Oracle Excellence Awards for Specialized Partner of the Year. Sep 28, 2014 703
Private and public sector holidays announced for Eid Al Adha in the UAE. Sep 27, 2014 213
Public sector strike growing; BRITAIN TODAY. Sep 27, 2014 105
Public sector needs better human resource management. Sep 26, 2014 481
Eid holidays for public sector announced. Sep 25, 2014 203
United Kingdom : EBRD promotes energy efficiency projects in the Serbian public sector. Sep 25, 2014 416
Public sector workers 'don't trust bosses' In Brief. Sep 24, 2014 128
Singapore : SINGAPORE again notes the need for private and public sectors, as well as researchers to boost cyber ecosystem. Sep 24, 2014 203
VAT hike part of Preliminary formula to resolve public sector salaries. Sep 24, 2014 337
Global Public Sector Outsourcing Market 2014-2018. Sep 23, 2014 520
United States : TechAmerica to Enhance Public Sector Outreach. Sep 23, 2014 362
Oman Competitiveness Forum to deliberate on public sector innovation. Sep 23, 2014 411
TechAmerica to Enhance Public Sector Outreach. Sep 23, 2014 889
Implementation of a payment service for credit card debt collection public sector. Sep 22, 2014 118

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