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Psychic Barber.

Byline: Gordon Smith
For other people by this name see Gordon Smith (disambiguation)

Gordon Harold Smith (born May 25, 1952) is Oregon's junior United States Senator, currently serving his second term. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Dear Gordon,

I lost my brother last year. He was my best pal Best Pal (born February 12, 1988 in Ramona, California - died November 24, 1998 in Ramona, California) was a champion racehorse, who to this day holds the record for purses of any California-bred racehorse, earning his owners, the Golden Eagle Farm, US$5.  and I never got the chance to tell him goodbye. I'm sure he is around me but it would be nice to get some confirmation. Tell him his big sister loves and prays for him every day.

Jess jesse, jess

a leather strap placed around each shank of a hawk used for hunting, for the attachment of a leash.
, Stirling

Dear Jess,

When I tuned in to your letter I felt the presence of your brother coming very close to me. He is often very close to you and you have seen him several times in your dream state. He is with Liz on the other side and she sends you her love. Your brother thanks you for the prayers and he knows how much you love him.

Dear Gordon,

People say that the dead can't hurt you, but recently I have been very frightened fright·en  
v. fright·ened, fright·en·ing, fright·ens
1. To fill with fear; alarm.

 that my dad appears to me because I never got on with him and I never went to his funeral. I don't know why all of a sudden I am feeling like this, but I'm sure he is in my room every night and it really frightens me. Is there any way of helping me so that I won't see him anymore?

Mary T, Glasgow

Dear Mary,

The fear that you are experiencing is just your own fear of meeting your father again. I do not sense him coming anywhere near you, especially when you feel the way you do. It is not the way of the spirit world to hurt us or scare us. Your grandmother on your mother's family is on the other side and wants you to know that she guides and protects you and that no one would get past her. Don't worry about anyone harming you when you have this type of protection.

Dear Gordon,

I lost two children and now I have lost my mother. I would love to know I am not on my own. Even though I do have people around me I still think of the ones I have lost and would love to know that they are not gone. I am 77 this year and have many sad memories of my sons who were taken from me so young.

Val Stuart, Dunbartonshire

Dear Val,

I sense your mother standing beside you and I feel that she wants you to know that she was greeted by your boys when she went over. I do sense that one of your sons passed when he was just a baby and I feel the other passed when he was still a teenager Teenager
See also Adolescence.

Ah, Wilderness!

high-school senior has problems with girls and his father. [Am. Drama: O’Neill Ah, Wilderness! in Sobel, 15]

Aldrich, Henry

teenaged film character of the 1940s. [Am.
. Both want you to know they are always around you and that you are never on your own. Your mother mentions your birthday and says that it is at the very end of the year and that all of your spirit family will be with you at that time.

Dear Gordon,

My husband was killed in a road accident two years ago and I haven't been able to move on as it hurts me so much. We have two beautiful sons who I love with all my heart, but I cry when I think of how much their father will miss as they grow. I really need to hear something from him.

Terri Smith, Argyll Argyll or Argyllshire, former county, W central Scotland. Under the Local Government Act of 1973, Argyll was divided between the new Highland and Strathclyde regions in 1975, with most of the county becoming part of Strathclyde.  

Dear Terri,

I do get a strong feeling of your husband and he makes me aware that he passed when he was on his way to work. He knows how much you hurt as you never got to say goodbye to him. There is not a moment of the day when he is not by your side and he wants you to know that he will always watch over his sons and follow all that they do and achieve. He will always love and watch over you.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 15, 2007
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