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Mail readers back red light zone idea; MOVE WOULD KEEP PROSTITUTION AWAY FROM RESIDENTS. Jan 30, 2016 384
Hope and Freedom from Sex Trafficking. Jan 23, 2016 242
Woman held over 'human trafficking'. Jan 22, 2016 111
Getting Screwed: Sex Workers and the Law. Nolan Brown, Elizabeth Book review Jan 21, 2016 153
Language barrier: prostitution in Europe. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Brief article Jan 18, 2016 248
doTERRA's Donation helps Operation Underground Railroad Save Children from Human Trafficking. Jan 15, 2016 639
Should a UK city be giving the green light to a red light zone? Jan 13, 2016 1014
Should a UK city be giving the green light to a red light zone? Jan 13, 2016 964
Plea for clues on vice network. Jan 11, 2016 723
JuST:Faith Summit Announced -- The Church Responds to Sex Trafficking. Jan 11, 2016 445
Khloe's sick ex 'taken to a rehab unit'. Jan 10, 2016 123
MP's plea over child refugees; NEWS WIRE. Jan 5, 2016 206
Brothel trio in Dubai jailed after cleaver row. Jan 4, 2016 236
Freedom Challenge Leads Groundbreaking Anti-Human Trafficking Law Approval Protecting 200,000 Women & Children In Top Slavery Area. Dec 30, 2015 906
570 women sell sex over Xmas; Call to follow North on prostitution law. Dec 28, 2015 284
Around the region. Dec 24, 2015 359
One Voice Can Make a Big Difference. Dec 21, 2015 843
Network of brothels trafficker is locked up. Dec 12, 2015 202
Support builds for sexual offences laws. Dec 12, 2015 142
Karnataka gets Kerala's ' kiss of love'. Dec 10, 2015 246
MADAME CYN GETS LAID .. TO REST; Funeral of the brothel keeper is as bright and as colourful as her long life. Dec 10, 2015 240
Journalist says police insulted her by asking for statement at vice unit. Dec 8, 2015 389
Vice unit asks female journalist for statement over news article. Dec 8, 2015 389
Eight face court as cops swoop on town brothels; In Brief. Dec 7, 2015 113
Demand soars for sex trafficking charity. Dec 7, 2015 108
Drug addict who disembowelled his girlfriend avoids jail for visiting brothel; afternoon trip broke court order. Dec 3, 2015 453
Prostitute who offered sex parties sent to jail. Dec 2, 2015 286
Turning off the red light: though there are many objections to the legalization of prostitution, does criminalization do more harm than good? Shucart, Brenden Dec 1, 2015 705
Get a grip on illegal vice trade. Editorial Dec 1, 2015 241
700 WOMEN FOR SALE IN IRELAND; RTE documentary points finger at criminal gangs in sex trade. Dec 1, 2015 409
Art and prostitution. Nead, Lynda Dec 1, 2015 2444
Welder jailed for attacking student with cleaver. Nov 24, 2015 370
Brothel worker in Dubai leapt to her death. Nov 23, 2015 256
A lord who liked dressing as Bo Peep, a vicar with a thing for plump angels and a top barrister who wore heels and stockings; FAREWELL TO ADAME CYN... & HER MAD WORLD. Nov 17, 2015 1360
A lord who liked dressing as Bo Peep, a vicar with a thing for plump angels and a top barrister who wore heels and stockings; FAREWELL TO MADAME CYN... & HER MAD WORLD. Nov 17, 2015 1348
MADAME CYN DIES AGED 82; Luncheon Voucher brothel hostess for rich & powerful. Nov 16, 2015 351
Brothel owner ordered to repay PS25,000 proceeds. Nov 14, 2015 505
New Study on Child Sex Trafficking Laws in the U.S. Shows Growing Divide Among States. Nov 11, 2015 483
Dubai runaway maid accused of stabbing man over prostitute claim. Nov 10, 2015 215
Police raid exposes city brothel run by woman; MAN FOUND IN JUST HIS BOXER SHORTS WITH A PROSTITUTE. Nov 7, 2015 372
What happened to the vice kingpin's fortune? Nov 7, 2015 702
Sickening child sex shame of city man; judge's warning after pervert used social media sites to groom his victims. Nov 6, 2015 397
Crack addict breaks court order with a brothel visit; HE'D BEEN JAILED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER AFTER SLASHING GIRLFRIEND. Nov 4, 2015 343
Squaring up: experiences of transition from off-street sex work to square work and duality--concurrent involvement in both--in Vancouver, BC. Bowen, Raven R. Report Nov 1, 2015 8931
Quotes. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 146
The war on sex trafficking is the new war on drugs; and the results will be just as disastrous, for "perpetrators" and "victims" alike. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Nov 1, 2015 7310
Constitutional prostitution: a California lawsuit could bring sex work out into the open. Weissmueller, Zach Nov 1, 2015 793
Khloe: We're not a couple; Star speaks out on Lamar brothel binge. Oct 29, 2015 230
South Africa : Minister Michael Masutha welcomes conviction of human trafficker. Oct 29, 2015 377
'Brothel robbery' lie. Oct 28, 2015 169
Should prostitution be legalised in Egypt? Oct 27, 2015 1484
Trafficked Dubai housemaids will not be prosecuted. Oct 25, 2015 543
Odom 'had 12 strokes'. Oct 25, 2015 129
police swoop to close down suspected city brothel; Eight 'sex workers' freed and one woman arrested. Oct 25, 2015 280
Brothel shut down after neighbours report strange men. Oct 21, 2015 456
Lamar makes progress after brothel collapse. Oct 20, 2015 267
Fighting the sex trade: could the Swedish model work in Cyprus? Oct 18, 2015 1155
BROTHEL GRANNIES BUSTED; WAGES OF SIN OAP PAYS PRICE OF VICE Sex den madam, 72, forced to cough up PS43k over seedy flat where prostitute in her 60s worked. Oct 17, 2015 492
They're praying for a miracle; Kardashians prepare for death of Khloe's ex husband Lamar. Oct 16, 2015 942
Kardashian ex fights for life after brothel bender; 6ft 10in NBA star Lamar Odom had been on 4-day herbal Viagra romp. Oct 15, 2015 273
Brothel workers said stricken ex-NBA star Odom had been using coke. Oct 15, 2015 770
'10 Viagra, cocaine, opiates, heroin and a bottle of cognac'... hours later Khloe's ex was found unconscious... TRAGEDY HITS REALITY TV DYNASTY; Star fights for life after brothel collapse. Oct 15, 2015 848
Location Kirstie & house of ill repute; Seedy brothel being run from a flat owned by TV property guru's boyfriend. Oct 15, 2015 544
Vice den owners referred to Public Prosecution. Oct 14, 2015 434
Cypriot jailed in Egypt for soliciting prostitution, foreign ministry says. Oct 14, 2015 316
Motorists are 'offered sex' at migrant car washes. Oct 9, 2015 275
CAR WASH BROTHELS; Drivers offered women for sex. Oct 9, 2015 312
Duo goes on trial in UAE for online prostitution. Oct 7, 2015 225
I have MPs, rockers and royals in my little black book and they should be afraid. Very afraid; HIGH SOCIETY MADAM REVEALS HER EXPLOSIVE MEMOIRS OF BLUE-CHIP ESCORT AGENCY. Oct 4, 2015 1546
get on bawd; Parked in a suburban street, the camper van where sex is for sale EXCLUSIVE BY INVESTIGATIONS REPORTER. Oct 4, 2015 708
'Amnesty's plan to decriminalise buyers of sex is a wrong move' Ex-prostitute fears expansion of trade. Oct 3, 2015 541
Arrest for running a brothel. Oct 2, 2015 140
Brothel man made PS500k, court is told. Oct 1, 2015 698
Picking up the pieces. Gary, Heather Grennan Cover story Oct 1, 2015 3725
Agencies call for sex abuse laws action. Sep 28, 2015 103
SEX TRAFFICKERS POCKETING [euro]219M A YEAR IN IRELAND; Move to change 'lax' laws against prostitution. Sep 26, 2015 404
She was "a comon night walker abusing him & being of ill behaviour": violence and prostitution in eighteenth-century London. Steinberg, Jessica Report Sep 22, 2015 9740
Brothel keeper has her prison term cut; JUDGE RULES: MY SENTENCE WAS 'TOO SEVERE'. Sep 12, 2015 423
City centre brothel made neighbours' lives a misery; rowdy visitors and noisy activity kept residents awake. Sep 9, 2015 381
Quake- hit Nepali girls trapped in Saudi sex racket. Sep 9, 2015 691
Combating Child Trafficking. Sep 9, 2015 115
Lengthy jail terms for members of abuse ring. Sep 8, 2015 513
O.U.R. Host Charity Gala to Rescue Children in Sex Trafficking. Sep 3, 2015 486
Woman in Dubai jailed for prostitution after bag theft. Sep 2, 2015 220
Get down to business with the sex trade; Prostitute and reality TV star Kate's bid to decriminalise world's oldest profession. Sep 2, 2015 491
Man jailed in Dubai for forcing sisters into prostitution. Sep 1, 2015 291
FIVE HOURS AMSTERDAM. Aug 30, 2015 1020
12 men to face trial over child sex ring probe. Aug 28, 2015 455
OAP is accused of role in child prostitute ring. Aug 26, 2015 351
Men face charges over child rape and prostitution. Aug 25, 2015 442
Mother and son remanded suspected of living off prostitution. Aug 25, 2015 155
Drunk and high on marijuana, Steve McQueen almost got me killed in a Mexican brothel; ROBERT VAUGHN first man from u.n.c.l.e. talks of high life. Aug 21, 2015 1317
Drunk and high on marijuana, Steve McQueen almost got me killed in a Mexican brothel; ROBERT VAUGHN ON LIFE ASFIRST MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 21, 2015 1405
Coleen: Make prostitution legal and sex selling safer. Aug 21, 2015 157
Coleen: Legalise prostitutes; Selling sex needs to be safer, she claims. Aug 21, 2015 167
Drunk and high on marijuana, Steve McQueen almost got me killed in a Mexican brothel; ROBERT VAUGHN ON LIFE AS FIRST MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 21, 2015 1420
Drunk and high on marijuana, Steve McQueen almost got me killed in a Mexican brothel; ROBERT VAUGHN ON LIFE AS FIRST MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. Aug 21, 2015 1447
O'Connor Institute SAFE Action Project Now Offers Unique Online Training. Aug 20, 2015 401
Ten men appear in city court on sex ring charges. Aug 19, 2015 478
Thirteen people jailed for trafficking and sexual exploitation. Aug 19, 2015 287
Three charged for trafficking and forcing two teenagers into prostitution. Aug 19, 2015 145
Enders star always wanted my girls to join him in the back of his van..he'd had it modified for sex; MADAM: SOAP LEGEND WAS A PUNTER AT 'HEATH BROTHEL; 'PM-PROBE COPS SEIZE BOOK WITH ACTOR'S NAME. Aug 16, 2015 1197
Heath was not a paedo... just a sad gay old man; Brothel madam claims over PM. Aug 12, 2015 293
South Korean, 80, sets himself on fire in anti-Japan WWII protest. Aug 12, 2015 719
Purchase of sex should be a crime. Aug 11, 2015 199
A VERY British Brothel (Channel 4, Monday) [...]. Aug 8, 2015 122
Rael supports Amnesty International's effort to decriminalize prostitution. Aug 8, 2015 246
Rael supports Amnesty International's effort to decriminalize prostitution. Aug 8, 2015 285
MADAME LING-LING: I DID NOT ACCUSE TED HEATH; Madam denies threat to expose former PM. Aug 6, 2015 446
MADAME LING-LING: I DID NOT ACCUSE TED HEATH; Brothel boss denies threat to expose PM. Aug 6, 2015 446
The brothel madam, the former PM and a police 'cover-up' TED HEATH SCANDAL: DID THE ESTABLISHMENT HIDE SECRET?Predator Savile 'got boys to take on his yacht'; Cops probe claim case was ditched to shield him; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 4, 2015 976
The brothel madam, the former PM and a police 'cover-up' TED HEATH SCANDAL: HOW ESTABLISHMENT HID SECRET; Vile paedo Savile 'got boys to take on his yacht'; Cops probe claim case was ditched to shield him; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 4, 2015 987
The brothel madam, the former PM and a police 'cover-up' TED HEATH SCANDAL: HOW ESTABLISHMENT HID SECRET; 'Cops probe claim case was ditched to shield him; Vile paedo Savile 'got boys to take on his yacht; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 4, 2015 987
The brothel madam, the former PM and police cover-up; HEATH SEX ABUSE CLAIMS POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT ROCKED Westminster. stunned as Edward Heath Westminster stunned as Edward Heath is linked to child abuse scandal and police appeal for witnesses. Aug 4, 2015 813
Watchman helps pimp to cover up woman's suicide. Aug 3, 2015 479
Absconding maid jailed for working in prostitution. Aug 2, 2015 388
The criminalization of sexual commerce in Canada: context and concepts for critical analysis. Davies, Jacqueline M. Aug 1, 2015 12109
Saloons, Prostitutes, and Temperance in Alaska Territory. Book review Aug 1, 2015 151
US say Iran doing nothing to thwart modern slavery. Jul 31, 2015 239
Alleged prostitutes' dens: Special squad set up at Women Police Station. Jul 31, 2015 135
Certain embassies patronize brothels in Islamabad: Nisar. Jul 31, 2015 385
Council 'was contacted twice' over idea of prostitution zone. Jul 30, 2015 352
Prostitution-zone plan 'all talk'. Jul 29, 2015 232
Shared responsibility to combat modern slavery. Jul 29, 2015 870
United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons. Jul 27, 2015 709
Word on the web. Jul 27, 2015 153
Police considering 'designated prostitution area' in Newport. Jul 27, 2015 871
PEER PRESSURE; LORD SEWEL: THE 'COKE AND CALL GIRLS' SCANDAL; Disgraced Lord Sewel faces calls to quit the Lords; Claims of drug-fuelled sex party referred to police. Jul 27, 2015 1556
PEER PRESSURE; LORD SEWEL: THE 'COKE AND CALL GIRLS' SCANDAL; Disgraced Lord Sewel faces calls to quit the Lords; Claims of drug-fuelled sex party referred to police. Jul 27, 2015 1572
PEER PRESSURE; LORD SEWEL: THE 'COKE AND CALL GIRLS' SCANDAL; Disgraced Lord Sewel faces calls to quit the Lords; Claims of drug-fuelled sex party referred to police; Long line of badly; behaved Members. Jul 27, 2015 1640
Delivery man jailed for groping customer. Jul 26, 2015 198
PLAN FOR 'MANAGED' PROSTITUTION IN CITY SPARKS AMSTERDAM SLEAZE FEARS; Police behind scheme thought to be first of its kind in Wales. Jul 26, 2015 882
GALWAY VICES; HOOKERS BETTING ON RICH PICKINGS AT BIG SPORTS EVENT; Squad of sex workers heading West in bid to woo punters at festival; Support group insists buyers are helping to fuel organised crime in Ireland; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 26, 2015 723
Sex-ring six face jail for abusing schoolgirls, 12. Jul 25, 2015 641
SMS on murder to police exposes 3 human traffickers. Jul 21, 2015 522
Brothel Owner Says Ashley Madison Hacking Victims' Privacy Would've Been Safe With His Prostitutes. Jul 21, 2015 490
Mary Magdalene Project Announces New Name and Partners with the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office to Rebuild the Lives of Child Victims of Sex Traffickers. Jul 15, 2015 703
Brothel in Dubai raided after rent boy cleaver row. Jul 14, 2015 306
Los Angeles Charitable Foundation Summer Celebration Benefits Children of the Night. Jul 12, 2015 432
Nuclear talks may bore most of world, but not Vienna's whores. Jul 10, 2015 544
Ex-coach guilty in prostitution sting. Jul 9, 2015 480
Epstein pals 'spared child sex charges'. Jul 9, 2015 125
Nevada's Bunny Ranch Brothel Offering Free Weddings To Gay Couples. Jul 2, 2015 520
Even in a brothel. Larkin, Geri Jul 1, 2015 721
Sex workers of the world, unite! Nolan Brown, Elizabeth Book review Jul 1, 2015 146
Prostitution in Thailand: representations in fiction and narrative non-fiction. Lines, Lisa Report Jul 1, 2015 7523
Climate change, legal prostitution and the pine beetle. Frost, Calvin Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2015 1437
Bunny Ranch Hooker Asks To Be First Woman Featured On New Ten Dollar Bill. Jun 25, 2015 504
Woman accused of running city brothel. Jun 24, 2015 168
Drugs, Smuggling, Prostitution Were 0.28% of Bulgaria's GDP in 2013. Jun 22, 2015 167
Child trafficking boomed in Nepal after devastating earthquake. Jun 20, 2015 456
Famed Nevada Brothel Bans Embattled Reality Star Josh Duggar From Entry, Citing Concerns For Safety Of Their Legal Prostitutes. Jun 11, 2015 502
Massage parlour is 'not a sex shop' Application to extend opening hours is rejected. Jun 10, 2015 437
Sex is not a career's slavery. Jun 10, 2015 580
What the Moroccan film ban tells us about how the Mideast sees the country's women. Jun 10, 2015 133
Dubai resident climbing Kilimanjaro for trafficking victims. Jun 10, 2015 428
PIMPS GO OVER THE BORDER; Warning after law clampdown in North. Jun 2, 2015 350
PIMPS GO OVER THE BORDER; Warning after Stormont law clampdown. Jun 2, 2015 341
Man hopes to raise $10,000 for human trafficking victims in India. Jun 1, 2015 649
Woman cleared of having paid sex. May 31, 2015 423
Hookers, handbags and school fees... How 'bribes for Vice: Call girls were allegedly used as bribes FIFA chiefs' have changed; Insider's claims over footie scandal. May 31, 2015 520
Sanctuary for Families (SFF), a leading service provider and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and related forms of gender violence, received a generous gift of more than $100,000 from the Association of Contracting Plumbers of the City of New York (ACP). May 27, 2015 116
BROTHEL QUEEN'S PS1MILLION SPANKING; Madam Moneybags forced to hand over immoral earnings after massive proceeds of crime ruling BROTHEL MADAM PS1M PROCEEDS OF CRIME VICTORY FOR COPS Catching & jailing organised criminals is just for starters .. then we go after their DIRTY MONPSY End of luxury lifestyle for vice queen, 63. May 26, 2015 796
2 transgender men arrested on prostitution charges. May 25, 2015 574
2 transgender men arrested on prostitution charges. May 25, 2015 204
Cop draws flak for remarks on N- E girls. May 21, 2015 329
Rights4Girls: "JVTA Marks a Pivotal Step Forward in the Fight Against Trafficking". May 19, 2015 334
Ajman couple jailed for running brothel at home. May 19, 2015 232
I slept with hookers but I was only a boy .. it's not a big deal; COUNCILLOR'S SHOCK CONFESSION Colleagues left gobsmacked by SNP veteran's speech at public meeting. May 15, 2015 513
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. May 10, 2015 957
' Placement agencies hub of trafficking'. May 10, 2015 350
Traffickers targeted. May 10, 2015 125
New unit to fight human trafficking. May 10, 2015 380
CHILDREN AT RISK Releases Research on Sex Trafficking. May 5, 2015 615
Counsellor: access to prostitutes can fuel addiction. May 3, 2015 217
The Guards would take my money and let me go.. back to the beatings and fear of deportation; INVESTIGATES: TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN SEX SLAVE TRADE. May 3, 2015 893
Victims pay real price of prostitution; VOICE OF THE. Editorial May 3, 2015 270
Arrestation de 18 femmes dont une mineure. May 2, 2015 171
'Violent' sex offender nabbed in Pa.; Man on Most Wanted list fled area in 2013. Thompson, Elaine May 1, 2015 490
Pimp and wife jailed for money laundering. May 1, 2015 142
Training needed on sex trafficking. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2015 175
Grassroots legislation and sex work, Argentina. Brief article May 1, 2015 301
Speaking of sex workers: how suppression of research has distorted the United States' domestic HIV response. Forbes, Anna May 1, 2015 4484
'It's just skin', says the new brothel goddess in Game of Thrones. Apr 30, 2015 910
Coppers are non-PC; PICK OF THE DAY Inspector George Gently (BBC1, 8pm). Apr 29, 2015 299
TODAY'S TV. Apr 29, 2015 393
Coppers are non-PC. Apr 29, 2015 290
Coppers are non-PC. Apr 29, 2015 304
Coppers are non-PC; PICK OF THE DAY Inspector George Gently (BBC1, 8pm). Apr 29, 2015 295
Just one prostitution charge made by police. Apr 25, 2015 400
Gently does it for me these days; Denise Welch on how a guest role in 60s detective show is helping her shake off her booze-fuelled party girl image to concentrate on acting WORDS RICK FULTON. Apr 25, 2015 974
Jaywalking lands illegal affair baby mum in court. Apr 25, 2015 278
1 IN 10 MEN HAVE PAID FOR SEX.. New cross-border drive urges men to take stand against prostitution. Apr 23, 2015 538
1 IN 10 MEN HAVE PAID FOR SEX.. New cross-border drive urges men to take stand against prostitution. Apr 23, 2015 569
Stabbing probe reveals prostitution ring. Apr 22, 2015 262
Bunny Ranch Sex Workers Announce Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton For President With "Hookers For Hillary" Initiative. Apr 20, 2015 619
Man held for forcing 34 women into prostitution. Apr 19, 2015 159
The girl was sitting in her little paddling pool, telling me what the men in the brothel used to say to her. She was nine; REVEALED HORROR OF TRAFFICKING. Apr 19, 2015 564
Couple arrested for prostitution, human trafficking. Apr 18, 2015 151
PKK raids E[currency]anlyurfa home of Syrian refugees in anti-prostitution crackdown. Apr 10, 2015 337
Sex abuse report 'not covered up'. Apr 9, 2015 366
Woman who cried rape in dock for prostitution. Apr 8, 2015 336
60s band linked to DJ Savile. Apr 7, 2015 185
60s pop group 'visited savile paedo brothel'. Apr 7, 2015 200
Illicit liquor seized at Al Wajajah border. Apr 6, 2015 218
WIRRAL MAN RAN VICE DEN; Accused, 64, admits managing brothel on eve of his trial. Apr 3, 2015 455
MADAMS BAILED BACK TO BROTHEL; Pair freed to live at escort agency. Apr 3, 2015 366
Woman denies being a prostitute, but partner admits to having sex with her. Apr 2, 2015 292
Traffickers lure woman to UAE with promise of college course. Mar 31, 2015 289
Pimp faces trial for money laundering. Mar 30, 2015 385
Bail-in was reasonable though not palatable. Mar 29, 2015 1035
5% of students have worked in fund lifestyles and avoid debt, sex industry to research reveals; Sex work must be a choice, never a necessity, says union. Mar 27, 2015 1449
Students 'are turning to sex work to pay for their studies'. Mar 27, 2015 1526
10 years' prison for labourer in trafficking case. Mar 25, 2015 132
Vice gang arrested. Mar 25, 2015 384
I/ IS 25 years since Pretty Woman hit our. Mar 25, 2015 534
Double-life cop 'deserves every day of 7-year term'. Mar 25, 2015 547
Uproar over call to legalise prostitution. Mar 24, 2015 465
Our View: Sex workers at greater risk when they operate in a legal grey area. Mar 24, 2015 459
Sex worker to sue over bid to ban prostitution; Woman claims Ulster law will 'breach rights & put us at risk'. Mar 24, 2015 711
Death sentence for suitcase murder duo. Mar 23, 2015 463
Decriminalizing victims of sex trafficking. Dempsey, Michelle Madden Mar 22, 2015 12468
Never mind the metrics: disrupting human trafficking by other means. Neumann, Vanessa Mar 22, 2015 6097
Penny A. Peterson, Minneapolis Madams: The Lost History of Prostitution on the Riverfront. Hinther, Rhonda L. Book review Mar 22, 2015 717
Escort agency boss jailed for running 50 prostitutes. Mar 21, 2015 685
DISY MP supports legalising prostitution. Mar 21, 2015 351
Should we deal with vice like New Zealand? Mar 12, 2015 556
Runaway maid jailed for prostitution and theft. Mar 12, 2015 310
Suspect is on human trafficking allegation. Mar 10, 2015 278
Massage parlour owners fail in bid to reopen city club. Mar 10, 2015 323
Tweets & Posts. Mar 10, 2015 159
Couple accused of using teenager in prostitution. Mar 10, 2015 260
Vice gang four jailed 10 years. Mar 9, 2015 414
Implementation of the Strategy to Fight Trafficking in Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mar 9, 2015 465
Still 'much work to do to stop prostitution' Councillor says sex trade is a 'tough nut to crack' despite new CCTV blitz. Mar 7, 2015 505
Bills target sex trafficking. Mar 7, 2015 306
Sudan continues setting boundaries for newspapers. Mar 6, 2015 356
Don't mention RAF men in brothel. Mar 4, 2015 298
11 sauna bosses deny brothel crime charges. Mar 4, 2015 182
Technology Is On The Rise In Human Trafficking. Mar 2, 2015 1102
Bedford and the Structure of Section 7. Stewart, Hamish Mar 1, 2015 8844
Han's novel (The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai) and Urbanity in Late Qing Shanghai. Wang, Xiaojue Critical essay Mar 1, 2015 5275
Man on trial for trying to sell runaway maid. Mar 1, 2015 187
As America Celebrates Women's History Month in March By 'Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives,' ENDcrowd Calls Attention to Sex Trafficking in the United States With Screenings of Empowering Documentary In Plain Sight. Feb 27, 2015 975
Prohibited tobacco seized, brothel busted in Oman. Feb 26, 2015 299
Prostitution brothel found in Osh; administrator released on bail. Feb 26, 2015 108
Authoritative Book ReviewerKirkus Reviews Gives "The Art Of The Pimp" A Big Thumbs Up. Feb 25, 2015 534
Inside Mr Magoo's; Pictures reveal seedy truth behind Wirral 'gentlemen's club'. Feb 23, 2015 288
Prostitution brothels revealed in Uzgen and Kara-Suu towns. Feb 23, 2015 135
This time This time it's jail for brothel runners runners; Court told of men's previous convictions at the same address. Feb 21, 2015 575
Police: US Teacher Charged in Prostitution Sting. Feb 21, 2015 213
San Francisco, other major cities support suit against Backpage over child sex trafficking. Feb 20, 2015 765
Maid robbed sponsor after absconding and returning to work. Feb 16, 2015 331
Vice four lose plea. Feb 16, 2015 401
Chinese women lured to work in Belfast brothel; Girls told to 'bring nurse outfits'. Feb 16, 2015 353
Two arrests in raids on city brothels. Feb 14, 2015 116
Undercover sting nets 3 men at hotel; Police crack down on online prostitution. Russell, Gerard F. Feb 14, 2015 381
Brothel runners facing jail. Feb 11, 2015 251
Seven quizzed after raid on city'brothel'. Feb 11, 2015 315
Ex-IMF boss tells court he had no idea women were prostitutes. Sotto, Phillippe; Keller, Greg Feb 11, 2015 399
Seven maids convicted of killing man who forced them into prostitution. Feb 10, 2015 268
45 VICTIMS RESCUED FROM SLAVERY; Women and girls trafficked into Northern Ireland for work and prostitution VICTIMS SAVED FROM HUMAN TRAFFIC GANGS. Feb 9, 2015 451
Runaway maid describes alleged prostitution ordeal. Feb 9, 2015 419
'Not the first time' for vice den accused; Jury told defendants have past convictions for running a brothel. Feb 7, 2015 445
Pair accused of running brothel; Owner denies knowing building was being used for sex trade. Feb 5, 2015 370
BunnyRanch Owner Dennis Hof Blasts Phoenix On Warren Sapp Prostitution Arrest Disgrace: "I Told You So!!!"-- Offers Free Legal Help And Legit Brothel Jobs To Two Busted Prostitutes. Feb 4, 2015 489
Over 40 trafficking victims identified last year. Jan 30, 2015 222
Salesman accused of coercing sisters into sex. Jan 25, 2015 549
Residential Sex Trafficking Treatment Facility And Providers. Jan 24, 2015 151
Gateway of modern day slave trade; PORT IS HOTSPOT FOR PEOPLE TRAFFICKING. Jan 24, 2015 487
Bad cops exposed by misconduct report; 40 police officers disciplined for offences in the last year ranging from running a brothel and child sex to sheep worrying. Jan 24, 2015 347
Pub owners remanded for human trafficking. Jan 22, 2015 136
Man lures woman to Dubai, forces her into flesh trade. Jan 22, 2015 486
Human trafficking victim tried to kill herself, Dubai court told. Jan 22, 2015 309
Massage parlour forced to close in planning wrangle. Jan 21, 2015 362
Manager of alleged Aphrodite brothel acquitted. Jan 16, 2015 432
Gang selling girls after kidnapping unearthed. Jan 16, 2015 124
CRACKDOWN ON STRIP CLUBS; Experts call for one-fits-all restrictions policy for councils. Jan 15, 2015 492
Canadian Teenage Mastermind Of Prostitution Ring To Spend Time At Adult Facility. Jan 15, 2015 399
All agree on more focus on 'johns'; Chief tells panel he sees prostitutes as victims more than criminals. Foskett, Steven H., Jr. Jan 14, 2015 611
My wife paid the price for running a sex ring - now she could be deported and I'll lose the woman I love; Devoted husband of 'madam' jailed for running brothels tells of his fears for their future after her release from prison. Jan 11, 2015 1098
Patrols to stop sex work. Jan 9, 2015 154
Vice trade four sent to prison. Jan 8, 2015 352
Stories of Hope & Freedom Upcoming Documentary on Sex Trafficking in the U.S.. Jan 8, 2015 323
Members Of Congress Join Rights4Girls And The McCain Institute To Combat Child Sex Trafficking. Jan 8, 2015 839
Disgraced cop tried to illegally help his friends; CRIME. Jan 8, 2015 320
Prince Andrew Denies Claims He Had Sex With an Underage Girl. Jan 3, 2015 444
Event targets ugly reality of human trafficking. Swift, Diana Jan 1, 2015 481
Berlin Coquette. Prostitution and the New German Woman, 1890-1933. Heidt, Todd Book review Jan 1, 2015 1394
MPs lash out at 'dirty' tourism. Dec 31, 2014 445
Six including 4 women arrested for rape, prostitution in Dubai. Dec 31, 2014 426
Two women jailed for human trafficking. Dec 30, 2014 392
Verdict date set in vice den case. Dec 30, 2014 112
Two women convicted of human trafficking in Dubai. Dec 29, 2014 646
Women jailed for sex trafficking in Dubai. Dec 29, 2014 395
A battle in the shadows; Whether referred to as the dark, hidden or deep web, the encrypted side of the internet has made headlines this year as crime fighting organisations celebrate crackdowns on online marketplaces for drugs, guns, sex trafficking and indecent images of children. ADAM LUKE investigates. Dec 22, 2014 1417
New Zealand Sex Worker Wins Case Against Abusive Boss: Awarded Compensation For Alleged Sexual Harassment. Dec 22, 2014 510

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